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Theme I purchase $ 17, but I have added the usual $ 20 And it was an discount of my bank $ 20, but you get an error because the theme did not come download my account and also remained without adding to $ 3 in my cridit and also purchases the basket remained item, but my lack of and I received a letter from the bank - masseage from my bank “You have a Trx on your Card no. XXXX from PAYPAL *ENVATO MKPL ENV for USD 20.00 on 14-Nov-2015 at 01:28 GMT+3. Your available balance is JOD 5.400.” if you follow issue ticket id is 351950

Did you send support ticket to Envato on If not, please do that. I can’t help you, you need to contact them.


jubb_is Purchased

Hi! I bought the template, and I am having problems and I print my pages. The content goes further than the page and it keeps cutting off. How can I set up to print the page content without cutting it off? Thanks a lot.


jubb_is Purchased

Hi! I bought the template and I am having problems when I print the pages. The content cuts off. How to fix this?

Hi, how can I change template so that the mobile menu appears one breakpoint earlier? My client needs this because of too many menu items. Thanks a lot!

yup, you saved style.css without UTF-8 and that’s why icon characters are broken.

So, what do I do to fix this? Before I open it, everything shows fine. After I open the file in dreamweaver it shows the question marks immediately. Nothing breaks if I just close it again, but I need to edit the file.

Hard to say because I don’t use Dreamweaver but you should set UTF-8 in text editor like Notepad++ before editing / saving files in dw.

If it won’t work you need to replace all ”?” with correct charset e.g. ”\f042”.

Hi, thanks for designing such a great theme. I am trying to upload our logo to replace the astrum logo and it’s appearing quite small. Is there a way to make it larger without moving the menu?

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I was wondering how can I change the text size when MediaQuery kicks in? Because when I see the site on a mobile the text inside fullwidthbanner stays too big and the images get in front of the text.

How can I change the text size and the images sizes?

Thank you!

the answer is simple – by using css media queries

I would like to change my default style to “boxed”, and i know i have to change ”boxed” class to < body > tag. But where?!?

in head section of each html file

< body >

Thank you!

Great template

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teng727 Purchased

Hello , i can not use autoplay seeting for showbizpro

Astrum HTML ver.

Unfortuantely showbiz do not have that functionality and author do not support showbiz anymore. :(


I have sent a message about pb of transalation on the support : last week.

Do you receive this message ?

Today i can’t acces to the support site : Error user creating.


Gilles Grisoni


Oups sorry


Hello, I put a portfolio section on my home page, but don’t want them to link to the actually portfolio page of each item – just for people to see the image and what it is. Is it possible to remove the links to those or change them so they go elsewhere?


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