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  • Photography Effects and Frames

    Photography Effects and Frames

    By Godserv

    Photography Effects and Frames - A collection of Photography Effects, Box Effect and Frames. Great for presentation purposes like portfolios, galleries and albums or creative works eg. flyers, posters, computer wallpapers, calendar art etc.

    19 Items
  • Facebook Timeline and Event Photos

    Facebook Timeline and Event Photos

    By Godserv

    Facebook Timeline for Church events and more designed for the new facebook timeline - showcase your facebook in a professional manner

    46 Items
  • Sports Event Templates

    Sports Event Templates

    By Godserv

    Sports Event Templates for various sports event. Golf, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Hockey etc. All templates are professionally design and print ready.

    53 Items
  • Mockup Templates

    Mockup Templates

    By Godserv

    Mockup Templates - A set of super cool and realistic Mock-ups for presenting your creative projects to clients.

    79 Items
  • Photoshop Styles and Effects

    Photoshop Styles and Effects

    By Godserv

    Photoshop Styles and Effects - A collection of great photoshop styles and Effects- Make your design shine with these stunning effects

    26 Items
  • Bookmarker Templates

    Bookmarker Templates

    By Godserv

    Bookmarkers Templates for many occasions - funerals, anniversary. Used for keep sake, memorial or gift.

    10 Items
  • Easter Celebration Print Templates

    Easter Celebration Print Templates

    By Godserv

    Easter / Resurrection Day Print Templates for Celebration and commemoration events. From Flyers to bulletins for Easter Musicals, Plays, Concerts and Sermons. All templates are print ready at 300 dpi and print color mode CMYK

    80 Items
  • Business Card Templates

    Business Card Templates

    By Godserv

    Business Card Templates for corporate entities. Business Card Template are customized and professionally design with care. They are well organized at 300dpi, CMYK, and ready for print.

    68 Items
  • Poster Flyer Template Collection

    Poster Flyer Template Collection

    By Godserv

    Poster Flyer Template Collection includes large posters and flyers which are great for promotional purposes. Get more when you purchase from this collection.

    69 Items
  • Mothers Day Print Templates

    Mothers Day Print Templates

    By Godserv

    Mother's Day Print Templates - A beautiful collection of mothers day print templates for church sermon, banquets, tea parties and more

    70 Items
  • REC-Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Templates

    REC-Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Templates

    By Godserv

    Boarding Pass Invitation Templates Collection - fabulous boarding pass invitation templates for weddings, banquets, reunions

    17 Items
  • Ticket Templates

    Ticket Templates

    By Godserv

    Ticket Templates for many types of events from church to sports. These Ticket Templates are customized for any various events that needs a unique look. They are well organized at 300dpi, CMYK, and ready for print.

    101 Items
  • Corporate Templates

    Corporate Templates

    By Godserv

    Corporate Templates - A Collection of great marketing templates for businesses and corporate events

    204 Items
  • Food Templates Collection

    Food Templates Collection

    By Godserv

    Food Templates Collection - Templates for Restaurants and Food Events. Menus, Flyers, Banners, Tickets, Invitations and more. The "Hunger Templates" :)

    36 Items
  • Certificate Templates

    Certificate Templates

    By Godserv

    Certificate Templates for multiple purpose usage - congratulations, corporate recognition, church, honor roll etc

    5 Items
  • Anniversary Event Templates

    Anniversary Event Templates

    By Godserv

    Anniversary Event Templates for church anniversary, pastor anniversary, wedding anniversary and more. Make your event special with these carefully curated designs.

    84 Items
  • Invitation Templates

    Invitation Templates

    By Godserv

    Invitation Templates for weddings, church events, graduations - a creative collection

    82 Items
  • Funeral Program templates

    Funeral Program templates

    By Godserv

    Funeral Program Templates customized for any Funeral Service that needs a modern or vintage unique look. They are well organized at 300dpi, CMYK, and ready for print.

    130 Items
  • Program Templates

    Program Templates

    By Godserv

    A nice collection of program templates and program cover templates for church , funerals, weddings, sporting events etc.

    118 Items
  • Event Templates Collection

    Event Templates Collection

    By Godserv

    Event Templates Collection - A nice collection of print templates to use for any type of events. Templates for churches, parties, fashion shows, picnics, barbecues and more

    547 Items
  • Entertainment Templates

    Entertainment Templates

    By Godserv

    Entertainment Templates - A creative set of print templates for the entertainment industry.

    416 Items
  • DVD Artwork Templates

    DVD Artwork Templates

    By Godserv

    DVD Artwork Templates - A creative collection of DVD Artwork Templates.

    14 Items
  • Church Print Templates

    Church Print Templates

    By Godserv

    Church Print Templates for sermons, conventions, cantatas, non-profit events, concerts, funerals, wedding and more. Works by loswl, Godserv, SeraphimChris and others. All print ready and cutting edge.

    1400 Items
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  • Template Bundles

    Template Bundles

    By Godserv

    A creative set of Print Template Bundles - each Bundle has 2 or more files. Save up to 30% of the regular file prices with these purchases

    234 Items
  • Promotional Banner Templates

    Promotional Banner Templates

    By Godserv

    A Great set of Promotional Banner Templates

    24 Items
  • CD Artwork Templates

    CD Artwork Templates

    By Godserv

    CD Artwork Templates for Recording Artists, Gospel, Pop and Rock. Itunes album art, cd or dvd cover art etc.

    242 Items
  • Christmas Event Templates

    Christmas Event Templates

    By Godserv

    Christmas Event Templates - A collection of super cool Christmas Event Templates by loswl, Godserv, SeraphimChris and others

    175 Items