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Discussion on Ansel

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Nice work!! Good luck!

The seller seems to be very irresponsible. I did not get any reply for a month. What will you feel when you buy something and it does not work.


I found FREE and OPENSOURCE theme for Koken when is much better than this theme. It has lot of customization options and responsive unlike Ansel . Its community is growing and easy to get support (again unlike Ansel). Please check it out https://github.com/Hard-One/OxyGen

The terrible downside of Ansel them is scaling. When you make the browser window bigger the images do not scale. It does not have any customization option. How can someone dare to sell such crap when there is something better and is free?

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I didn’t receive a notification from your previous comment. The theme is in need of an update as I have not tested since NetObjects acquired Koken. But was not aware of any scaling issues. I will be updating Ansel in the new year. I hope you will give it another shot once the latest files are live.


I installed this theme to https://dimcanvas.com, but no images show up. This issue does not occur when I use other Koken free themes. And the “scroll” links that is on homepage simply does not work.

Hi Sir. It’s a nice theme thou…

1. There are no options in the admin panel (which couldn’t be tested before buy). No option to turn it black/white…change font…mmh…would really appreciate to see something like this (like in the officials themes) 2. Is there a way/will there be a way to display the albums/photos like Axis (original theme from koken)? Will be better imo and better organized. These way, which is still nice, slows much the loading. 3. An animation showing the availability to scroll down will be the best (something like this: http://seungni.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/animated-arrow.gif but with more style ;-D ) 4. Featured albums is not centered 0.o*

I’ll keep You updated!

Keep goin’...it’s a very good job! =)


amazing always;

Hi, great Theme and i have to agree to thomasbruce. The Crop of the preview images isnt looking good. I’m looking forward for an update to fix this. Also i would like to see that colors of the pages are changeable. Got a grey-style before on my wordpress-blog and would like to change it that way in koken too.

All in all a great theme with much potential to get it even better !

Cheers Tobi from Germany


Very happy with this theme. One thing that bothers me. When looking at images (not in lightbox) they are cropped. I shoot a lot of medium format 6×6 and those images don’t look right when they are cropped. Is there a way to fix this? Any plans to fix or have it as an option to show cropped or original aspect ratio?

Hope you can help :)


Great minimalistic theme. Can you please integrate a classic ‘off canvas’ slide in menu for small screen resolutions? (Mobile devices and iPad portrait mode) And of cause Timeline support would be great.Thanks in advance!!

Hey, i love the general look of the theme, i just think it needs some perfection and finishing touches. Please keep working on it, and i’ll buy it soon!

Is there a way to deactivate the big Startscreen and just have a regular height header?

Purchased Ansel and installed it – but having trouble. I can load the theme but the “gear” (settings) icon is missing – therefore I cannot edit the page.

Addendum – Also had trouble with the theme installing. When I uploaded the theme directory as “ansel-v1.1” it would appear on the Koken theme page, but clicking on it did nothing – the “use theme” panel did not appear. However if I renamed the theme to something like “ansel” and reuploaded, then I could get the theme to load

Thanks for the feedback tom. I have some v1 updates planned for next week so will look at these issues. Thanks.

No worries. And perhaps I am mistaken – perhaps there IS no settings options for this theme?

What about new features like the timeline? Will they be added?

I will look to implement the new timeline feature on my next update.

glad to see koken themes here in themeforest! there will be an option to display albuns content slideshow? And one more question, it’s possible when click on “scroll” link the page scroll down to navigation links?

nice work!

Albums will be a possibility for the slideshow. It will just require a tweak to the code. Good idea for the Scroll link. I will add that in on my next update.

nice aesthetics…!

looks promising! ... there are still some overlaps between text and images when scrolling…

... I would consider buying, but one thing really missing – especially for this otherwise promising framing of presentation – is a way to slide the images (like with keyboard)...

Hi lerone_b could you explain the overlap between text & images when scrolling. Maybe send an email & screen shots. I love the keyboard scroll idea for the slideshow. I will look at implementing this soon.


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