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Nice design nutzumi !
I like the different header option :) GLWS

ah! thanks you :bashfulcute: kinda hard to make item unique these days. :)

Nice Template!

Thank you terusawa :bashfulcute:

Good job on this.. good luck man :)

Thank you louiejie :bashfulcute:

Is it Litmus tested?

Sorry , I do a manual test. but it work fine with most email client and compatible all browsers.

The font Open Sans is defined. How can I show the font in the browser?

Hi, lehmi. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by. but open sans can be show normally in the browsers and if it not, I already set an Arial, and San serif as a fall back font. :)

Thank for purchased my item, cheers

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a sense, the Open Sans with @ font-face to integrate?

Sorry @font-face are not suggest to use in Email template. According to this article @font-face only work in Apple Mail(iPhone)

It’s not working for me in MailChimp. I created a zip file for the blue version, import it. As soon as I changed the logo half the design went missing and then I am unable to edit anything. Tried with a few different ones, all the same.

Hi, SeanToro. make sure you edit template in the design step after create a new Campaign. What cause the problem is a repeatable function(mc:repeatable). I’ve contact Mailchimp support and they confirm there no fix for this because the template editor and Campaign Builder’s are design for difference purpose. It better to keep repeatable ability functional and edit in design step instate.

However, if you want to edit code you can edit normally in “My Template” menu but when it come to content you need too edit in Campaign Builder’s(design step).

thank for purchased my item, cheers :)

I need to supply a newsletter template with a custom design to my client. They are using Outlook to send email. Can your Aiden template be edited with Outlook? Would I need a plugin? I’m a graphic designer trying to bridge my gap in programming knowledge and provide my client with a solution. Thanks!

Hi, there. thank for interesting. As far as I know, using template with Outlook is you need to host all the template file yourself then open via web-browser select all, copy, and paste in the Outlook when composing. However, using template directly in Outlook is not a suggestion because Outlook is less support in a lot of template code such as, they not include <style>, background image not support, also not support responsive too.

In my opinion, Outlook is great with managing Mailing list, and sending plain text email, but when I come to Template and fancy stuff, it pretty worse due to they still using a Microsoft word engine to render an email.

hope you understand :) cheers,

Sounds like I need to open the template in Dreamweaver to make the edits and THEN paste it into Outlook when its ready to test? That shouldn’t be a problem right? Sorry but this is my first time creating this deliverable.

Yes, something like that. but don’t forget to use an external link for all images asset , not use a local path :)

I am using Apple Mail and need to create standard emails to inform customers of progress on their project (ie. your job has been added to the production calendar! with link to calendar).

The process to do this would be to edit in DreamWeaver, post online through our website (hidden), and then copy the code from DreamWeaver into the individual email?

Hi, as far as I know an Apple Mail are not fully support using a template. So I believe the process must be done as you said. My suggestion is, consider to use a Web service like Campaign Monitor, or MailChimp instate. These service offering to hosting your template and mailing list, easy to edit content etc.

thank for your interest

Hi there,

I have few questions about mailchimp.

1. Does your template support content mode

2. Does your template support design mode

3. Does your template support drag to reorder function, edit etc, edit

4. What about social icons, are they user friendly, easy to edit? edit

5. What about functions like on linked image, staling, settings, content, columns? edit

6. Is newsletter responsive and display properly on all devices.

7. Are links like subscribe, unsubscribe etc working.

Thnx for an answer in advance.

That’s great. Could you let me know when you plan to update it? When you implement those than I will buy it straight on.

Yes I will let you know when it ready :) but I can’t estimate the time yet. sorry I need do lean more about this and make sure that I make it right :) thank you so much for interesting.


Hi nutzumi,

Again I’m interested in buying your template. Have you done any work on it, any updates?

Hi There,

Do you provide support for your plugin?


Hi 30Flux,

I do apologize for a super delay reply, I was working on integration the template to StampReady builder’s. with their service(Free register). You willmore easily to modify color and export to use with MailChimp. It going to be something like this demo (most of my recent are already integrated.)

I’m sorry that I’m not integrate with MailChimp editor. due to MailChimp still don’t have a function to change Background image yet.

Thank you so much for get in touch :) I do appreciate that.

no prob. I will buy it when update will be ready. Stay creative :)

Hi there, just want to let you know template was updated. :)


mmi Purchased

I’m having a problem when loading the template through the MailChimp campaign builder.

The email template loads fine in the template builder, however when I load it up in the campaign builder all the sections disappear. I then have to manually duplicate each section and change the content type i.e. “header 1”, “header 3” etc. Is this normal behaviour?

Yes, that is how Mailchimp repeatable function work, It will show only the first default module so user can duplicate and switching, repeating as you do. If removing this mc:repeatable function will cause the error(duplicated mc:edit tag) when you repeat the same module in one campaign.