Discussion on Aena - Content Focused WordPress Theme

Discussion on Aena - Content Focused WordPress Theme

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Good morning, I’m struggling to get my home page to look like the demo. If you’re able to reply to me I’ll send you screenshots of my issues. Hoping to resolve ASAP. Thank you! :)

Hi GotThePassports,

Sorry for the delay in response. Please read the attached documentation file that explains how to import the content.

After importing everything select the style you want in Appearance > Customize.

And don’t forget to attach featured images to posts.

- Luke

Hi Luke, I’ve done all that, hence my needing actual support. Would you like to switch to mail? I provided my e-mail address to Envato who apparently passed it onto you. Please confirm?

Hi GotThePassports,

Absolutely, you can message me at lukestateson@gmail.com

- Luke


Greg69 Purchased

Hi Luke, i wish I could add Tiktok to the social network. Is it possible? Thanks!


Greg69 Purchased


How can i put different category, like the demo, on the Top Featured Category slideshow. I can’t make multiple selections from the drop-down menu.

Thanks for your help!


So let’s create a user-journey. For example.

You have posts:

First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth

And Categories:

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Featured

You want to feature only posts: First, Third, Fifth

The structure of Posts <> Categories would be like this:


First <> Alpha, Bravo, Featured

Second <> Charlie, Bravo

Third <> Charlie, Alpha, Featured

Fourth <> Bravo

Fifth <> Alpha, Charlie, Featured


Now you go to Appearance > Customize > Content:


“Top Featured Category” — Featured


✔️ Hide Featured Categories from Meta

What posts you’ll see in slider:


First with categories Alpha, Bravo

Third with categories: Charlie, Alpha

Fifth with categories: Alpha, Charlie


But. The category name “Featured” won’t be shown above the post title (it would be just a technical category).

And this should look exactly like in the demo.

Please let me know if this was helpful


Greg69 Purchased

You are a master!! It worked with the Featured thing. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain in detail.

You’re welcome, Greg69

You can leave a review for the theme and support, I would really appreciate it :)

hi, - how can I make “continue reading” to display more posts? I have issue with that one, under one post it displays 2 other posts and under another just one. I cannot tell where this is being set up. - Also, how can I delete the second menu from the header? so whenever I create a new page it doesn’t link there to it. - and how do I hide page title, if I were to create a static home page, I don’t want it to display its name? thanks!

Hi magdywit,

1. Theme only allows to show previous/next post, if previous post is not available it shows only the next one.

2. In Appearance > Menus you can set Primary and Secondary menus, if secondary menu is set but has no items it won’t be shown.

3. To hide the page title you can go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and copy-paste the code below there:

.content-page .post-header {
    display: none;

Hope this helps.

- Luke

hi, how do I change from Aena to atlas look?

Hi magdywit,

In Appearance > Customize > Style Set > choose “Atlas”.

Also you can add featured posts category in Appearance > Customize

And add featured categories in Customize too.

Menus can be created and assigned in Appearance > Menus

Please let me know if this helps

- Luke

I dont have this option apparently (“style set”). I only have identity, colors, header, content, footer, fonts, social networks, menu, widgets, homepage settings and additional CSS..

edit: now I see it is under content…

Hello, could you please add TikTok Social Network to the theme?

Hi Luke, I wrote an E-Mail but got no response.

Hi Ikcora,

Please send me another one to lukestateson@gmail.com because I didn’t receive the previous one.

- Luke

Sent :)

this theme works with classic editor?

Hi ZeroLN,

No, unfortunately this theme made for the latest Gutenberg editor.

But most features from classic editor should work fine.

- Luke

i love this theme… what features i will lose if i use the classic editor?

Probably some styles in classic editor will not work and classic editor does not support blocks.

More information on new editor: https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/

Hi there, recently purchased your theme.

Having some issues when trying to set the Top Features Layout section.

I have created 3 posts and assigned them to the Top Featured Category.

When setting the layout to `rounded` on the “Concept” style, the preview inside the customize panel works, however even after clicking the publish button, the rendered output of the page seems to default to the existing layout, and does not render as the rounded layout.

If I go back into the Customize theme panel, the settings are persisted, but rendered preview has lost the `rounded` theme design and is still the standard layout (I.e. not the rounded one as specified in the settings)

Am I missing something obvious. Happy to send some screenshots if that might help. Kindly advise.

Thanks & Best Regards Rogan :)

Hi Rogan,

It seems like you’ve enabled Style Set in Appearance > Customize > Content.

You should select Style Set > “Custom” to modify the layout.

- Luke

Hi sorry for the delayed response :)

Ah Fantastic! Thanks that works!

Hi there, just bought the theme but was wondering can you tell me where I download the demo data?

No worries :)

In Appearance > Content > “Style Set” you can change the pre-defined layout.

You can also customize colors in Appearance > Colors.

Hi Luke, is it possible to get the demo of the homepage layout. I keep changing layout but I don’t seem to get the layout on this page – https://preview.themeforest.net/item/aena-content-focused-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/24591905?_ga=2.247144644.1721350049.1610884149-717726938.1603346037


Please send me an email to support@major-themes.com and i will help you on this.

Hi do you plan on updating this template anytime soon?

Hi cheyna1,

Yes, actually theme update was uploaded today, it should’ve been automatically approved, but it’s currently stuck due to manual review by ThemeForest team, so i’m currently waiting on approval.

It will take no longer than 2-3 days.

- Luke

Hello! The comments block does not appear within the blog. I am looking for if it is deactivated but I can’t find where!

Hello santirubio,

Please send me a link to a page where comments should be but they are not visible to support@major-themes.com and I will help you on this.

- Luke

Hi there! I hope you are doing great. I have liked your theme and bought it for my blog. After purchasing the theme I have downloaded all the theme files and have installed it by following the documentation provided. I am trying to import demo data of (influenced.WordPress.2019-09-10) a variant on my WordPress Blog. But it’s not importing. I have tried two times even on a fresh installation. One more thing I have made some changes like changing the header style, colors , fonts but no change is appearing on the front end. I am facing very much disappointment. Please help me. I am losing my energy and resources on it Here is my theme link. https://paurx.com/

Hello nutriscript,

Please send me access to WordPress admin panel at support@major-themes.com and i will help you with importing content.

- Luke

Hey guys

I have two questions for you:

1. The name of the author is wrong in this section on the website: http://prntscr.com/ug19w6 The actual name can be seen on blog feed or inside a blog,e.g.: http://prntscr.com/ug1a7c

But for some reason, another name is added into that block of “other articles”

2. When I click on “comments” from blog feed (https://prnt.sc/ug1abp), the article opens from the very beginning although this action (clicking on “comments”) should lead to comment section at the bottom of the article instead of it’s beginning (right now, it looks this way after clicking on “comments” https://prnt.sc/ug1ao9)

Please let me know how do I fix these issues.

Best regards, Erika

Hello Erika,

1. Theme does not control or change author names, it shows the default one that is set in WordPress. Could some kind of plugin, would you like me to look into it?

2. Please send me a message at support@major-themes.com with access to WordPress admin panel so i can fix this.

- Luke

Just sent you an email, thanks!

Hi, Everytime I change the header style and save it, it goes back to the original style without taking note of my changes…

Hi, As soon as I select “Custom”, the titles of the articles are displayed outside the images on the home page. I would like to keed all of the Atlas apperance, and just change the header style, without changing the display of the articles on the home page…

Can you send me access to WordPress admin panel so i can fix this at support@major-themes.com

Great support ! I received support and answers to all my questions. Thank you so much !!!!!

last question I ask you !! Is there a way to show the social networks that are in the header on the right Instead on the left?

Hello santirubio,

Yes it’s possible, please send me a link to your website at support@major-themes.com

- Luke


I need your help. Please contact me back, then i’ll show you my issue.

Thank. John.

Hello John,

Please let me know what is the issue.

You can also send me message with a screenshot at support@major-themes.com

- Luke

Hi, do you have some sample blog post with side menu, widget or something else on this theme ?

Hello John,

You can add sidebar with widgets to posts but it’s not shown on demo.

- Luke

How can I make the logo also stay fixed in the menu when scrolling?

Hello santirubio,

Theme files should to be modified to add the logo to the “drop-in” top menu, please send me access to WordPress admin panel to support@major-themes.com and I will make adjustments :)

- Luke

Howdy, I came here from a reddit post over 2 years ago claiming this theme is built completely without page builders, so there’s no bloat.

I have looked at god damn dozens of themes. Like newb, I started off looking at the huge bloated themes. Then I researched and found they are horrible coded. But then I was left with the hipster oceanwp + page bulder shit. I don’t want to build a page.

I like some of the layouts here, my only problem is they seem very very feminine. what/how can I do to make it dark theme or make it more masculine? Just the font? I just want a good non ugly theme with some pop that I don’t have to build. So that’s why I want a theme.

Hello TheHanGang77,

Yes absolutely, all my themes are built using only native WordPress features and all options are in one place – native WordPress customizer.

Dark mode is not implemented yet, but you can choose more neutral colors.

For example, this demo has a neutral layout: https://demo.major-themes.com/aena/atlas/

In this layout you can change the accent colors to a more neutral ones: https://demo.major-themes.com/aena/concept/

So if you decide to purchase Aena theme you can contact me at support@major-themes.com and i will help you with customizations.

- Luke

Thank you for your response.

But would a page builder, if used, ruin this optimized code? Or is it not recommended at all?

WordPress has it’s own page builder “Gutenberg”.

For most common tasks it’s more than enough. You can even extend it with additional blocks using for example Atomic Blocks collection.

Frankly, I can’t recommend any 3rd party page builders and I don’t want to name them or get into advanced details because I respect the developers who work on them. I’ll say one thing – most page builders are not so good in terms of speed, privacy, security, code quality or everything listed together.

Probably there are some really good 3rd page builders, but I have not encountered them yet :)

Use them or not – It’s up to you.

Hello, sorry my English, I am using a translator, I am having problems with the site, I could not show 5 featured posts, as shown in the demo. Can you help me?

Thank you!

You’re welcome, santirubio!

Please let me know if you need help with anything else :)


Is there a way that I only have the red menu but the featured posts remain blank? currently I keep the whole block in red.

Can you send me a screenshot at support@major-themes.com


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