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Sweet item guy, loved it :)


Looks great! Good luck with sales.


Love, love, love! So buying this soon!


Very nice! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Congratulations mate! :) Good luck with sales!

Thanks mate!

Wordpress in the pipeline?

Yes, going to be developed very soon.

I dont see why you should need wordpress to run this theme. It will only slow down the loading time and give you nothing more except some backoffice useless management. You have everything in one index.html file and thats everything you need.

1 page theme are not made to be run by wordpress. It will just add useless stuff to it and make it slower and bad whit load of useless script.

Thank you!! Easily one of the best templates I’ve seen, exactly what I was looking for! The help files, PSD ’s, and comments in the code are to par with rest of this quality product. I feel I was given everything I needed to bring out even more from your work.

Only thing I might like to see more of is larger image sliders and more video support. I don’t have much content generated just yet, so I’m very happy with what you’ve done. Keep it up, and best of luck!

Thank you!

Superb! Bookmarked


Like this! Good luck ;)


Love the template. Do you have an ETA on a Wordpress version?

Thanks! 2 weeks maybe.

very very cool! One question, can one of the backgrounds actually be a looped video?

Hi, thanks! Well, yes I guess with some javascript plugin is possible.

to iParanoia

Yes, I have been looking at the source code ( before buy ). And in the CSS you can clearly edit that to loop your video file. The only thing if that i dont know how it would scale to fit ….

So I think yes you can do it but you will need to modify the CSS file and have strong knowledge of what you do to add all the video scale parameter because its not that simple.


Just purchased and there is a pretty big bug whit the parralax setting. If you dont keep the same distance in the content from each separator everything bug and dosent work anymore.

In the service section, i removed a lot of content ( my section in now smaller in height ) and it make the separator 3 parallax bug. ( max zoom out ) ( normal scale )

The bottom of the picture show up before the top part in the scrolling movement. Im not really used to these type of javascript modification, so if you could help us whit this. I will propably not be the lony one whit this problem.

Do i need to make any change to the parralax JavaScript file to make it work ?

if ($thirdBG.hasClass("inview")){ //call the newPos function and change the background position $thirdBG.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(0, windowHeight, pos, 2550, 0)}); //$secondBG.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 1550, 0.3)}); bg3.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 5410, 0.2)}); //call the newPos function and change the second background position }

I think its maybe in these line of code …. help :)

Really awesome theme, im a designer whit basic coding knowledge ( thats why I buy already coded templates ) and I will show you guys my final outcome when finish ! So many opportunity.

Sneek peak :

Hi Julien,

You need to open that parallax file and go to lines, 71, 79, 87 and 96.

There you’ll find something like this:
bg1.css({'backgroundPosition': newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 400, 0.2)});

The value 400 is the vertical position of your image, you’ll need to play with it.


Thanks a lot, yes I can fix the problem when I adjust the 400 parameter.

bg1.css({‘backgroundPosition’: newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 400, 0.2)});

But i still have a problem whit the responsible/parallax display. Like it does in your demo the 3rd background don’t show up correctly when you change your window size ( tablet and mobile size ). I don’t know how do fix that, but since the themeforest demo have this problem …. i don’t know how i could fix this.

Sorry i know its not a big deal, but im using this templates to build something pretty nice and I need these background to show up correctly to achieve the desired graphic outcome.

With a bigger image you should be able to fix it.

Just curious, when viewing the theme it seems to “flicker”, and flickers when scrolling. Is this happening for others? (running Apple Safari and Apple Firefox).


No problem for me, the separator in the demo use dot pattern on the picture so maybe thats why cause the flicker in your screen. I have tested this theme in a couple of browser and i didn’t saw this problem at all.

Play whit the browser size and see if it flick at all the different responsive different display. The background pic are not that heavy in size.

Im curently testing the theme at

Just sent you a question regarding the template. Thx ahead of time.

Nevermind! I figured it out :)

backgrounds don’t size correctly for mobile: iphone ipad as well. any fix?

I’m going to work on a fix, thanks.

did you get a change to ix the mobile responsive scaling issue with the background images. Im working on a project and would love to use this theme.

Yes, I think is fixed now. I updated the demo too.

Thanks, let us know when this will be fixed, I will update my themeversion :)