Discussion on Adama - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on Adama - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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does this template is compatible with version 5.5

Not yet, only WordPress v5.4 for now.

Latest release Adama v1.7.1 is compatible with WordPress v5.5

Working on a fix for PHP warning when using customizer. Fix should be up soon.

I have checked your demo site and the Google Map is showing up as a grey box. Will you be adding a fix for this?

Hi, this is not a bug in Adama, it’s just that were using Google Maps without API key as this was possible before, now it seems they require API keys for everyone. It’s fixed now, thank you for reporting this.

If you have this issue, just go to theme options and fill in Google Maps API key under “Contact Page” section.

Great theme! how to add text box in admin panel?

What do you mean how to add text box? If you are using Gutenberg editor you have to disable it because it is not supported by the theme.

text box as a phone number and display it in a template

I assume you mean textbox in contact form, theme supports “Contact Form 7” plugin which can be used to create any combination of form fields for contact form.

Hi, does this theme still support latest Wordpress (5.02)? I’ve purchased it, but quite long time I dont use the theme again and now want to build a new site for my business using this theme. thanks :)

HI, theme does not support new Gutenberg editor, if you don’t mind that you can install a plugin that disables Gutenberg editor and it will work.

Hoi Do you support RTL

Hi, RTL is not supported.

Hi, this is a pre purchase question. Is it possible to make a multi language website with your theme? Using WPML for instance?

Yes, it is possible. WPML is supported.

Hi, I have left some demo pages so I can edit them, but in the pages there are only codes instead of the builder? Am i missing something?

Theme does not come with page builder included.

so only with the shortcodes right?

Yes, that is correct.

Hi, my auto theme update doesn’t seem to be working, i have inserted API key etc for the main theme however no result. IS this feature currently active or does this require a manual update?

Hi, this feature is active. There was a bug in the theme v1.0 where it did not work, so in case you have version v1.0 you would need to update manually.

Hi there, great Theme. I love it. But I’m stuck with one thing: where can I change the words Phone, Adress, Website, Email etc. in the contact sidebar. I just need to know which file it is, the I’m able to work it out. Thanks so much for your help….


Contact fields from sidebar are in a widget, they are located in our Galactica Core plugin in a folder called “widgets”. If you just wish to translate the text, you can use the standard WordPress way by using the translation templates (POT files) which are located inside languages folder in the mentioned plugin.

Thanks so much! This was a little bit hard to find. Kind Regards Oliver

hello, i’m looking into updating my wp theme and came across yours on here whilst browsing, i have a question for you if you could possibly answer.

Ajax. Is the theme compatible with some sort of ajax plugin so i can navigate around the site without the page refreshing?

I have a sticky footer with a media player attached and it can’t stop unless manually done so if possible.

Nice one, yeah the plugins I have been looking at are these:

1. DZS Ajaxer Lite – Ajaxify Your WordPress Site and Comments https://wordpress.org/plugins/dzs-ajaxer-lite-dynamic-page-load/ 2. Ajaxify WordPress Site(AWS) https://wordpress.org/plugins/ajaxify-wordpress-site/ 3. Advanced AJAX Page Loader https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ajax-page-loader/ 4. Ajax for all https://wordpress.org/plugins/ajax-for-all/

Thanks allot mate, be great if they worked

There are several issues due to existing scripts not expecting content to be loaded via ajax, so it’s definitely not possible to use ajax plugins properly with our theme the way it is now. Sorry

No worries pal, thank you for trying

Hi, it´s possible to override this shortcode [bsg_team_member type=”grid” source=”all” number=”4” columns=”2” order_by=”date” order=”desc” skills=”“] in order to use member id and display some specifics team members

Hi, it is possible. It would look something like this [bsg_team_member type=”grid” source=”custom” ids=”1,3,6,4” columns=”2”]

Hello, In the articles, the frontal images no longer work. In the image search, an “empty” image appears and is selected by default

Hi, can you please submit a support ticket via our support website http://www.galactica-themes.com/support/submit-ticket/ it is hard to see the issue based on your description alone.

It’s been one year since you expected the theme would be compatible with Visual Composer. I just installed VC and I am getting 500 errors, like on the blog homepage (which includes no “content” from the “page” assigned to the blog landing page). Should VC be working with this ADAMA theme now? Thank you in advance for your help!

Unfortunately VC does not provide the required features for Adama’s shortcodes so you cannot add Adama shortcodes via Visual Composer, but it should most certainly not end up with server errors.

Please submit a support ticket via our support website http://www.galactica-themes.com/support/submit-ticket/ and make sure to include theme and plugin versions.

Thank you for the quick response, and the link!

I dont want sliders can these be static? also can I add a form to that front page where slider image is, ideal is form on image as other sites have. like to have callouts be clickable, is that possible?

Hello aedsel,

Each page has a “hero” section where you can put [1] slider, [2] static image or [3] text content (with background image). At the moment only sliders can accept shortcodes which can be used to add forms.

Callouts have a clickable button.


Hi im just starting to use the template but when importing the Demo Content below is the message,. “An error occurred. It is possible that script ended prematurelly, please try to increase timeout limits on your server and run import again. Status: 502, error – Server Hangup”

Appreciate your prompt response.

Google maps address accepts the actual street address not the maps URL.

Is there a way i can embed the iframe from google map? Thank u for ur support

Embedding Google map iframe works out of the box in WordPress. On what kind of page did you intend to embed map?

Hi, there’s no slider image when i visit the demo from smartphone. Is it normal? Can I show it on the front page of smartphone view.

Hi, this is the default behavior because text would be too small to read on smaller devices.

You are looking at a slider built with LayerSlider, there is an option where you can set minimum and maximum screen widths when will slider be visible, you can off course change this so that it is visible even on smaller devices.

We have purchase your theme for awhile d, but do you have any update on recaptcha on contact form?

The contact form that is included with the theme is just for basic needs, it was not intended to replace dedicated contact form plugins. We recommend using Contact Form 7 plugin, this plugin will allow you to create contact form the way you want it, it includes recaptcha field, it is free and quite easy to setup.

Let us know if you need assistance.

Hey. I am trying to figure out how portfolio works. I am noticing that although I add it to the portfolio section, it doesn’t actually add to our page.

Please send us a ticket with login info and we will check what is the problem right away.


What do I pay for the theme after the first year of using Adama?

Nothing. You will continue to receive updates, they are free. You can pay only for support if you wish.


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