Discussion on Beta - Coming Soon Responsive Template

Discussion on Beta - Coming Soon Responsive Template

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When is this template being released?? It have been saying “Coming Soon” for ages now. I’m still waiting…

Do you happen to have a matching masonry style blog?

Hi, blog is not included.

Hi, why the video won’t display on the mobile device?

Hi, can you help customize it and with setup?

Yes i can, customization and setup is not included.

I have message you about the requirement. Please check. Thanks.

Just purchased your template after searching for hours for the right one. You should have more sales after making some comparisons. It would be nice if this template had a mobile menu. The mobile user is left to only scroll up. Also it would be nice if the sign up form was above the fold as I feel it is a higher priority to have people sign up rather than visit social networks. You have just the features I need for a one page coming soon template that includes a video. There are not many out there.

Thanks :)

I apologize for what is likely a very basic question, but when I try to upload the zip file I get an error message saying there’s no CSS file. Is there another theme I should be using this with?

Hi petfolio, this is a html 5 template if your trying it on WordPress it won’t work.

Well, now it all makes sense! Any chance you know of a good beta theme for WordPress?

Hi, how come the mobile version doesn’t load the background image not the logo properly? Can you please advise, thanks.

Hello, i replied to your email.

I really enjoy your theme, but before buy it, I’d like to ask you if is possible change the loader, because i don’t like the style. Thank you

Hi, glad you liked the theme thanks. Yes you can replace the loader image.

Im very satisfied from the theme and the support is very fast

Thanks :)

Im very satisfied from the theme and the support is very fast

312 Purchased

Probably one of my most favorite purchases on Envato. Great product and great support! :)

Thanks :)


I’m interested to buy the template but I don’t code. Do you have tutorial to install it?

Hi, yes theme is well documented. You will need some knowledge of html and css to edit the theme.

Hello, would we get the 3 versions? or V2 only?

Hi, you will get 3 versions as shown in the demo. (Static, Video and Static-Two with four color schemes)

Nice work. Is there any way you can post a Java fix to disable the Double-opt in for Mailchimp?

Hi, you will have to use mailchimp’s API to disable double optin. I can give you the code for it, send me a message.


Why is there white space at the bottom of my site? http://www.sweatequitylabs.com.

Thank you!

Hi, message me a local copy of your website i will fix it for you.


Okay! Thank you

Hi, what font is used for the BETA logo? Thanks

Thank you for your quick answer !

Can I disable or remove the countdown feature? I bought because I loved everything else but don’t want to have a countdown.

Hi, to remove the countdown feature open main.css, go to line no 289 and add display: none;

SUCH amazing work! I love this!

Is there any way to make the logo centered?

Here it is on my site: www.PermissionProject.org



Hi, send me a message.



This doesn’t work for me on wordpress. I’ve been told that the style.css fil is missing ? Who have had the same problem ? Can you please help?



Hi, you don’t need wordpress to get this working. Just upload it to your server with few edits (Documented) and its done. :)

Is it possible to embed a vertical video from Vimeo like this? Is there a vertical size constraint to embedded videos?


Hi, open main.css and add this code on line no 570.

.cta-video {
margin: 0;
box-shadow: none;
overflow: initial;
padding: 0;
height: auto;
text-align: center;

.cta-video iframe {
position: initial;
width: 500px;
height: 889px;

Hey Pixininja,

Love the theme but noticed that the Video theme doesn’t play the HTML5 Video content in Firefox for mac.

Would love an update, thanks!

Hi, the issue has been fixed. Theme updated.


Thank you as well for the quick support!

Hi, Thanks for the great theme.

But it seems that the form validates an email xxx@xxx (without the .TLD) Can you correct that?


Hi, i modified the regex for stricter validation. You can download the updated file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/yp9vnqu8npqs4zz/jquery.validate.min.js?dl=0 To update open js folder and replace the jquery.validate.min.js with the updated file.


Awesome, thanks for the quick fix. I just noticed that if the user corrects its mistake the error message stays…

i.e. user types “jack@yahoo” > error message user corrects “jack@yahoo.com” > error message still here

any way I can tweak this? Thanks

Hi, can you provide your website url i will check it.


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