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Very clean layout! GLWS mird!

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks a lot!

Nice job Mird. Cool buttons :)

Thank you Navigator :)

Very nice job Mird. Like it!

Thank you Vesthar :)

Great! Would love to see a Wordpress Version!

I can not say when… but later :)

nice work… :)

Thanks AliA :)

so beautiful.. good luck!

Thank you mabuc :)

Beatiful! This template woud look very nice with fluid layout. You should try.

Good luck with sales!

Many thanks TudorB :)

Does the Contact Form work on this design?

No, but in the next two days I will add this feature

I loved this but can’t seem to get it to work. Everytime I upload it in wordpress, I get an error that there is a missing stylesheet. Can you give any advice on how to get it to work with wordpress? -Faris

Hello fynaji, I’ sorry, but this is only HTML template not Wordpress theme. Wordpress version I will do later.

Hi could you please help me in adding you tube videos/videos to HTML page in this template. How should i do it.


Hello, Thanks for purchasing this template.

If you need adding youtube videos in portfolio page you must use the syntax of the FancyBox plugin for the Youtube (iframe).

If you still need my help please email me via my user page contact form. I will write you a detailed instruction.

You do great work sir! I also have your Edison template :) Love them both!

Thank you Creeman! :) Glad you liked it.

Any idea when you will be enabling the contact portion of this template?

Yes Creeman, today I will post for review

How do you adjust settings for the contact form and call back feature. Many thanks.

Hi, I really like this template. Is there a way to have a breadcrumb or “back” when viewing the single portfolio page? The demo just goes to the page and there is no way to go back (without hitting browser back) or access another portfolio projects once in single page mode.

Hello! Thank you, glad you liked it. Yes, you’re right, I forgot this detail. There are two ways to resolve this problem: 1. Use available rewind button images 2. Add additional controls below the image

I would have done so. Choose as you like.

Hi, Just purchased your template. I noticed that you are using the old version of Fancybox, which I was pretty disappointed in. The new version is truly responsive and fits into the users viewport. The old version does not. I went ahead and tried to update to the new version but the title and title descriptions got messed up. I’m sure it has something to do with the custom.js script. Is this something you could take a look at?

Hi, Yes, when I created the template, the new version of the Fancybox has not yet been.

You can completely remove the piece of code “Fancybox” from custom.js file and write there something that requires an new version of this plugin. And most likely, you will have to change the code of the portfolio page.

Certainly a beautiful template. Am running into some serious issues in different browsers, though. In Chrome, none of the “tab” pages displays in the Advantages section at all—just a blank space beneath the short descriptions. These display fine in Firefox & IE. This issue is present in the original downloaded files, before I did any editing at all.

Another issue is with my images not displaying in IE. None of my own images are displaying—I replaced the logo at the top of the page, for example, & while this displays fine in Firefox & Chrome, it has only an image placeholder in IE. Same for any other images I used in place of the template images. They are in the images folder just like the originals.

Hello Cari and thank you,
Yes, in the Chrome (on the local machine) Advantages section not displaying, this is due to some security limitations in Chrome. But on the server it will looks right.

About your second question: email me please , I’ll try to help you

Thank you for letting me know about the Advantages section – great news! I’ll check with you on the other question. :)

Hi Really nice template. Is there a php contact form?

Many thanks, but I’m sorry this template does not contain a php form.