Discussion on AdminUX Mobile | Admin UI UX Bootstrap 5 Responsive HTML Template and Angular starter kit

Discussion on AdminUX Mobile | Admin UI UX Bootstrap 5 Responsive HTML Template and Angular starter kit

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Hello Maxartkiller, I just purchased your AdminUX template and I’ve been asking if there’s any chance you could provide a design file for it.

That’s only html and angular template doesn’t come with design files like psd XD figma etc…

Bests, Maxartkiller

I want to use mobile and desktop both .Is there any desktop preview ?

You can check adminux desktop template.. Adminux mobile is for mobile only.

Thanks . I bought it.


I saw .search-header class in the main css file but i couldn’t see any search box in demo pages even on search result page. Is there a header search example?

There is in mobile resolution preview we have removed but you can have search box at header for less header buttons and search input in tablet resolution,

<form class=”form-inline mr-sm-2 pull-left search-header hidden-md-down”> <input class=”form-control ” type=”text” placeholder=”Search” id=”search_header”> <button class=”btn btn-link icon-header ” type=”submit”> </button> </form>

like above structure you can add it in header tag, you can contact us from our profile page for more.

Thanks, Max

I have just seen header search on cookie page. It worked perfect.


Hey there – any plans to upgrade bootstrap to 4.1.3 so we can use CDN?

Thanks for taking interest.

I don’t think it will affect much after upgrading this to 4.1.3 version. We will update but will take sometime.

thanks for the reply – i just meant if you open first dashboard and change to 4.1.3 bootstrap it doenst align the containers right. (3 in one row – not 4)

Actually our default column is 16 columns not 12 columns So if you want to go with CDN default. it should be 12 columns and just change class names of columns col-md-3 (34 = 12 columns) instead col-md-4 (44 = 16 columns)

Class name will be for 12 columns are 1 – 12 and for 16 columns there are 1- 16 available.

Hope this will helps.

Regards, Max


73a28c8b-ecdb-4e9f-9127-5dcec4344142 – 22 May 2018

Is there a recommended event or function to identify the current Step on the Wizard after the Step has changed?

My apologies, I have it, curStepBtn. Thank you anyway, great design by the way!!

Works with Bootstrap 4.1?

No, it’s not yet compatible with new version

Can i use firebase for backend?

It just a HTML template. Code language you can use as required.


We need to add youtube videos to your gallery page, instead of images, for your Adminux mobile theme.

Can you give us a little info to help? Can that be done?

Thanks, Curtis.


This doc can help you a bit towards video swipebox http://brutaldesign.github.io/swipebox/#video

Regards, Max


For some reason, we cannot click the menu icon to open up the left sidebar menu until all the elements in the page load.

We have a a google slides presentation on the page and it takes a little while to load. And until it does, we cannot view the left slide out menu.

Is there a way to change this?

Thanks, Curtis


Please drop a message from our profile page.. we will be revert back with script if that help you out. There might be you need to call menu event on document ready..

Regards, Max

I need to split a row into 3 columns. How do we do that with 16 COL layout?

To clarify… I need 3 columns even on mobile (xs) layout,

Hey, You can use col col col class inside row .. three div with class col only..

Regrds, Max


We love the layout and just want to run this with the most basic elements.

We just want the necessary files so the menu works, and we have the basic framework.

No extra vendor stuff…

Can you tell me which vendor files and .js files are necessary?

Thanks, Curtis

Hello, There will be adminux js with menu code code… Also basic bootstrap poper jquery are required.

Regards, Max

Hi, may I ask what are different between this and Admin UX admin theme? They are look 99% alike.

Hi ,

there are structure and updates different. We have more pages and more detailed structure at responsive for large device in Adminux desktop template..

Mobile version have less features and updates.

Regards, Max

Thanks for your explanation, I will go for desktop theme then.


Your template is very beautiful, congrats for this amazing job!

I created a cordova project with your template and it is running very well with your content example.

The problem is that when I try to duplicate, delete or rename any pages using the Sublime it does not work. So I am not able to put my content on the pages.

I bought other themes and I never had this kind of problem. Do you know what the problem could be?

I just want to duplicate the landing1, google maps, tables and blog pages.

Another thing is, when I click on the ICON to enter the app I would like to be able to change the background image (I could not find the main background image on index.html to replace it).

Thank you so much!

Regards, Danielle

Hey, Thank you! Is there any admin rights issue or is it read-only file you have? We also never faced such issue of over-righting pages copy, delete edit etc. those might be open somewhere else or there may be admin right issue at your machine with editor.

i couldn’t understand about background image. Currently we have different css color scheme and used background gradient withing css properties. rest all image are in on page as its html pages only..

You can send us message from our profile page and we will get back to you with email id so we can share screenshot and we will help you out.

Bests, Max


Thank you for your prompt answer.

I don´t think I have any admin rights issue, as I am working on some other projects using sublime with templates I bought and I didn´t have this kind of problem.

Now I am able to duplicate, delete and edit the pages, but the problem now is that when I link the pages I created it appears an aplication error net:: ERR_file_not_found.

Regarding the image I found it… It is the “grand_banner” image. I replaced it with my image but I would like to know if it is possible to cover the with my full image?


Sua próxima aventura começa aqui!


Please, let me know where I can send you the screenshots.

Thank you!

regards, Danielle


File not found issue is for .. where specific linked file is not available at destination. You can assign width 100% to image to make ot full width… Hope to continue with ss via mail if any.

Regards, max

Hi I have issue in table. I don’t use datatables i have 15 columns in my table and it’s not responnsive.


I have purchased you theme.

Same issue https://imgur.com/a/en32A

But i don’t use datatables.

I couldn’t see you have purchased…

So what you want …? Do you want to make it responsive? How you want all column to be responsive? Why you are not using dataTable or fooTable?

Do you plan update to BS 4 Beta?

We have another updated product please check 8-mobile HTML template from out portfolio.


Hi…. i just purchased your item but,... the blog page just show “blank page”... please help me

In the preview this page shows correctly…. Just title need to be change..

Hope this helps

Bests, Max


Nice work with your template is amazing!

I see in the demo URL http://maxartkiller.in/website/Adminuxmob/pages a new section (Forum) but the link is broken, how to can I check this new feature?

Thanks for selecting us.. Let me see.. we will back soon

Love the product! Quick question. Why is the column grid 16 instead of the bootstrap 12?

Thanks for loving… We have modified it for our development purposes..

Bests, Max

Hi, we are interested in your UI designs. Do you provide modification services?

No we are not providing customization service with this template

Would you be able to do customizations if we purchase a theme for you to work on?


Please message us from our profile page.

Regards, Max


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