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Hi there my name is Jose, I already buy this template for shopify platform, and I need some kind a help here. The problem is when put the variant on product setting, this template does not change the picture when I choose a different style variant, how can you help?


I need some guidance and have some issues with this template. one of the reasons that I bought your template is because it said it was customizable. so my first issues is when looking at the site mon a mobile device. A google number of buttons are out of place and over lap. I as wondering if you could provide me with some help in fixing this issue or send me some information on how to fix this. Next is there a way to add custom HTML to the template. I need to add some heml to a section of my Shopify store from a 3rd party app. Lastly, I need to add inages to the footer. The template does let me do so but it outs the images behind the color overlay. Is there a way to have the image ontop of it.



Thanks for using our theme!

Kindly send your store credentials and the changes that yo are looking for as screenshots to our support mail:support@wedesignthemes.com. We will help.

Hi, the theme has a problem. I have inserted t-shirts with color variations and correct size on shopify, but at checkout the user only displays the size xxs even if the user has selected another size. They report that it’s a bug in the theme and a code error, can you tell us where the error is? If you give us the email we can send you an invitation for collaboration to understand the problem and solve it.

Kindly send your store login details to the support mail / grant staff access to support@wedesignthemes.com, we will look into this.

Hi I bought tthe Be You theme, and for some reas0n is not working, I try to upload it and it is blank.

Please get back to me at your earliest convecience. My email address is: carolinalastic827@gmail.com, Phone Number: 513-306-5656Kindly, Carolina Guerrero

i purchased this theme but it wont upload on my shopifi ,says zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

how do i fix this please


Hope you are trying to install the core file that you downloaded from themeforest. You need to unpack the whole package after downloading it from Themeforest. On that extracted, upload a zip file.


Hi, I have purchased the theme and I am facing an issue while editing it when I am changing the range in the price filter on shop page the filters do not work..

Can you please help me with this?

Hi, Sure, Go through with this link Filters: https://youtu.be/EpcGvd9ptCA or if you feel difficulties send your store login details to support@wedesignthemes.com

Hello, unable to download item to port into my Shopify store. Can you please advise!

Hello, is there a way to remove the “add to wishlist” or “view wishlist” buttons?

Yes, kindly check the option at the theme settings.

Yes I checked theme settings, and even every option under “product page: however I was unable to locate it. Can you be more specific please?

Never mind, I found it under collections. Thanks :)

hello, how can we set the colors, i try the demo but when i click different color, the image on the main picture didn’t change, is this possible to make the same with other shopify rheme out there? once other color selected it will also reflect in the main image?


Refer our Documentation: http://buddhathemes.com/shopify/chutti/

Sorry refer above documentation file be-you.

Hi admin, i have bought this theme in my other account a year ago, but i forget the credentials to login here, so i decided to use my new account, i have trouble on the color switch in product page..

please see screenshot below.

1. i click on green, but the main image didn’t change. it stays on the main image which is red, https://snipboard.io/D18vMe.jpg

2. i try to add to cart after clicking the green, it goes like this, https://snipboard.io/aJLclU.jpg

3. The item stuck always on the main image, The item is still on the red, therefore clients can not order different colors even if they choose other color, more returns are expected on this. https://snipboard.io/mWK9a0.jpg

Can you help me this, any video tutorials to to watch?

Thank you..

Kindly, Confirm your purchase code & send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will help this.

Hello, when viewing products on mobile, the images have a tint on them, making the photo unclear. Is there a way to fix this?

Yes we got it and replied to you! Kindly get back via mail.

Thanks, working perfectly!

Thank you, we look forward to serving you!

The automatic slider is not changing slides automatically, I changed the seconds and it still is not working.

Kindly send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com. We will help you ASAP!


fcrouse5 Purchased

i need help setiing up the website

Kindly send the details of help you are looking for to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com