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There is a bug on the template when viewed on a desktop browser. The hover (transparent) layer does not display the name of the app

Hi, we just checked again in all major browsers and it works fine. The app name is the same text as the rest of the overlay text so they shouldn’t be a problem. What browser version are you viewing this in?

Hey Guys, really like the simplicity of this template… perfect for one of my business clients. A couple questions: My client and myself are on macs— in Safari 6.0.5, the header bounces as you scroll down…as does the image. Not huge considering most of their clients are PC based, but the client is mac and iphone based (I couldnt check safari on the iphone). Also, noticed (again, minor) while viewing on my Note II horizontally, the main nav items on the dropdown are visible but not selectable. Works fine looking at it vertically as most people will do. Main question regarding Parallax, like the opening screen, can the backgrounds in the other sections be set to scroll/parallax at various different speeds? In your demo, it more or less appears to be scrolling as one page. (Want to have some simple backgrounds moving at various speeds for the full parallax effect). Thanks so much, and again super nice and clean! KMH

Hi, KMHDESIGN, please take a look at the next comment posted by senorthemes. He’s the developer of this theme. Thanks

@KMHDESIGN I am the developer of this themes. Thanks for your feedback :)

The top header bounced like that because of Themeforest’s iframe on top. Please remove it and you’ll see the header moves nicely as you scroll down or just visit the theme demo directly here to see it working fine

It also works great in both iOS and Android devices. For the issue you’re describing with your Note II tablet when viewed horizontally you might have to clear the browsers cache.

Yes, all banner sections can be set to parallax and the speed will depend on the height of each image.

Thank you! Yes, functions fine in Safari. Thanks for the feedback.

Welcome, glad to help you out :)

Does the Web form work? If not… can you make it?

Hi and thank you for your purchase :) the html version does not include the php mail function but we will be including it in the next couple of days. However, you can have this in advance. Please send me a PM so I can email you the updated files that will include the php mail function.

Ive Purchased 3 Parallax templates all with PSDs this one is not the best be forewarned. There are no slices set up or templates for the individual parts of the site to modify to your needs or branding.. It is what is is.. on a good note the coding seems solid.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing the template, sorry we are unable to provide the best slicing features on the HTML version of this template, but we have a good news for you, we are almost done with the Wordpress version of this template, just working on the documentation part, it’ll be available in next 7 days. Thanks

Hi there,

What size does the top banner image need to be? I’ve tried various but none appear to show on the mobile version of the site

Thanks K

Hi, the top banner image size is 2500 X 910 px. Can you see the images of awesome mobile app website in your phone? or is it just with your purchased copy? Please PM us if you need further help. :)

Please PM your url if you need further assistance so that I can inspect the code and see what’s going on for you. Thanks


I just purchased this theme and have also bought the wordpress theme.

Is there any way to add fixed navigation at the very top of the page, similar to navigation at the bottom. The only difference is this navigation will direct the users to other pages through out the website.

And when the user scroll down, the secondary nav aligns under the main top fixed navigation.

Please let me know if this is possible and how can I achieve this.

I appreciate your help. Thanks

Hi,please pm for assistance. Thanks

How can I set the banner content to stay displayed instead of the mouse over effect.

Thanks for the help

In the html version locate file ‘index.html’ and you’ll need to remove all of the that you see. In the Wordpress version, inside admin go to: Theme Options > Banner Settings > Enable Hover State: No > Save Changes

Hi- I just purchased this theme. When I try to check it on mobile device the menu button does not work. Can you please help me in this?

What device are you testing with. I just tested on iPhone and Android and it works fine. Please let me know how you getting this. Thank you

How do I make the map work?

Hello, you can add your Google Maps code inside js/scripts.js

I bought the html version. How do I change the size the header.

Hello and thank you for your purchase. To change the size height of the top banner locate dil page-layout.css (css > page-layout.css) and at about line 256 (figure.fixedratio_h1) you will see “padding-top”. Change that value to what ever you want.

This is a really cool theme! It may sound REALLY stupid, but I was just trying to figure my way around customizing this theme and wanted to ask where should I add the header image and the rest?

I’m using Dreamweaver to edit this theme. Thanks!

You can check this in the styles.css file

Is the contact form meanwhile working as you wrote 2 years ago? Thank you!

Hi & Thank you for anwsering my question that fast. In the demo it seems not to be working or is there no validation of the form fields?

Hi again. We purchased the template few days ago and the validation of the form seems to be okay, BUT it doesn´t send any email to the adress I entered in line 6 in the file ajax.php? Is there anything missing? Thank you for answering my question.

is it compatible with new wp 4.5.2 ? cause im trying to change banner, but its not working!!! Please help me

Please send us your purchase code via email. Thanks

But which email? And where I can saw that purchase code?