Discussion on Base - Responsive MODX Theme

Discussion on Base - Responsive MODX Theme

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We are using the Base template which we recently purchased. I have entered the map location in your settings file and when we click on contact, there is an error box from Google. “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly” Do you own this website? When i click on do you own this website, i see an error. “Attention Customers in India”. When i checked your online template, i see the same error message. Please advise how to get this resolved. Thank you.

i have bought this after installation I do not get the navbar working have already read some commens, but those tips do not work either

Hello I have installed base theme on behalf of a client and I cannot get the navigation to work. When I click on a link or create a page and click on that link it does not go to the page as expected. Can you please help.


Any idea when an update will be available to match the most recent version of MODX..?

Hi. Can any one tell me how to configurate social media links ??

Yes, me too don’t see a theme configuration menu in MODX 2.5.x Is there a chance that an upgrade to this over wise very beautiful theme is coming?

Menus and theme configuration do not work in MODx 2.5.x.

Beware! Does not work with current versions of MODx. Multiple errors on install, configuration menu never appears, navigation menus do not appear.

Hi. The issue is that the main navigation is not generated automatically after the theme installation. The example was installed with no changes in structure, only the logo was inserted according to the instruction and some texts were replaced. Revo 2.5.1. What can be the reason for the issue and how can it be solved?

Hi, Is this support with Revo 2.5? Just bought it and after applied the package, totally cannot see the whole stack of navigation menu, please help

Another bug:
The mobile navigation button becomes invisible sometimes. Didnt research further yet. I expect a fix like for the scrolling bug a few months ago. This is a crucial usability bug!
best regards

Hey! Is base compatible with Revo 2.5? [[getResources@main-menu?parents=`1`]] doesn’t work, getResources 1.6.1-pl is installed…

Do NOT BUY  this if you want a usable mobile-friendly template.
The navigation is useless in the mobile layout since it closes itself when scrolling through it. Just visit http://base.rev.modxcloud.com on your phone with a browser like Chrome and see for yourself.

I’ve contacted the author several times and have never received an answer. The support is AWFUL!
I strongly recommend not to buy this theme. It could be awesome but this is not the way ThemeForest works like, dear G10v3. Of course my support-license is not longer active by now.

I’m still available for changing my opinion if the author gets his ass up and supports the users, because this is what we paid for, too, beneath a WORKING  template.

So, how do we fix the mobile navigation, dear G10v3?

Hi lartsch, I’m sorry for your issues.

You can fix it editing base.js on Files > assets > js. Add a new line after line 16:

var wWidth = viewport().width;

Now find a function called setNav around line 66 and replace it with the following:

function setNav() {
     if(wWidth != viewport().width) {
            if( viewport().width > 768 ) {
            } else {
            wWidth = viewport().width;

This should fix the issue. Also a new version of the theme should be available for download within the next few hours with this issue fixed. You can contact me through the form on my profile page, I’ll make sure to reply to your email as soon as possible.

Hello G10v3, thank you for your support. The fix worked fine! Nice to see you back on here. Also great to hear that you release an update, I won’t get it though since my support has exceeded.

Hello, I purchased Base ans now I am having some trouble with text in pages, it is not showing lists, I already mailed the support group but did not got any answers yet, I need help on this to go on!

Hello, I like the theme but before I purchase it I have some questions. Is the Home image variation always a full page image or can it also be a small one like a header photo? Next question, submenu items stay on top of the text in the page, is that always like that? I already did send an email to the author but did not receive any answer yet. So if you can answer this one that would be great! Regards, Diederick

Nice theme. Can you add there support for all other bootstrap elements like tables, buttons etc?

Do you provide LESS or SASS bootstrap config file with this theme?

Hi, do you intend to make the theme compatible with Revo 2.4? If yes, when? I still cannot find the theme configuration options … .

Besides, there’re problems with the portfolio subpages. The links to the subpages (the single portfolio item) don’t work. Could you give a fix for that issue or name the correct system settings so that the links will work?


Hi, on the contact page is it possible to mark more than one position on the map? If yes, how?

Hi! I just installed Base on Revo 2.4.0 and everything works fine – except one thing: there’s no theme configuration option anymore (or am I blind?). These items are in the top menu bar: Content, MIXG, Media, Extras, Manage and the Settings icon on the right. Do you’ve an idea?


Hi. I’m having trouble with the sidebar of the blog.

I’ve sent a few emails on this over the past few days in the “support” section, but have received no response.

I can’t get blog posts to show up in the archive section. All configuration and blog page settings are filled out correctly. Posts are under “archives”...

As a general comment, are there any plans to improve this sidebar section? – For example, separate out latest post links, with a thumbnail, date and number of comments etc? At the moment post titles seem to all run into each other, and do not stand out.

I realise you can turn this sidebar off, but it would seem to me a pretty important element of any theme. There are also SEO implications.

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.


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