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Nice work, pezflash. I think some problems, sections are change, exit in fullscreen mode.

Hi. Send me your URL through my profile form (not here, please), so i can track the issue and give you further support. Will be replying by email. ;)

Outstanding design and designer. Used the previous version and have been waiting anxiously for an iPad compatible version.


Thanks for your kind comment. Enjoy the file! ;)

Absolutely love this, great work!

Is the background custom work or is it available somewhere, maybe in a bit bigger size?


Hi. Is a modified version of this. Hope this helps.

Great, thank you very much! Best of luck with the sales.

Glad to help. Please, don’t forget to rate the file if you finally like it and support. ;)

J, this is a great template and I’m totally loving it. I wanted to ask a question publicly, so anyone else can make this adjustment. I’d like to add space to the negative space between images in the horizontal gallery.

Thanks again for all your work, help, and trouble shooting.

Hi. To control the gap between images on horizontal gallery, adjust the following margin-right value (default 5px) on css/styles.css file (line 399):

#horizontal-gallery .images .images_container img,
#horizontal-gallery .images .images_container a {
        float: left;
        margin-right: 5px;   <<<<<<<<<< EDIT THIS

Hope this helps! ;)

It helps, and that’s what I assumed! Thank you thank you thank you.

Hi 1)My fullscreen background video is not being supported in IE 10 & also Safari.Please help me out. 2)Also I have used a jquery hover effect on grid gallery for each thumbnail on hover a description is displayed.But this effect does not work once you click on the sub categories like web/print etc.. 3)When the photo is displayed in gallery I would like to change the white color to othr color..but cant find the xact code..

Dropped you a message please confirm asap whether recieved or not.

I have send you message twice. If still not recieved please give me your email id I’l send it directly thru mail; Following are my concerns :

Hi Here is the site : http://alligatormedia.co.in/ 1)Need to add more team mates. At the moment there are 3, but I need 10. 2)Need to add a few more address on the last page(Connect page) 3)Lastly, the video still doesnt play on time. Also see if it can play on mac, iphone’s and ipad’s. 3 out of 5 use their portable gadgets to check stuff these days. I am ok if the video is being played form youtube also. And I need to add the movement on the ‘video loading’ sign .. Early reply shall be appreciated

Dear Author please reply as my client is dependent upon me for this.

Simply super, love the clean and sophisticated look ! thanks a lot!

Thanks for the kind words. Also, i got your support request by email, will be replying later today. ;)

Love this template, great work. I only have one problem: when I have plenty of menu items and long words the menu expands to two lines on a mobile device such as the iPhone. If I set the second level menu position to like 75px it fits the iphone but doesn´t look to good on the non mobile desktop. Any idea on this issue? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

Hi. I think the better way to get that done (if you have a really large menu) is to setup a media query on styles.css. You will see on line 63 a deactivated media element, with an exclusion for screen width less than 950px. You would need to activate it and place something like:

@media only screen and (max-device-width: 950px) {
   #menu {
    width: 300px;

Play with that 300px value to optimize it for iPhone considering your own menu elements.

If you can’t get it done, send me your URL through my profile form (not here, please) and i’ll reply by email (going out on weekend, expect a reply for sunday night, GMT+1 ;)

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hello Mister Pezflash, I bought your template TYPEFACE but the blog section does not work properly on iPad and iPhone (I guess iPod too). In fact, the table of posts appears good but when you try to “touch” a post, nothing happens, unlike your other template AGORA. You can try it with your online demo, it doesn’t work. But on the desktop version, that works perfectly. Do you know why this difference between Agora and TypeFace on Apple Device? Thanks for your answer.

Best regards,


Hi Florent. Is strange as the code on blog component is basically the same on both templates. I’ve tried with an iPhone4+Safari and it works fine, maybe is something related with latest OS versions, not sure. Will check and will let you know. For best assistance, please, send me an email through my profile form so i’ve your ticket open on my inbox.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Any WP version?

Not yet. ;)

Glad to announce a new template, a minimal vCard perfect for creatives and small agencies:

Hi pezflash,

I’m pretty much done setting up the site, but when I open my site on mobile devices(iPhone, iPad etc), the horizontal gallery works really slow and it’s lacking/skipping when I try to scroll. I have increased the size of the images to 700px. Please let me know if there’s a way for me to optimize/fix the template so it runs well on mobile devices?

Thank you.

Hi. Send me your URL through my profile form so i can make some testing. I don’t recommend to use really big images in high numbers in order to optimize mobile view, not sure if maybe you can separate galleries or decrease img size.

Hello, is it possible on the SLIDER HOMEPAGE to link the sliding pictures? So if the visitor is clicking on the pictures will be linking for example to one of the galleries.. Thank you.


Hi Federico. Yes, you can add a href tag to each image on the slideshow, but then you will need to set the height for the item inside the carousel function. Taking the sample provided, the function on line 40 will need to be as follows (added item element with height matching your final images, 370 on sample):

$('#home .slideshow').carouFredSel({
                        direction: 'left',
                        items: 1,
                        mousewheel: true,
                        swipe: true,
                        scroll: {
                            fx: 'cover-fade',
                            easing:    'easeInOutQuart',
                            duration: 1000,
                        items: {
                            height: 370
                        auto: {
                            timeoutDuration: 2000

Hope this helps.
Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

It works!!!! Thank you for your fast and precious support! Best. Federico

Glad to help. ;) Don’t forget to rate the file if you finally like it and support.

Hi pezflash,

So I love my typeface template, and I am just about ready to launch it, but I am experiencing a problem with it, that I need to fix.

Everything work great, but every now and then when you click on one of the horizontal galleries it doesn’t load. Only a small slice of the first photo shows up, and even if you hit refresh it stays the same. You have to click on another gallery and then back to the one that didn’t load to get it to work. Sometimes it does it a few times in a row. I actually submitted the site for a review and the person reviewing it didn’t get lucky and 3 of the galleries loaded just a slice of the first image, so he thought that the pages are broken.

Please help me fix this, as it seems crucial for my portfolio.

I can send you a link to the review or capture a screenshot next times it does it.

Thank you, Daniel.

Hi Daniel. Yes, please send me your URL through my profile form, i’ll be checking what could be wrong.

Hi I had purchased this template a year back. Now my cliets wants some changes to site as below : 1)They need to add a list of clients/channels/production houses, basically all who they have serviced on the home page. 2)Need to add some more company details and recent work done too. Awards etc 3)Need to add more team mates. At the moment there are 3, but will move upto somewhere near 10. They also want to keep some area to add to this page later on too 4)Need to add a few more address on the last page 5)Lastly, the video still doesnt play on time. Please lets also see if it can play on mac, iphone’s and ipad’s. 3 out of 5 use their portable gadgets to check stuff these days. Please also lets add the movement on the ‘video loading’ sign Here is the site : http://alligatormedia.co.in/

Also I havent recieved any update on this template after I downloaded.

Early reply shall be appreciated.

Hi. Please, contact me with the account you purchased the file with (on this account you doesn’t seem to have buyed it). I’ll be glad to give you support.

Best regards.

I have purchased this file. But even I dont know why cant I see it in my account. Also I have the template files with me. I can send you my bank statement details to prove that I have purchased this theme..

HI. Please, contact Envato support to let them know the issue with your ourchase, they will provide us a solution. Thanks,

Hi pezflash,

this is a very nice theme, thanks… i have some problem about fullscreen slider page… 1920*1080px images are not fitting well on the screen… i am using vegas script for another my site and it works fine… how can i resolve this problem? the other thing: are you going to make this theme responsive? i am waiting for it :)) thanks…

Hi pezflash,

i checked vegas script on other major browsers images are not fitting only in opera… the other thing is prettypopin script (legal pop up) is not working either… Could you help me to solve this please?

Hi. I’ve just checked the fullscreen gallery on latest Opera browser and all seems to be working fine. Are you getting the issue on the default demo provided on pack or your customization? Also, do you have the latest version of this template?

About the PrettyPopin question. That plugin uses AJAX. Depending on system configuration AJAX doesn’t work while testing on local. Try to see if it works fine once the site uploaded to your server.

Hi pezflash,

I want to add another map button under contacts/keep in touch section, How can I do this, I will be wiriting 2 addresses and there have to be 2 map buttons..

Thank you

great template by the way!

Hi. Basically you you need to do the following:

- Repeat the .map div on DOM and label the duplicate as .map2
- Inside the .location div, repeat the 2 span and label de second map button as .map-button2
- Adjust the CSS position of the email and newsletter div to allow space for the new added address lines and map button. Also add css rule for created .map2 div.
- Go to scripts section on html and add the following lines: http://jsfiddle.net/qmcbqxnn/

Tha should work! ;)