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Great theme overall, but I would rate it 3/5 since there are a lot of great elements in the admin template (backend). However, its very tedious to have those components work on the frontend since the files are all named the same. Any possibility to have an update where we can use components from the backend on the frontend? (Such as forms and components) :D

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase! :-)

I didn’t want to duplicate and include all the plugins to the frontend, so I only used the vital ones, to keep it simple. I also kept the same file structure, to be easy to interchange plugins between them by copy-paste.

Don’t hesitate to contact me through my profile’s contact form, I will be happy to assist and send you updated frontend files which will allow you to use any plugin of the backend ;-)

Lovely looking template. But when I browse to the preview site on my iPhone 5, it doesn’t degrade to the mobile view? Anyone else experience this behaviour?

I believe it’s a ThemeForest preview issue. Thanks.

Thank you for your interest in ProUI, I’m glad you like it :-)

You are right, you just have to remove Themeforest’s preview header ;-)

Great Look;

Thanks a lot, I’m glad you like it :-)

Hi ! A month ago 2.0 update was nice ! Can you describe a little of the next update and functionnalities you plan to gIve us?

i am actually coding with this !!! Love THIs so much

Hi and thanks again for your purchase, I’m so glad you like ProUI and the updates :-)

The next update will include many user requested features and plugin updates. Also LessCSS support will be added to the Frontend as well as a PHP version. The commercial update (frontend/backend) you are interested in, will take a while and will come with a future update but it will worth the wait since it is going to have tons of new features and pages ;-)

Hi! This template is great and I love how it is so well documented!

There’s something I couldn’t figure out though. When customizing the timeline I tried to include a “chosen multiple” field but it just won’t show the dropdown options. It’s like they’re just behind the next post on the timeline. Can you help me?

You can see it in the “compartilhar” field. Here is a link:


Hi Renata and thank you very much for your purchase and your kind comments, I’m glad you like ProUI :-)

This issue has to do with Bootstrap which adds ‘overflow: hidden;’ to .media and .media-body. To overcome it, you can add the following CSS in css/main.css after line 1527:

.media-feed > .media {
    padding-bottom: 1px;

.media-feed > .media,
.media-feed .media-body {
    overflow: visible;

.media-feed .media-body {
    padding-left: 75px;

Then just refresh the page and everything should work as expected!

Happy Coding ;-)

It worked! Thank you very much! ;)

Hello, I have been thrilled using this template (still in dev stage!). I was wondering if the left menu can be configured (customizable) or be set up as a three stage show / hide and also show full / partial – the partial is a single file item like – http://codecanyon.net/item/47admin-bootstrap-admin-skin/7647583?WT.ac=category_thumb&WT.z_author=geedmo menu. Is this something you plan or can add to your template? Thank you Usha

Hi and thanks again for your purchase, really glad you like it :-)

I will create and include a partial/hover menu in a future update, so stay tuned ;-)

That would be marvelous! The new menu pull up when expanded looks great!!! Have not seen someone who keeps their templates this fresh and updated all the time!! Chat API would also be great, if possible in one of your future releases :-)

Thank so much for your kind comments, I’m very happy you like it! It is already on my to-do list and I will do my best to include it in a future update! Stay tuned & happy coding! ;-)


Thanks for the great template I am looking forward to using it.

I am just about to start using the ProUI frontend and I notice that you are typically updating once or twice per month. June didnt have any updates yet, so should I hold on a couple of days or is the next release going to be a while away?

(Also I saw a comment about you waiting for the Bootstrap update)

Thanks :)

Hi and thank you very much for your purchase, I’m happy you like it :-)

You are correct, the next ProUI update is coming by the end of this week with many awesome new features and updates (including Bootstrap 3.2 update which released a few days ago), so stay tuned!

Make sure to check the notification box under ProUI at your downloads page to get notified as soon as the update becomes available for download ;-)

Ah great, I will hold on whilst I wait for the update. Thanks so much :)

Hey pixelcave,

I was tempted to buy this, but somewhere in the comments I saw you are releasing a new update with tons of features and new pages, I guess I will wait till then, any idea as to when the update will be released?

Also in the demo version, the sidebar navigation doesn’t auto collapse, I thought clicking on another tab will collapse the previous selected one, but both stay expanded. Here is the link that displays this behaviour:


Hi, Thank You for your reply on the comment, also checked your email, thats too bad :(.. Anyways, could you let me know how do I keep the dark header instead of the light as default…

Again, don’t bother, I got the top bar, it was just the navbr-inverse thing to get the top bar to be dark, looks like a terrible day today…. now how do i get to show the an exact location or somewhere close, on the member profile page based on a location that will come from the Database, i am not able to find where the address part goes into the gmap-checkin part.

Yes, unfortunately I’m not available at the moment :-( I hope your day to got better by now! I would suggest having a look at the documentation to get more familiar with the file structure, I’m sure it will help you out a lot! The map address can be set in the JavaScript file included last in the page you are working on (check the html comments). If you are working on the Maps Components page, it would be js/pages/compMaps.js

Hope that helps ;-)


I use the proui admin template for a big project : how do i know what files have changed with next update and will i have to change my actual code ?

Hi :-)

As with all updates, I will include a detailed changelog in the documentation with all the updated files which will need to be updated. Don’t worry, I try to keep code changes as minimal as possible to be easier to update. Most of them are occuring in core files (eg app.js) and mostly feature additions than changes ;-)

great work !

Thanks a lot for your purchase Jean, I’m glad you like it!

Please check your inbox, I just replied to your email ;-)

ProUI is amazing, I very like it.

Thank you very much for your purchase! I’m so glad you like it! Happy coding ;-)

Great Templates. A question. I try to generate the main.css from LESS. How i can do that, eg with Koala or Winless


No problem, I’m glad I was able to assist, happy coding ;-)

it worked well with the main.css, tks. What i try now is to generate a theme/sometheme.css file, based on one of the less files in the theme dir. but this dont work. what imports i need to do to generate a theme color css file please ?

sorry, i found it ;) ease, putting the theme/mytheme.less in front of the main imports it works

Great job on this theme! True digital art my friend. One recommendation would be to introduce independent scrolling of the main right, middle, and left containers. So when one scrolls down the menu, the page stays on the same spot. Hope to see this feature in a future update! :D

How could I have missed that :) Thank you for the clarification!

One more thing, you should consider adding a jobs portal page to the backend or both! I hope to see this in a future update :)

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I will have a look and do my best to include jobs related pages with a future update ;-)

Hello again,

I have another question: in the datatables table, is there any way to put the sorting option in all colums?

Thank you very much! And, again, great template!

Hi Renata,

You can alter the original Datatables init JS code from..
    "aoColumnDefs": [{"bSortable": false, "aTargets": [1,5]}],
    "iDisplayLength": 10,
    "aLengthMenu": [[10, 20, 30, -1], [10, 20, 30, "All"]]
    "iDisplayLength": 10,
    "aLengthMenu": [[10, 20, 30, -1], [10, 20, 30, "All"]]

..and then all you your columns will be sortable :-)

Hope that helps, happy coding! ;-)

Thank you, it worked! :grin:

Hello once again! I have found a couple bugs on the mobile interface worth addressing. When you are in the Fixed Header mode, if you scroll down a bit on any page, when you type something into the search box, it remains there if you leave the search and scroll up the page. Another bug is when you click on the user icon in this same Fixed Header mode, if the user were to have more than 3 notifications in the dropdown, they would not be able to view them due to the positioning of that dropdown element.

Keep up the great work! :)

Thanks a lot for letting me know :-)

Unfortunately it has to do with interactive elements (such as an input) inside fixed elements since many mobile browsers don’t fully support them. The good news is that the latest mobile safari (for example) solves partially this issue since when you close the keyboard, the header goes back to the correct position. If this is still an issue in the mobile browsers you support, I would suggest removing the search input from the fixed header and add it to the top of the static page.

About the dropdown, I will make sure all the info gets displayed in small screens (nice catch!). Until then if someone has much content inside the dropdown and would like to be visible, he could just add the following CSS styles to the user dropdown to make it scrollable:

height: 250px;
overflow-y: auto;

Happy coding ;-)

Thank you for the help again! That works great.

I have a couple more suggestions for features in the coming updates. On the user profile page, it would be nice to have comments hide by default and have them reappear when clicking a button; maybe even add a reply sublist on each comment. Another small addition could be adding a way to show who liked the post. Also, when a user makes a post with pictures, it would align themselves as a grid of varying sized pictures instead of stacking on top of each other. This way mobile users enjoy a more fluid view when scrolling down the feed. Let’s dream big here and maybe add a tagging system for pictures! That feature would set this theme over the top. :D

Keep up the great work!! :)

I’m glad it works fine now :-)

Thanks again for all your suggestions for ProUI, I will for sure take them into consideration for future updates! Happy coding ;-)


at “page_widgets_stats.php” the chart to the right (the big ones) can’t display the title of the last two or three points? how can i fix it? It’s always the same problem it the chart is on the right side of the page. It works perfectly at the left side ?


Hi stokholmit and thank very much for your purchase :-)

I added labels to both charts and both them and the tooltips seem to work as expected. Could you send me an email though my profile’s contact form with the code you are using, to see if I can further assist with this issue? ;-)

Would you please add shop and classified ads in next update…thanks.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions :-)

I would like to see an option to have the navigation bar horizontal under the main topbar instead of down the left side.

Thank you very much for your purchase and suggestion :-)

I will take it into consideration for future updates. In the meantime there is already a horizontal menu which you could use, found at http://pixelcave.com/demo/proui/page_ui_horizontal_menu.php

Happy coding ;-)

Hello, first of all, this is an impresive template! Just fantastic. I searched the whole site for the best admin template, and this surely is!

Now just before I buy I just want to know 2 more things :bashful: -What are your plans for the next updates? What will be included in further versions? -As I can see this template is fantastic, so I can’t see any weak points, but what do you think is the weakest point of this template, I know it’s a strange, maybe weird question, but just wanted to know what you think about you work.

I think if I get a nice answer to this question, I’ll directly buy it :superbashfulcute: Thanks in advance! :)

Hi Matsooh and thank you for your interest in ProUI and for your kind comments, I’m very glad you like it! :-)

1. Some big main features of the future updates are Email Templates and Commercial templates (Commercial Frontend + Backend pages)!

2. Thats a nice question! In the past 5 months, ProUI received 6 big updates with many new features and improvements over the original version. What I would like to say, is that I always try to do my best and improve my work. You all, help me with that part by providing valuable feedback and for that, I’m grateful!

I wish you all the best with your project! If you need any further info, do not hesitate to contact me ;-)

Just a quick message to tell that this theme is just amazing !

The code is very clear and simple to use !

I was almost going to give up my project seeing the amount of time I will need to code the frontend ! Now I can focus on the backend and avoid working for days, weeks, months on the HTML and CSS code !! And as I’m not a designer it’s millions time better than what I could have done !!

So thanks for this theme !

Thank you very much for your purchase and for taking the time to get back and leave your motivating and inspiring feedback! I really appreciate it and I’m very happy you like ProUI! I’m glad it helped you move forward with your project! :-)

I wish you all the best with your project and happy coding! ;-)