Discussion on Appster - Ultimate App Landing Page Html Template

Discussion on Appster - Ultimate App Landing Page Html Template

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Erik – I would like to use the isotope filter BUT instead of the portfolio “link” images that the template comes with I would like the portfolio matrix to be based on the expando images that you have in the “meet the team” section. I have tried numerous combinations but just cant get the images to expand correctly. Could you give me a little code to use “team” expanding images (where the text is hidden to begin with, then you click on the + sign and the text appears). I have the filter bit sorted. thanks in advance – joe

Hi, my code is b2da328f-8c07-4906-be9b-130dafea0f3a – 26 Oct 2015 REGULAR LICENSE, my question is, the h5 template is not quite compatible with iPhone6 plus, portrait direction. looks like the contact form is wider than screenwidth. Would you please fix it asap? thanx!

I fixed lightbox problem through modify custom.js. Only testimonial issue left.

OK, I figured it out. Also in custom.js file.

Great, thanks for the feedback. Cheers, Erik

I have my site with you theme here [link removed per author request] but i have also this another page. How do i make links from this page to comeback to home, i have test with ”..#” but not works , thank you

Sorry, i have get it, i mean get home from this url [link removed per author request] to HOME but i lost animation and image can not show in this page [link removed] please check and help me, thanksss

Hello, thanks for your purchase! I’m afraid i’m not sure what are you asking for.. You have another external page / html file and you would like to create navigation links pointing back to the site created with appster?

By the way, you have a js error on the second link you sent, usually it can cause issues like yours, because a conflict in one of your script files can prevent the whole site js from being loaded – so some elements won’t show up or render as expected.

Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

First, thanks for the great template! I customized your template a bit and got great feedback from people. So cheers for that to you to!

However, I’m having a problem with the JS in the template. I added some multi-language support to it. And now it seems like there is a conflict between the php and JS. multi-language is working fine now but most of the JS is not doing what is should do.

I looked for the problem and I think it has something to do with the custom.js. i looked a bit on the internet and came across the jQuery noConflict. It seems it has something to do with that (not completely sure).

I hope you can help me out here or put me in the right direction. I’m a bit stuck at the moment.

Thank you

P.s. I used php like this, for the multi-language support.

Hello, thanks for your purchase and appreciations, i’m happy that you love working with my template! :)

Thanks for the detailed description of the issue and your history, however in this case i think it would be more useful, if you could send me the link to your site – so i will be able to check around – if there’s any javascript conflicts in the first hand. If you don’t want to post it here, feel free to send the link to me via my themeforest profile’s contact form here.

Cheers, Erik

Hi, Thank you for your nice work. I really like the theme you developed.

1- is it possible to create a slider that will display multiple image one after another?

2- Do you know of any login, sign-up and password change page or dialog that I could buy with similar style? I need a login page and a register page.

Thank you

Hi and thanks for your purchase, glad you like it ;)

1.) By the default functionalities of the template definately not, but if you have some experience in html development – what i assume you have as you bought the html5 version :) – i would suggest to take a look at Owl Carousel.

2.) Unfortunately no as Appster was designed to be a one-page landing page template, however if you seriously need it in the same style what fits your page, i’m able to develop the requested pages or elements – just drop me an email with short notes about your requests – and i will give you a quote for it.

Happy editing! Erik


Top Menu is not working in mobile version when my url changed to sub-directory. e.g. //index.html

Hello, i haven’t seen your purchased badge, i assume you bought the theme from another account? If yes, please drop me a comment from it or just send me your item purchase code as a verification, as i’m able to provide support for verified buyers only. Thanks, Erik

Glad you like it :) Cheers, Erik

Hi, I have the following problem with my template. When I upload it to the server I get the following problem: Not Found The requested URL /fcgi-bin/php.fcgi/index.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

However it looks perfect in localhost… Can anyone tell me what might be the reason and if there is any solution?


Hello and thanks for your purchase. I’m afraid it has nothing to do with the template – it doesn’t feature a path like this plus a html file should work anywhere, without specific settings (like what wordpress requires for example), rather than a wrong default setting coming from your web server.

I suggest to contact your hosting provider’s support with this issue, i’m pretty sure they will come up with a quick and easy solution. Let me know how it worked out. Cheers, Erik

We will contact the hosting. Thanks!

I purchased the wrong item. I wanted the html version and instead purchased the photoshop version. Can I do a return and get the html version?

Hey, have you downloaded the purchased file? If you haven’t, you can request a refund where you supposed to download the purchased item. If you have downloaded already, i’m so sorry but unfortunately Envato’s policy doesn’t let us refunding the wrong purchases if the file has been downloaded. Cheers, Erik

one of the best themes on the site

Many thanks :)

Hi there, What about creating HTML temple mobile app site that showcasing multiple mobile apps. with direct link to app stores etc. @themeforest there’s none available for sale? You should make one?

Hi Pinki, yeah that’s a good idea as there’s no app template with this kind of usuage yet, by the way i’m really busy nowdays but i’ll certainly consider creating a template you mentioned in the future. Cheers, Erik

Nice template, how can I edit it?


Thanks. As it’s a html file, just open up in your preferred code editor and customize for your needs. Cheers, Erik

great theme, the only thing missing is the PSD :(

other than that, good job!

Thanks! The layered psd design of Appster is only included with the Appster Wordpress Theme. Cheers, Erik

Is it based on Bootstrap 3?


Hi, no it’s based on skeleton.

I?m buy this product, download… but when im unpack it im saw theme called “Lister” what it mean? are you cheating me? where is an “Appster” template????

yes i can send to you my archive and you see what i mean

im very sorry it my mistake!!

Never mind :)

You really kept your promise and made the enhancements on time, it’s really a great template with a balanced UI / UX, I really encourage people to purchase it Cheers UOU

Thanks uouapps, nice to hear that :)

PSD files are included in this version?

No they aren’t, but the template includes every asset or device mockup what’s needed to achieve the same result like in the theme demo.


I would like to purchase but I have three issues:

1. On my iPad Air with latest iOS and Safari the page makes the browser crash upon the initial loading – every time. Looks like it is related to the themeforest frame at the top. Can you confirm that the template works on iOS Safari? 2. Is there an option to embed videos into the mockups, e.g. the hand that holds the iPhone? 3. Do I need to separately purchase the layered PSD for me to use the template? I need to be able to modify the images to integrate my own screenshots.



Hi Lars,

  1. Right sometimes it crashes because of the ThemeForest header, you can check the original link to the template: http://eriktailor.com/showcase/appster_preview_1.1
  2. At the moment there isn’t an option for adding videos but i’m planning to create a videos section where the user will be able to add videos with a simple youtube or vimeo link
  3. No you don’t have to buy the psd, the template is 100% customizable, just replaced with dummy images. So for example: the device mockups are included but you’ll have to place your own image in them.

Thanks Erik for the swift reply!

Your welcome :)

Thank you Erik, it looks great! I have one question. The color is totally different in Safari on the iPhone compared to the Desktop version.

How to solve this problem.


Your welcome :)

One question. I saw you updated the Mobile scrolling. I’ve already made the website. How can I add the code to make the mobile scrolling better?

At the moment i’m outside, but if you drop me an email with this request via my profile’s contact form, i’ll send the code later today.

“buy now” butttons still working in html version?

Yes, but they aren’t linked yet to ThemeForest :)


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