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Nice clean theme! Can you tell me where the icons are from – is there a complete set available?

Thanks, and good luck with the sales.

Yeah ! I love your work on ABC Business.

Do you plan to publish a Wordpress version ?

Thanks man, I will wait a week or two and see if this theme is selling well – if yes then of course I`ll make Wordpress version :)

Very nice theme!

Thanks for offering and also good luck for this and future releases :)

Best regards

Thanks, and enjoy your new theme :)

Great looking template! Good job!

Thanks man.

great work, looks fresh :)

Hi Shegy I bought this, i like it but the only gripe that I have is that it does not display correctly in cs4. It will not recognize the style.css as a valid css form, and it has made editing VERY difficult, can you please help?

Hi webdork, thanks for purchusing my template. I have solution for your problem, it is an issiue with dreamwever css recognition… But solution is like this: Go to style.css and delete everything before: html,body{margin… that makes the css file starts exacly there: html,body{... It could be working now, if not then delete the css attachment line and attach css by Dreamweaver tool – format – CSS styles – Attach Style Sheet…

I hope that helped. If not just inform me and I`ll make my best to solve this problem. Cheers!

that worked great thanks alot!


Are you able to take the pink version and make it red?

Kind regards