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  • Americana


    By texdentonmusic

    Down home, nostalgic, country-influenced and largely acoustic, these Americana tunes are perfect music beds for commercials, film and corporate videos.

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  • Christmas


    By texdentonmusic

    That special time of year where children dream of Santa and his sleigh and parents dream of making wishes come true.

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  • Fashion


    By texdentonmusic

    Sultry, sexy, poppy and fun, these songs are ideal for everything from the runway, to new seasonal rollouts.

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  • Indie Rock

    Indie Rock

    By texdentonmusic

    Sometimes gritty, sometimes polished, always on the bleeding edge, these tunes plug in, turn up and rock out. Ideal for use in program, commercials, film and corporate videos.

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  • Inspirational


    By texdentonmusic

    Music that helps tell the story, that motivates, set scenes and most importantly inspires.

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  • Pop


    By texdentonmusic

    Catchy, upbeat, positive, and slick as a whistle, these music beds are perfect for those commercial spots and projects that call for something in the style of Top 40 radio hits.

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  • Quirky


    By texdentonmusic

    Cute, quirky and downright twee, these music beds will make you feel happy and bring a joy to your commercials, cat videos and corporate productions.

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  • Rock n Roll

    Rock n Roll

    By texdentonmusic

    Good ol' Rock n Roll...no frills, just great.

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  • Underscores


    By texdentonmusic

    Call it audio wallpaper, background music, or music beds, but one thing's for certain these underscores won't get in the way of your copy. Set the tone without killing your pitch.

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