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Wow! Congratulation! :P


Just wanted to say that this is a beautiful landing page. I have had it in my bookmarks for a while and found it again.

Looking forward to trying it out and wanted to say thank you for such a superb piece of design.

Best wishes, GLWS Coralix Themes :)

Wooow! Congratulation! Great work

Hi, I really like your work and i would have bought it though it looks pretty hard to go through to convert to RTL for a person like me. would you like to freelance abit and create an RTL version of your theme? – would be a shame if i bought it and wasn’t able to manage the required changes – as you wrote it should be rather easy to do . let me know if your interested

either way it’s a pretty nice theme

Hello! We have a RTL Solution for you, please contact us or add this to our forum.

Great … i’m signed up to the support forum though i can’t find any forum for this specific template (University Responsive Bootstrap Landing Template) if you could kindly open i will open a request there. Thanks

Done! The forum for this template is there! We also sent you the answer! :)

Excellent item , great work .. GLWS

Thank you.

do you have it in WP?

Not for the moment, thanks for asking!

Great template for courses or education. Good work!

Excellent, great work. I’ll remember that for next project

I just purchased this and the download does not work.

Hello, What do you mean it doesn´t work? It is a HTML Landing Template. If you open the index.html in your browser it will work. jus that! :)

If you need support please add your questions at the forum, we dont give support here in the comments. Thanks

I cannot see where to edit the map’s longitude and latitude. That is the only issue. Everything else is great. Can you help me determine where the map info is edited so that I have the interactive google map?

I posted a couple of issues in the support forums yesterday. Haven’t heard back. Can you please help? They are small issues but they are keeping me from officially launching my page. Thanks

No problem, we will give you an answer as soon as we can. Regards.


very professional and meticulous in the details. Good work!

Check the responsive at 767px. Something weird is happening with the top bar and the Call us button. It pops off the screen right and causes the whole page to scroll horizontally. Can you advise?

It’s still happening in your live preview and the download. Check it out. Size it all the way down and the header button pops out to the right side. Check chrome. Please advise, this is much needed.

Was the bootstrap css modified for this? It seems to be an issue with the .navbar-fixed-top .container class in the bootstrap file. 940 width is being set when the resolution is lower.

Yes, it was fixed


I’m splitting the pages up to individual html pages. It appears something is keeping the main navigation link from working when doing this. Can you advise me on how to get those links to work using relative paths. I see the “external” class added the to the last link – is there a way to avoid doing that to my entire menu?


Yes, we can help you with that. Please add this question at our Forum.

Hi, I would like to know how to redirect the user to another page after submitting his info… As I did the changes to create the page in arabic, the php code don’t accept arabic and i would like to direct them to an HTML page that I built.

I asked over a month ago in support forums and sent you emails … any chance you missed them ?!

Ok, either way, if you can please send me the amount needed for you to write me the direct lines in your submit function that would be much appreciated.

with all the respect you DIDN’T READ my request/ support ticket/ whatever you want to call it. I posted again though you have yet to confirm it and you tell me how is your reply connected to my request ?

My Question: I’m interested redirecting to a page i will create for success and if there is anything wrong,after pressing submit I don’t know php- only some html and css i tried various options i found on the net for redirecting in php after the echo in the “join.php” file.

Your Reply (after you asked for a fee cause as you said it’s not support): Hello, I think this could work to make the website RTL:

I admit that English is my 3rd language but I fail to see the connection.

ohhh and again if you still insist on a fee for making the submit redirect just tell me how much?!

Don´t you understand that we don´t do customization work? We told you that more than 3 times. We write in the Documentation file that we dont do customization work.
If you look at our profile you can read there that we don´t do customization work.

Please do not insist.

Is the template working? Yes
Did you find something wrong? Any bug? No
Do you want customization work? Yes
Do we offer customization work? No
Good luck with your project!


How do I change the location of the map?

I do not have an account so Im trying to create an one. It is asking for purchase item code which only comes with the extended license.

How do i create an account without having the extended license code? I thought you guys provide support for regular license.

Yes, you can create a question at the forum.
Please download the last version of this file, we improved documentation.
Download the purchased code and add your username at our forum.
The purchased code is in all licenses. Go to your account on TF > Downloads tab > Item > click and select purchased code. Download that file and open it. You will see the purchased code there.

Hi i didn’t bought it but nice work.

I just want to tell you that in the “Subscribe to Get information” Form the Email input wrong when if you put like any letter there no is accept doesn't show use ... So your input type is set to text so just letting you know so you can set to email.

We did an update! Feel free to download the last version of this item. Regards!

I mean the At Sign if you dont put in the field that request Email with * so is necessary for submit the information. So the code is like this <input class=”input-large” type=”text” required=”” placeholder=”Email” name=”email”>

and the type is “text” So should be “email”

@fredericofrg your question in the forum, thanks

I cannot ask the question via the support forms, they are down.

How is the contact form validated? Where can I change the validation criteria? It is not in the documentation. Thank you.

Hello pfmartin,
We saw your question at the forum. Thanks for using our private support forum, we will give you a solution there.