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Nice template, good luck!


Looks really nice. Love it.

I need some customization on your template. Do you offer paid customization?

Please let me know.

Kindly, Jason Beattie

Hi. What customization do you need?

Nice Theme! Is it translatable to portuguese?

Of course!

Are you going to offer opencart/wordpress templates? If yes, when is it oing to happen?

Magento, WordPress will be finished in February, OpenCart and PrestaShop in March.

Hello, great looking template. But whats the main difference between this and the old one? o_O Cheers!

It is HTML (+ PSD) template, old — only PSD.

Duh! I see, quite a difference uh, thanks.

You are welcome!

is this template responsive ? It says so in the list below the screenshots, but does not resize in my browser ?

768px +

Wish I would have seen the above comment before. I just purchased the theme thinking it would be responsive across all devices. Major mistake …...lesson learned always test first

In end of March – start of April.

How close is this to being converted to a FULLY responsive theme?

Hi, it looks good for PC and tablets. We can’t make this theme for phone by several reasons: Benissimo has many complicated elements graphical elements and very difficult adapt this style for small screen resolution. And if remove or change some elements, design can lose their appeal New phones has high resolution. We want bring good design style maximally, sacrificing small screen resolution devices Our designer choose font specialy for this design. Other fonts screw up this design.

Im using Photoshop CS5 and im getting an error saying not a valid file when i open the .PSD files supplied with this template.

Any ideas please?


No ideas. All files valid and must be opened in CS5

How I can customize the footer like your demo?

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Thank you

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When is update going to be made available?

No longer works properly with new versions of woocommerce

Thanks Dave

Hi there, can you offer this theme for prestashop ver 1.6.x? please let me know. thanks.

regards, parag

Hello, Parag.
Sorry, but we have no Prestashop version of Benissimo template.