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Hello, I wanted to ask, how can I add a custom marker in the gmap javascript? I looked into the code but got a little bit confused as to where to place the file path for the icon.

I have another issue as well, when I click on a menu link, it transfers the display on the equivalent section. My problem is that it doesn’t go on the start of the section bar but on the section’s title. I tried to corrected by changing the paddings but it didn’t work.

I’m sorry wrong page, I wanted help for the theme!

hello…for the wordpress version please refer to this author and support forum . regards

Background position fixed not working in IE (.bg2, .bg3, .bg4) :(

hello…the background position does not scroll on old ie9/ie8…this property is not supported. ie10/ie11 works fine. regards

Is it possible to translate calendar, availability request, google directions and weather app to my language by just modding your code or are some of these features calling external APIs with “english only” data?

hello…thank you…you can but you have 1) create a map div outside the class container(this is 940px) with width 1100px and margina auto

2) this map container has to be 3 different size for tablet and mobiles (width 768px, 420px, 300px)

3) the map image must have the class class=”scale-with-grid” <img src="map/1.jpg" alt="" class="scale-with-grid" />

thanks for the good tips :)

Also can I put a simple preloader in the header to block the page until main slider finished loading? There is already some preloading going on with images so I hope there won’t be any trouble.

contact me at ...i will send a copy + instructions

Hello there! Just about purchasing your template, but woul like to know if at the Fullscreen Slider and at the Gallery it’s possible also to add Video (Youtube or Vimeo for example), or if it just work with pictures :) Thanks in advance

Hi…i am sorry but in this version only pictures. i will consider to add video in the next update. regards

Hello, I have problem with receiving messages from website contact form. It seems that it doesn’t work on windows server hosting.., although hosting is providing PHP 5.3. Do you have any solution for this problem?

hello…i am sorry but the forms are not tested on windows hosting..also if they have php lang installed…email forms works differently there and the host has another configuration. try to contact your host if they can help you. regards

Nice onepage design – if I want subpages of etc. Activities -> Diving, will the (read more) button then link to it´s own WP page (for seo purpose)

Hi! Nice theme! We are interested in buying but upon testing we found two problems relating to smartphones so far: 1. Sony Experia – most links are inactive 2. Samsung Galaxy s3 – some images do not download, others are oversized and the top menu inactive. As yet no other phones were tested.

Please check and let me know.


hello..thank you. did you remove the top preview items bar? by my side i have a galaxy s3 mini and an iphone and the site works perfectly..both with the standard browser and Chrome. any other issues reported from other customers. which browser do you use? you can make also a fast test here|720|1280|2

Dear Users , If you wanto to put the European and italian format for the calendar use this command : $( ”.datepicker” ).datepicker({ dateFormat: ‘dd/mm/yy’, firstDay: 1 });

p.s. thank to Ansonika , for the help !

Awesome and celan design… thank you so much. All the best Lakaroth

Excuse me, i’m editing the template, everything is cool, but i dont know how to remove the gray block box, in the footer. I have change latitude and longitude in the code, but there’s still the gray block.

How can i fix it? THANKS

hello…i need to see your files..please provide a url ….you can contact me via my profile page

I am new to website creation and I am interested in this template. Can you actually change colours once you have downloaded this template or is this fix? Thanks for your answer.

replyed by email

Great template ! Clean and very usefull. :)

thank you

Hi there, thank you for a great template. I have one problem tho, on the general contact form, when i receive the mail stating we will contact you shortly, the from field gives my service providers email? It works fine on the booking form.

Hoping you can assist ASAP

try with $userheaders = “From:\n”;

Thank you, that seems to have fixed the issue. Another problem im having is the main image on the weather feed does not show, could you please have a look for me?

what’s your city/town? someone small are not supported..i will make some tests

Dear author of the theme, I accidentally bought the wrong issue, I would need the theme Bed & Breakfast Responsive Single Page version for wordpress, I can integrate the figure and download the wordpress. Thank you for your attention luigi tedesco

hello…i am sorry but the wordpress version is made by another author

Hi, I am having problems with the weather widget. Like others, it tells me “city not found”. The code is ‘623848’ it seems to work here but once on the website, it doesn’t appear.

This is the code i used in function.js $(’#weather’).weatherfeed([‘623848’], { forecast: true });

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


if you use woeid you should activate the function like the example below $('#weather').weatherfeed(['your id'], { forecast: true, woeid: true });

let me know if you fix it

great thank you so much

how do you install it?

hello…my Bed&Breakfast Responsive Single Page is an html site template. if you need a wordpress version please visit here

Hello. I have problems with the template , because when I fill my data in the contact form displays eh send me a product that should not be . Could you help me?

please login with your company details and then post a comment in order to verify your purchase

At one time income with the company ’s account

i want to use SMTP to send mails. Do u have documentation?

Hi, I have an issue with the site jumping a little on mobile phones that I need help with. I tried emailing you but have heard nothing.

Only seems to be phones – tablets and computers ok.

hi, i’ve intestigated since you’ve contact me. the issue start from the supersized slider that seems have an issue on some mobiles. this affect the position on the container over. i’ve investigated but seems that this issue is still not fixed by the plugin author. a trick, tested, could be force the height of the container on mobiles. how to do it:

in layout. css before @media only screen and (max-width: 479px) ....

place this line
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
#homepage {height: 400px !important;}

Think that might have got it – works ok on my mobile, will check on a couple of others and let you know if any problems. Many thanks.


acf Purchased

Hi, can you help me to integrate a Cookie Notice for the EU law?

hi, note that your support period has expired in may. all the best


acf Purchased

Thanks for your reply. All I can say is that in EU all website must show the Cookie notice for law, so if you want to sell your product in EU, soon or later you need to add this feature, otherwise the website cannot be published… Before ask here in the comment I’ve tried to insert one of the many script around the web, but they go in conflict with your product, so the best integration can be done by you. It is your choice, all the best.

Hi, i am sorry but what you say is not correct.

1) Bed&breakfast item does not use any sort of cookie or user data store, so by default, you are not obligate to have a cookie advice for eu customers.

The site can be published and sold.

2) I don’t know which script are you using. Quite strange that you are not able to apply one. I suggest to hire a developer to implement the feature you need. Or just simply place a sort of message on the page that advice users that the your site use cookies, for example quite common:” Continuing the navigation of this site, you accept our cookie policy….”

All the best