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Hello, very nice design, I would buy the WP Theme …

Thank you for the interest, I’ll take your request into consideration. Regards!

Super, thank you, please get in touch, if it avaiable.

Hi, i’ve purchased the template but it’s not working fine in IE8, i need to fix it. In IE8 it looks like the mobile version, one column, but the menu does not works.

It’s a great problema, many people use IE8.

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your purchase. IE8 does not support @media responsive styles locally. Please upload it to a web server and everything should be fine, like the preview demo. For any other questions/concerns please contact me via the profile form.

You’re right, thank you very much.

Great work, i’m facing a small problem in the drop-down menu width size, where can i change the value if i have a sub link with long link name?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Please search for the #menu ul ul entry in the CSS file – it has a min-width value you can adjust. Hope this helps, don’t forget to rate the template if you find it useful:

it worked, thank you so much

You’re welcome.

I was wondering if there is a possibility to implement a captcha for the contact form. Otherwise spammers will be very attracted to this site… :)

Hi, there is no plan to add captcha pictures to the contact form since this is a static HTML template – you can add this feature yourself with little PHP knowledge or hire a developer from

Hi, I am having a problem with the contact page across all browsers, and I cannot figure out why I am getting the following message:

There seems to have been a problem. May we suggest you refresh your browser and try again. The fields on the form are filled out correctly.

Making sure you aren't using any parenthesis or other escaping characters in the message? Most URLS are fine though!


Alright, may I ask if you bought the template from ThemeForest? You don’t seem to have a buyer badge.

Purchased with another account, I will email you through ThemeForest from the other account so that you can verify the purchase. Thanks.

Received and validated, thank you.

Hey guys, just wanted to update you on the WordPress theme version. I’m happy to announce it’s currently under development and hopefully it will be available next weeks.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but I want to create a blog for my studio course work with this template. Will this template work on either tumblr or blogger? So sorry if this is a simple (and somewhat pathetic) question, but I just want to make sure!

Hi, this is a HTML static template – so no, it won’t work with Tumblr or Blogger.

Hi. I have Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8. ScrollBar doesnt work.

Hi, I just tested the issue and it looks like the custom scrollbar doesn’t work on Windows Phone 8 indeed. I pushed an update with a fix, so please check it out again. All should be fine now.

Thank you I just tested too. Yes everything looks nice now on my phone

cum sa fac ca site ul sa fie mai nic pe descktop? nu ma pricep la astea

Hi, not sure what you mean exactly. Please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll do my best to help out (imi trebuie mai multe detalii legate de nelamurirea ta).

Hi Liviu,

Can you please tell me how can the menu be correctly displayed in the theme mobile version?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Can you send me a screenshot or preview URL of the issue via my profile’s contact form? I’ll do my best to help out by continuing support via email.

Liviu, love the template (I got it) and thanks for your direct help so far, but would still love to find a solution for the animation not working properly in IE9 and 10 and 9 compatible mode. It shows the first three or four slides and then just empty frames like the files are missing. Works fine on local computer in IE. Of course works find in all the other browsers.

Anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?

thanks and keep up the good work Liviu!

:) Michael

Hi, please try the updated version of the template – I made some changes to the slider plugin. Let me know if it solves the issue.

Liviu, you are a gem! Thank you! I got the download and will try it out.

Outstanding support!


Hi, I have the same problem as this – “Hi, I love this theme but when I look at the preview on Safari Version 5.1.9 on a Mac the logo box on the left and the image box to the right are not aligned… the image box is down about 1/4” Do you know how that would be fixed?”

Has there been a fix for this yet?

Thank You!

Hi, try to update the Safari version to 6. If the problem persists please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

hi, i have a problem with the resolution of the page project2.html, when the resolution is higher that 1200px , doesn´n t work because the menu and the image apper disordered

Hi, I received your email and will continue support via email. Thank you.

solved!!!, a lot of thanks for all excellent support

Nice template, its different but clean. I have one question, most of the pictures are like 1024×768 or 800×600, now whene i upload those pictures i get a white block on the thumb. Is it possible to change the part col grid (thumb) so there is no white block, and i dont have to create for every image a thumbnail ?

Thanks, excus my bath language (dutch men) :) Greetings

Hi, can you send me a preview URL via my profile’s contact form – I’ll take a look at the situation and continue support by email. Thank you.

This template is really very nice and very easy to handle!

How can I get the red “quick message” permanently to be shown on each page?


Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. The quick message markup can be copied from the index2.html page to every page you need it to be. If the message is closed a cookie is stored via the site.js file – the message will not be visible if the user already closed it (if cookie exists). If you like to see the message permanently just remove the close button and JS code that hides it based on the cookie. Hope this helps.

Thanx for the quick reaction! Brilliant service seems the same as the template!

So the WP-template will be on my short list for a project that fits :-)


My pleasure, yes the WP theme has this feature and you can set the notice text in the theme options very easily.


can you please take a look:at this screenshot – it is an iPad and the left frame is not exactly positioned as it is on all other browsers/devices: : user: aaaaaa pw: aaaaaa the site is tested here:

regards, cd

Hi, it is an iPad 4 with latest iOS…

Please try to add this snippet to the bottom of the style.css file and refresh:

@media (min-width: 768px) {
    #logo h1 { margin-top: 30px; }
    #menu ul { margin-bottom: 10px; height: 20px; }

This ended up to be the fix for iPad, in case someone else needs it:

@media (min-width: 768px) {
    #logo h1 { margin-top: 30px; }
    #menu ul { margin-bottom: 10px; line-height: 20px; height: 20px; font-size: 12px; }
    #menu ul a { font-size: 12px; }
    #menu ul li.arrow > a:after { width: 12px; }

Hi there, Can you please help me change the version to the darker one. I have no idea how to do it. Regards

Hi, you can switch to the dark theme by using the Theme Options > Style section.

Hello: very nice desing, i need your help please…

1. The map does not show the controls, I need to activate controls

2. social icons, such as change and put bigger?

3. modern UI in Windows 8 Internet Explorer, touch function does not work

You can see my website with your excellent staff…, and tell me if it’s okay programming

Thanks .. greetings from Colombia

Hi, thank you for your appreciation – this is a static HTML template, so you are on your own with any customization tasks specific to your project. This acts like a base template and you can always hire a web developer to further help you with your site. Please use the Support tab of the item for further questions, this comment section is more of a pre-sales section. Thank you.

One last thing … the bottom bar of the browser when pressed social icons and screen resizes the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IExplorer) appears, which will be the reason?


Hi, please use the Support tab of the item for further questions, this comment section is more of a pre-sales section. Thank you.

Hi, please use the Support tab of the item for further questions, this comment section is more of a pre-sales section. Thank you.

gracias ya lo resolvimos

Alright, glad you solved it.