Discussion on Amanda Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Discussion on Amanda Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

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If you want, I will update bootstrap 4 to bootstrap 5 this item. After work pay me.


I am using your template in laravel project. I’m having problem in select boxes. While using parsley for form validation, as soon as I will include parsleyjs file, style of select options is changed. Padding of options is removed and if its with search able select option, it converted into simple select.

I have tried with slWrapper also as given in your template files, infact i have copied your code into my blade file but still have same problem.

Could you please help to fix this issue?

I got the solution. in parsley.js file i removed line for parsley.js.map

Hello. We love your Amanda templates, especially the latest version, but our web studio is in development and we can’t afford it. We found an old version of Amanda 1 on the Internet and would like to use it for free. What can you say about this?

Hi, this template looks great, simple and clean…. is there a posibility to change the orange for yellow ? how much does it cost ?


Can you tell me how to turn on the sidebar highlight effect in Amanda 2.0?

When a menu item is clicked, the font color will turn to orange. I can see the class of the anchor in the menu is turned active when clicked. It’s working well on the original theme.

Now when I click on the menu item, it won’t turn orange. Did I miss any js running in the page? I’m editing it in django 2.2.


Hi, it won’t turn orange unless if you add class active.

Hai, how fixs table in modal… because table not responsive in mobile… and modal position in bottom,

Hi sorry for the late response. Try to wrap the table with div element and add class=”table-responsive” and let me know if it works for you.

Modal in min width 576px position in bottom and table not responsive… if width > 576px modal and table normal

Did you wrap the table element with class table-responsive? below an example

<div class="table-responsive">

Hello I want to buy. Would you add small, medium, large dimensions to the buttons? Is it possible?

“I’m sorry for my bad english :(“

Is there any documentation for this theme? I tried going to themepixels.com but the domain is listed as for sale :(

What I’m looking for is a list of UI components I can use, JS functions, etc.

just go to your purchase history

Since the theme was bought by our agency, it’s not associated with my account. What can I do? I’d be happy to provide proof of purchase in the form of an invoice from the agency passing on the cost to us.

You need to contact to the agency and let them redownload it for you, other than that, I can’t help you. Thanks


We are loving this theme. The only issue we are having is with the ‘Choose File’ upload box. When someone chooses a file it does not show the filename in the box… it still just shows the ‘Choose File’ text. It’s not a great user experience. Do you know how we can fix this?

Thank you!

hello, I am very interested in you extremely themes, but I have one question before buying, is ti compatible with Bootstrap? thanks

Hi there, do you have any plans to change all the icons to FontAwesome? If you don’t, how much would it cost for me to pay you to do it?

1. Hi I am using the Amanda Theme, for the Header if I add more than 4 items, it is no longer responsive, I need the Header to change to the burger icon. Without this I cannot use the theme as intended.

Please get back to me urgently, I need to demo my app that is using this theme.

Thanks, Ruven Naidoo +27769882000

Hello, could this be used for a service where I can upload files to users folder/account and they pay for a membership. based on the size of their folder and number of files it contains? If no, could you customize it for me? Please send me an email for private chat. Thanks!

Hi, you can use this based from what you as a template. Just so you know that this not included codes to do CRUD functionality, this is just a template. Thanks

When I check Google Webmaster Tools and I see several errors in the “Search Appearance” -> “Structured Data” section, All of my errors were in “Structured Data > hentry (markup: microformats.org)” they all show missing: updated errors. I read several articles but cannot find the correct line in the code… Where can I find the code that needs to be changed and what would you recommend, I have seen several different “fixes”.

On the example site there is a button for “File Manager” but there is no page..Is there an example for this?



I want to keep the table header visible when user scrolls. Is there a class or method to help with it?


class=”stdtable” id=”dyntable”



How can i set multiple accordion, to open different sections without close others,

Tnx in advance,



Anyway to change sorting standard when sorting tables? It sort numeric/currency fields as text instead of number.

Please help if it is possible if not I have to replace the table and css.


Correct: the numeric works fine, it is currency ($11.22) that won’t sort numerically, it sort as text.

Hy guys, thx for your jobs, awesome. I can’t see anymore the live preview about amanda admin template. Why?

Check it back :)

Hi, I am in the process of implementing this theme. It is great, but can you please help with implementing the datatables CSV and PDF export controls as well as the date controls for the tables?

Hi sorry but I cannot help you with the integration of databases. What I can help you is a bug fix for template


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