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  • Animated Photoshop Templates - NEW

    Animated Photoshop Templates - NEW

    By scarab13

    Export short animations on your social media, email, websites. Send eCards, create awesome Cinemagraphs and animated .gifs.

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  • Photoshop Brushes

    Photoshop Brushes

    By scarab13

    I have made some of the most popular artistic brushes (the set 'Brushes From Heaven' was introduced in September 2013 Issue of London's Advanced Photoshop magazine). Definitely worth checking out...

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  • Facebook Covers

    Facebook Covers

    By scarab13

    Some of my Facebook Cover Templates.

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  • CD & DVD Cover Templates

    CD & DVD Cover Templates

    By scarab13

    I do professional covers for musicians. Here are just few ones I've done here (but I admit I'm slacking and need to create more). I've done much more real covers than I've posted templates here...

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  • Weddings & Babies

    Weddings & Babies

    By scarab13

    Some of my Wedding & Baby shower templates, posters, cards, invitations

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  • Business Cards

    Business Cards

    By scarab13

    Here are some of my Business card design templates

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  • Photoshop Actions

    Photoshop Actions

    By scarab13

    These are my actions - mostly for image enhancing, and there are some really interesting ones to check.

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  • Film Poster

    Film Poster

    By scarab13

    Large collection of my Film posters. Many of these are used in the international film industry and teater.

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  • Posters and Flyers

    Posters and Flyers

    By scarab13

    Only the Best of the Best. Creme de la Creme. Professional, beautiful, and easy to use digital / print posters and flyers. Take a look!

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  • Presentations & Catalogs

    Presentations & Catalogs

    By scarab13

    Digital presentations, print and web catalogs and brochures.

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  • Elements & Logos

    Elements & Logos

    By scarab13

    Variety of useful design elements, logos and branding designs. Great for all kinds of projects

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  • Book & eBook, Magazine Covers

    Book & eBook, Magazine Covers

    By scarab13

    Collection of my Covers, many of which are widely used in entertainment industry and popular media.

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  • Grunge, Horror, Halloween

    Grunge, Horror, Halloween

    By scarab13

    Spooky, grunge, vintage designs for events, holidays, to use as covers, web graphics, or print posters

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  • Mock-Ups


    By scarab13

    Professionally done Mock-ups that are actually easy to use. Original, customizable files worth checking!

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  • Backgrounds and Textures

    Backgrounds and Textures

    By scarab13

    This is the best collection of my hi-quality variety of backgrounds and textures. Check them out.

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  • Old, Western, Wild West Wanted Posters

    Old, Western, Wild West Wanted Posters

    By scarab13

    Some of the best, most popular and widely used all over the world. Extremely realistic look, easy to modify and use in seconds. These files will age any photo you paste, instantly making them vintage and grunge. High level of customization lets yo...

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  • Effects & Generators

    Effects & Generators

    By scarab13

    Image effects, Text effects, Generator files that are incredibly easy to use and they will breathe life in your images and assets. There are also some cool face effects, check them out.

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  • Handmade Fonts

    Handmade Fonts

    By scarab13

    Some of my Hand Written Fonts. Those are very unique and popular.

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