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  • Epic Action Music

    Epic Action Music

    By Gimo-Music

    Energetic instrumental tracks that work perfectly with action videos, from high speed shots to slow motion or drone footage. They work very will with video games and extreme sports. Genres include EDM, dubstep, rock and hiphop.

    25 Items
  • Chill Beats

    Chill Beats

    By Gimo-Music

    Electronic chillhop, trap and lounge tracks, perfect for slow motion footage.

    8 Items
  • Inspirational Music

    Inspirational Music

    By Gimo-Music

    Inspiring motivational songs, perfect for corporate projects, wedding videos, films, documentaries and other productions that need emotional and compelling background music.

    27 Items
  • Corporate Production Music

    Corporate Production Music

    By Gimo-Music

    Modern instrumental background tracks for corporate videos, business presentations and commercials, or any project that needs a professional and contemporary soundtrack.

    6 Items
  • Positive Dance-Pop

    Positive Dance-Pop

    By Gimo-Music

    Positive, energetic and mainstream dance-pop tracks with catchy melodies and a feel-good vibe.

    11 Items
  • Uplifting Pop

    Uplifting Pop

    By Gimo-Music

    Uplifting and positive mainstream pop/rock songs, perfect for corporate motivational videos, commercials or any other project that needs a driving and feel-good background track.

    16 Items
  • Tech Underscores

    Tech Underscores

    By Gimo-Music

    These are contemporary electronic instrumental background tracks, perfect for projects that are technology related and need a positive, neutral or mysterious soundtrack. Genres range from corporate tech to glitchhop.

    20 Items
  • Happy Ad Tunes

    Happy Ad Tunes

    By Gimo-Music

    These are organic, happy/cheerful instrumental songs, ideal for commercials/ads that need a simple feel-good tune.

    9 Items
  • Tech Logos

    Tech Logos

    By Gimo-Music

    There are elegant, mysterious tech audio logos, perfect for project that are technology related.

    18 Items
  • Corporate Logos

    Corporate Logos

    By Gimo-Music

    These audio logos feature modern and transparent sound design, making them ideal for corporate logo reveals, intros and bumpers.

    10 Items
  • Action Logos

    Action Logos

    By Gimo-Music

    These are aggressive and loud action audio logos, perfect for intros and bumpers with heavy impact. Styles include EDM and dubstep.

    11 Items
  • Tension Suspense Undertones

    Tension Suspense Undertones

    By Gimo-Music

    These are minimal dark suspense untertones that create tension. Perfect for action footage, games, drama, crime and horror.

    17 Items