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  • Magazine Ads Template

    Magazine Ads Template

    By BloganKids

    Magazine Advert, Product flyer, Product Discounts.

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  • Plumbing Service Plumber

    Plumbing Service Plumber

    By BloganKids

    Plumbing and Plumber design templates. Fixing pipes. Home and Industrial piping.

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  • Infographic Template

    Infographic Template

    By BloganKids

    Infographics are visual presentations of information that use the elements of design to display content. Infographics express complex messages to viewers in a way that enhances their comprehension. Images are often an extension of the content of a...

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  • Spa Marketing

    Spa Marketing

    By BloganKids

    You have a spa resort or spa salon? Do you offer massage, sauna or reiki healing services? Here are some marketing ideas for you to enhance or prosper your spa business. Advertise elegantly combining your expertise. Marketing ideas for Spa

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  • Web Sliders and Banner Ads

    Web Sliders and Banner Ads

    By BloganKids

    Web sliders and banner ads for your website.

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  • Food Menu Template

    Food Menu Template

    By BloganKids

    Food menu template, different food..

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  • Facebook Timeline Covers

    Facebook Timeline Covers

    By BloganKids

    Famous Facebook Timeline Covers. One of the great marketing ways of Facebook, is the Timeline Covers. You can do free advertising on FB, just use your mind and skills. Here are some covers designed for you which you can edit and use on your profil...

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  • Wedding Cards

    Wedding Cards

    By BloganKids

    Unique Wedding Cards exclusively on Graphic River

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  • Opening A Coffee Shop

    Opening A Coffee Shop

    By BloganKids

    Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Think of the many times you drank Coffee! These are some of the marketing materials that you need to opening a coffee shop.

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  • Email Newsletter Template

    Email Newsletter Template

    By BloganKids

    Email Newsletter or commontly known as E-Newsletter has been recently used very much in the advertising of a company. Having a good strategy and a great Email newsletter will make the work. But often people receiving emails don't check their email...

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  • Newsletter Template

    Newsletter Template

    By BloganKids

    BOOST YOUR SALES with these Newsletter Templates. Why you need to click here? Simply, we are the best in newsletter design. Once our templates are designed, they are sent to be evaluated or surveyed by some companies in view to get the necessary r...

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  • Newsletter Examples

    Newsletter Examples

    By BloganKids

    The one and only place for FAMOUS NEWSLETTERS. Not convinced? Check out our newsletter examples and get ready to boost your sales. If are here, it means you really know about successful marketing strategies. Yes, this is a very crucial asset in a ...

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  • Tri Fold Brochure

    Tri Fold Brochure

    By BloganKids

    Do not underestimate the presence of Tri Fold Brochure in your marketing strategy. Many business owners have gone towards Online Marketing more, but some wise people knows the real importance of brochure design. To bet only for online marketing st...

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  • Flyer Template

    Flyer Template

    By BloganKids

    Awesome flyer template for any business..

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