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great & unique design ! :)

Thanks ^^

Great design, well done!

Thanks so much ;)

Hi! It´s a so cute design! Well done! :) Are You working in a HTML /CSS version?

yes. coming soon ;)

great design! only the logo looks taken from another project. anyway it’s a web site template, not logo template! :)

Great work and so cute. I will waiting for HTML /CSS. :)

How close are you to a HTML design? I’d buy it if there was!

Can I have the HTML design?


+1 for the html/css version

Can I have the WP version?

Great design but every layer is locked … a pain if you have to do any major edits

Thanks for purchased abourton207. Ok, I go to my all file and unlock all layer group. :)

How do you unlock all the layers? What a pain.

figured it out.

Thanks you again for your purchased :)