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  • Music Packs

    Music Packs

    By soundtrove

    Tracks with a similar theme are bundled together and offered at up to 50% off - grab a bargain and be ready for the next project!

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  • Latin


    By soundtrove

    Music with a distinctly Latin flavour

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  • Orchestral


    By soundtrove

    Tracks featuring orchestral instruments in a range of styles, from military to inspirational event music.

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  • Reflective & Ambient

    Reflective & Ambient

    By soundtrove

    Ranging from downtempo electronic to ambient guitar soundscape, tracks with dreamy, reflective and atmospheric sounds ideal for use as film sound beds, meditation music, or introspective type promotion.

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  • Acoustic & Folk

    Acoustic & Folk

    By soundtrove

    Folky acoustic guitar tracks for relaxed, feel good natural moods

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  • Corporate Inspirational

    Corporate Inspirational

    By soundtrove

    Tracks designed with corporate promotion in mind. Evoking themes of inspiration and vision, these tracks are modern, upbeat and full of energy.

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  • Happy & Fun

    Happy & Fun

    By soundtrove

    Tracks with a light, fun and playful mood ideal for media projects for children.

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  • Country & Easy Listening

    Country & Easy Listening

    By soundtrove

    Country flavoured tracks with an upbeat and energetic mood and laid back easy listening music for sound beds, film sound tracks and lifestyle orientated visual projects.

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