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Kay_B if you feel your themes is better then i suggest you to talk to support but not here as i haven’t rejected your template, so it would be better if you won’t leave this comments.

j0n3s3y thanks for your critics well this design can’t be liked by all as it is not a general design with many appealing color, but i think it has its own scope and people like it.

This is unique, I read the text easily and no problem with the color.. Good job!

cheers Mabuc

thanks Mabuc

Sorry I am really not fussed, it’s got nothing going for it in my eyes.

Kay-B: maybe put your own personal website as a template here. I LOVE IT ! ;-)

Kay-B, if you don’t like it, at least respect it…

fine work settysantu..

thanks jamesbatelo

thanks for you comment bwsolution

I have to agree with some people here, that this template is not quite as good as the others, it might work but it definately needs some touching up still.

and that’s the best ghost search box I’ve ever seen, or not seen. I hardly noticed it :D
btw, in Firefox your textarea goes out of the box :)

Daan @ i just checked it in all FF versions its working fine if possible can u send me screen shot through my profile page.

i disagree with the people who are using words which are meant to be used via profile messaging….if you are such sick to post here and disgrace some other fellow designer….then themeforest is not for you FOLKS .

Setty : Its simple and cool for a personal folio.:)

thanks for your nice words anjan kumar, glad you like it.

yeah poor form some of the comments. I thinks its fine …maybe the text is a little too hard to read, could be a little more contrast and the name is not very appropriate hehe

Good work settysanu

thanks for your feedback Sveky

stupid. great name.

the name is great :-) I had to click on the thumbnail. Good job.

This theme violates every single rule of thumb of web design, have you ever read “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tuffte? Read it! Some things on the page are important and should be very big, some things are just “normal” (paragraph text, etc), and other things are less important. Just as we have the “strong” tag, we need a “unimportant” tag. Your job, as a web designer, is to work around that “missing tag”.

Hard to tell this comes from a designer with 3 years of experience.

Hi JeremyBuff , thanks for spending your time for commenting on my template i welcome all the feedback you gave but the one sentence made me uncomfortable ” Hard to tell this comes from a designer with 3 years of experience ” this is a template that’s it not a work to represent my 3 yrs of experience, i design and submit different kinds of template with different styles.

JeremyBuff – Where are your templates? Easy to critique when you don’t have any work that can be reviewed.

I believe in positive criticism, but to be harsh is unnecessary. If you don’t like a template, don’t comment or buy.

This is a community of fellow designers, and all designs and ideas are welcome regardless of “Rules of Web Design”.

And every web designer should know, the rules of web design change constantly.

Think before you speak.