Discussion on App Builders HTML

Discussion on App Builders HTML

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How do I change bgcolor the background color what is blue, how do I change that?


I have added a new page but how can I end this page with a slash? it now ends like this http://www.domain.com/privacy-policy I want it like this http://www.domain.com/privacy-policy/

Any chance this will be updated to support new twitter API? Twitter widget is currently broken…

Unfortunately Twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/overview#Authentication_required_on_all_endpoints) so as of now you can only get tweets with the official twitter widgets. If a solution appears I’ll update the code.

I just uploaded the updated version, should be available soon. This version uses the new official Twitter API (you can see it at work in the demo) and detailed instructions to set it up are provided in the documentation.

Very happy, both the PSD and the HTML were a pleasure to work with, 5 star rating from me! :)


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the contact form, basically it’s not forwarding messages to my email.

I’ve got some above basic php/html knowledge but this seems to be out of my depths. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks, Marius

Did you follow the steps in the documentation file? Also, are you running the website locally or on a webserver?

I did, on webserver too.

It’s hard for me to troubleshoot this when I can’t reproduce the error. Please check if your webhost allows the php mail() function.

Hi! The template is amazing, but I have a problem with the captcha: don’t work. Can you help me?

*Sorry for the english, I’m brazilian.

Hey dantaz, thank you for your purchase, glad you enjoyed the theme.

The captcha is not validated. The updated version of the file no longer contains the captcha. Sorry about that.

*you can speak Portuguese if you want ;)

Do you have a mobile version of the same Web template.

Sorry, no.

sorry man, im not a webmaster\coder\developer :( i dont understand what i have to do… i have to rewrite some code or add new code in some part of html?! Thx =)

Send me an e-mail so I can help you.

Hi! Thx for your Template.. i like it so much! I have a problem! :( The form! when you type in the form your data and send the form dont reset fields!! ?! Can you help me?! Thanks !

try it: http://www.skillybiz.com/slynoob/index.html


Hey sedprc, glad you enjoyed the theme.

About your question, you can just reset the form fields after submission via javascript. Have a look here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10633605/clear-form-values-after-submission-ajax

Any plans to make it into a Wordpress template/theme?

No, sorry.

We just bought this theme yesterday. Looking good. We would like to have a “slideshow” associated with the “view more” pop up box in the our work / portfolio section. Currently only 1 image displays for each element, we would like to have a series of up to 20 images with titles & descriptions for each.

Is this possible? How? Thanks!


Can this template be translated to another language (for instance the buttons..or are they images)


Yes, the buttons are images (I’m releasing an update to fix that issue soon). Meanwhile, you can edit the source files to translate them to the language you want.


Can one customize additional fields for the contact form to turn it into a registration form?

Provided you can code, there should be no problem at all. Please note that this is an HTML template not a CMS template.

How can I download last update to fix the bug in contact form?

Just re-download the theme and follow the instructions I gave on your previous comment.


Hello jalberto, i’ve sent you an email about my mail form issue Please check, thank you


Congratulations for this theme, I REALLY love it :)

Dude, I was trying to edit this theme by translating all the texts to spanish, no problems with the index.html file, but how can I edit for example the “check them out!” or the “view more” buttons?

Thank you so much :)


Awesome layout! Love it, just bought it. However, I am more of a wordpress user myself. I buy all my domains through godaddy and just install the wordpress application then begin to build my theme from there, or just upload a .zip file to the theme section and BAM the theme is up and running. I have never delt with an html layout like this one. So my question is: What application in godaddy would I use to get this layout on a webpage? I see that theres applications like Joomla!, Drupal, and Simple Machines. Which one do I use, or do I not use any of those at all? PLEASE HELP, would love to get this up ASAP

Hey iamdavidvo, thank you for your purchase! Glad you liked it!

About your question, this is HTML so if you upload it “as is”, it will just work. Follow the documentation instructions to modify the content (like your twitter username, the contact form address, etc.) and you’re good to go.


hello, did you fix the issue of the message being displayed in the subject line? What file should I download/change?

Thanks, Pierrick

Hey pierrickbouquet, the update is waiting approval so it should be available soon. To fix the contact form issue, once the new version is available, just replace the files inside the folder “includes”.

Thank you. My mistake. It does look great on my iPhone.

Now how can I change position of the arrow on the top part of my site pointing to Check them out? http://appagogo.co/

Thanks Pierrick

No problem. About the arrow, yes you can do it. Just change the “top” property value on the CSS file (in the website above it would be about 316px).

Hello, how can we make this theme look good on iOS? Also, it seems that the contact from does not work perfectly. When I enter a test message, the content of the message is displayed in the subject line when I receive the message.

Thanks for your help.

Hey pierrickbouquet, not sure what you mean by making it look good on iOS.

Regarding the message being displayed in the subject line, I’m aware of that bug and an update will be released this weekend/beginning of next week.

NICE !!! Good luck with sales ;)


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