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Hi pixelcave, me again.

I have been working on my project since I bought this template. Remember when I suggested you that you should made the bottom (copyright for example) and make it fixed. I really need it right now.

Also, I made some changes (but don’t touching your code) for my needs. I hope a new version is coming with great features like the this first version. I really really love this theme. I’m working so hard on my project to make it perfect.

Let me know. Cheers :)

That’s great, I’m really glad you like it! Please send me an email through my profile’s contact form and I will assist with the fixed footer you need! And stay tuned, the new update is in the works, with many new features! Happy coding with your project! ;-)

Will there be a Joomla version?

Unfortunately there are no plans for a Joomla version!

I have been working on it and i found that for maps, to put the map on the header i have to put the lat and long on Maps js file. I would like to put a dynamic address , so i don´t know how to implement this in the js. i mean, the js require the address in Lat & Long but the only information i have is the address, soo, is there any way to do this?


Great job, easy , simple and professional. Simply fantastic.

Thank you a lot for your purchase and your kind comments! I’m happy you like it! You are right with maps, you will have to change the coordinates from that file. Please send me a message through my profile’s contact form with your use case and I will send you an example of how to implement it :-)

I am looking for an admin panel for an asp site that will allow different users to edit different sections. Will this panel do that? Or where can I find one?

Thank you for your interest in ProUI! You can use the HTML version with ASP to create the functionality you need (but it has to be coded by a web developer) :-)

Already purchased an admin theme but willing to trash after seeing this Bad A** theme; love it. Have you ever done anything related to a financial/Investment dashboard theme? Budgeting, aggregation of account values etc? Also, any traditional pie charts, I saw some donut’s can’t remember seeing any pie.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your interest in ProUI and your comment! I’m really glad you like it! ;-)

I haven’t created a financial/investment dahsboard but by using the UI components of ProUI, a similar dashboard could be created quite easily! I have included pie chart and you can have a look at all the available charts at http://pixelcave.com/demo/proui/page_comp_charts.php and http://pixelcave.com/demo/proui/page_widgets_stats.php

Also, I will bring even more with new the updates :-)

This is a very elegant template, but I’m having some trouble with the menus. A work colleague purchased a copy and I am implementing it.

href links on submenus do not execute when clicked. I can right click and choose ‘open in new tab’ and they work. My suspicion is that some javascript is controlling execution. Can you share some insights into this problem?

Thank you for your kind comment, I’m glad you like it! Please make sure you are not using a submenu link with the class ‘sidebar-nav-submenu’. These are only used to toggle a 3-level submenu! All other submenu links do not need any classes. Just have a look at template’s default menu structure ;-)

Thanks – that worked. I’ll have to revisit when I get to using 3rd level menus.

Great, happy coding! ;-)

so, you were right – you have done a pretty good job in creating generic classes :-)

ONe more question – can we have a multi-level menu in the navigation bar?

Also: do you have more info on what you are currently working on? that might help us in deciding whether we should waut a bit before implementing certain things now… :-)

Hi David and thank you for your kind comment, I’m happy you like it! :-)

I’m working hard for the new update! I will include for sure a top multi level navigation menu along with other cool features. Some of them which I can confirm, will be a right sidebar with a chat, top loading bars and a lock screen. It won’t take long and will be live on Themeforest in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Well done pixelcave! Well done!

I am currently working on integrating this into smarty so it may function with WHMCS. Also I am bridging it with Offiria (Joomla!) for seamless integration and avatar functionality within WHMCS.

This template is insanely refreshing.. the work you put into it by even adding in a php version is a testament to your skill and you passion.

Looking forward to seeing your update and perhaps sharing what I come up with using your template in a completed package.. until then.. I am going to follow along closely. :)

Thank you very much for your purchase and for your inspiring and motivating comment!! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you like it!! :-)

Stay tuned for the next update, It’s coming really soon with new features and updates! I would be more than happy to hear your suggestions and the outcome of your integrations in the future! Thanks again and happy coding, all the best with your project ;-)

Just an awesome Theme !! Like this so much, and its so easy to work with :)

My Idea for an Update is a Customized Players for Audio & Video :) That would be great!

THX for this one!

Thank you so much for your purchase and your kind comments!! I’m really happy you like it! :-)

I kept notes of your suggestions and will do my best to bring customized audio & video players with a future update, thanks for letting me know! Happy coding ;-)

Sup, guys, you create awesome theme, gonna buy it within some days, but one question. What plans for new update and planned date?

Hi and thank you very much for your interest in ProUI, I’m glad you like it! :-)

The new update is coming later today and will bring many new and cool features such as a horizontal menu, an improved layout which supports a fixed footer and a right sidebar with chat. Also it will feature a lock screen, a top loading bar and some other smaller improvements and updates! Stay tuned! ;-)

This is an awesome template, no wonder why this is my first purchase here. I just have one question, though. When I load elements via ajax (form elements on a modal, for instance), is there a way to bind the proper javascript plugins to these elements? I mean, enable the switch checkboxes, or automatically bind datepickers to my inputs? Couldn’t figure out reading the documentation.

Thank you very much for your purchase and your nice comment! I’m really happy you like it! :-)

If you would like to initialize a datepicker for example, after you load the input via ajax on a modal, you just need to initialize it using the same code I used in js/app.js -> uiInit():

$('.input-datepicker, .input-daterange').datepicker({weekStart: 1});

The same way you can intiliaze any plugin on an element that added dynamically in the DOM and is new (via ajax). I will extend the docs to provide assistance in such cases! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me! Happy coding! ;-)

Thanks for the quick answer.
I was looking through uiInit(), and maybe it would be useful to have this entire functionality accessible in a way that I could use it on a specific selector, such as:

Using it this way (although the performance might be questionable), I should only care about the container as a whole, and not the specific fields on each ajax request.
Anyway, it’s just something to maybe take into consideration for the future, I’m still very impressed by the effort you put into this theme.

Thank you for your suggestion! You have a good point there since it could come in handy but the performance might be questionable indeed!

If you would like to have a similar function, just send me a message through my profile form and I will send you back an updated app.js with that funtionality. In the meantime, I’ll have a look and see if there is something I can do to initiliaze plugins even easier to elements which loaded via ajax and are new to the DOM.

Thanks again for your kind comments, I appreciate it! :-)

Awesome!! the new features are cool! Thank you.

Thank you very much! I’m glad you like them! Happy coding! ;-)

Excellent direct support!!! Thanks pixelcave.

Thank you very much!! I’m happy I was able to assist, happy coding! ;-)

Excellent template. Very comprehensive. I just have a small issue with the checkbox switch when using the template in an ASP.NET MVC application.

When using MVC to generate the checkbox with Html.CheckBoxFor(), MVC always generates an additional hidden field, which appears to prevent the switch from being togglable. Here is an example output:

<label class="switch switch-primary" data-toggle="tooltip" title="" data-original-title="Remember Me?">
    <input checked="checked" data-val="true" data-val-required="The Remember me? field is required." id="RememberMe" name="RememberMe" type="checkbox" value="true">
    <input name="RememberMe" type="hidden" value="false">

I was wondering if you have encountered this issue, and know a workaround?

Thank you very much for your purchase, I’m happy you like it! :-)

Html.CheckBoxFor() generates an additional hidden input field, so if the user doesn’t check the checkbox (no value would be submitted this way), the value ‘false’ to be submitted instead!

A possible solution for the switch to work, would be to manually put the checkbox inside the label element and the hidden one outside of it. This way, you will have the same outcome but the switch will work correctly! Hope that helps, let me know if it doesn’t! Happy coding :-)

Hello, Thanks for a great template, very nice and clean.

Will you be updating this template with a sass version to help make changing colors easier on a custom theme. Thanks.

Thank you very much for your purchase, I’m glad you like it! :-)

I currently have plans for including LESS support in a future update but I will have to see if I can support SASS. If I’m able, I will for sure include it in a future update, too! Thanks a lot for your suggestion and happy coding ;-)

Pixelcave, Thank you for your quick reply.

Having a LESS file to quickly create a new color theme would be great. I look forward to your update, Best Regards.

That’s great, stay tuned for the update and happy coding! :-)

Hi Pixelcave,

Im loving working with this template, great work.

One problem im having at present is the Glyphicons not showing at all consistently on Google Chrome ( Mac ) sometime they show, sometimes they dont until i open dev tools or click where they should be. Seems fine in all other browsers, any idea how to fix?

Regards M

Hi M and thank you very much for your purchase, I’m happy you like it! :-)

That’s a strange issue, it reminds me how Chrome behaves sometimes when there are many tabs opened or the browser’s memory usage is high. Are you using the latest stable version? Have you tried opening Chrome with a clean profile (with no extensions – maybe one is causing the issue) and see if the issue still exists?

Please have a look and let me know, I’m sure we can figure this out ;-)

Hi Pixelcave, thanks for your suggestions. I tried a clean profile by completely removing Default folder – no extensions and issue still continues. Same in Incognito mode. Awfully strange

Hmm.. There must be something wrong with Chrome and the rendering of the page! Could you please send me a message through my profile’s contact form including Chrome’s version, MacOS’s version and a link to a screenshot or a live site (if there is one) where the issue occurs? I will forward it to Glyphicons support to see if they have ever encountered something like that!

Hello Pixelcave, i want to know if i will be able to use it in asp.net, i’m waiting the answer.

I just need the html + css3 and javascript parts!

edit: if buy it, and you update, i will be able to get the update? xD thanks!

Hi and thank you for your interest in ProUI :-)

Of course, you can use the HTML version (HTML5 + CSS3 + JS) of the template with asp.net or any other server side language you would like! Also, once you purchase a license, you can download all future updates for free, from your downloads tab, as they become available!

Should you need any further info, just let me know ;-)

Hello, thanks! the best admin i ever see! i’m using it ;)


Thank you very much for your purchase and your kind comment!!! I’m glad you like it! Happy coding! ;-)

Can this template integrate in to WP?

Thank you for your interest in ProUI! :-)

It could be integrated in Wordpress but would require a lot of custom work since it is not made to work out of the box with it!

This theme can not work in IE8,

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase! :-)

What is the problem you are experiencing? I have spend a lot of time making sure that it works correctly on IE8 and degrates gracefully! Please let me know if you have found an issue on IE8, so I can fix it.

After download the all files ,my IE8 can not distinguish different the width of each part .all part fill 100% of my screen

I believe you tried opening the HTML version directly from the file system. Due to security settings, IE8 doesn’t load js scripts (eg respond.js which is vital for the layout in IE8). If you load ProUI from a local web server or an online one, you will see that everything runs fine :-)

You could try loading the live demo of ProUI http://pixelcave.com/demo/proui/ in IE8 ;-)

Hi I am looking for a template to start a new project and really like yours. Is there any way u would be able to release a graphic bundle so non coders could build layouts and hand them off to programmers?

Thank you very much for your interest in ProUI, I’m glad you like it :-)

I’m already working on PSDs for that reason and will make them available with the next updates, so stay tuned! ;-)