Discussion on Bezel - Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template

Discussion on Bezel - Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template

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Hello! i come back to check this template again) Where i can find buttons to trig modal window?


All buttons can trigger the modal window, since the template is based on Bootstrap.

Please take a look at the official documentation: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/javascript/#modals

Is it possible to change loading logo?


Yes, sure. You can add your own SVG image, or create a custom HTML element.

Hello! Here is the errors i found while testing demo
can’t close video – button not working in FF 58.0.2
anchors not working
close button not working and click on background also not closing image slider in FF 58.0.2
http://themes.hody.co/html/bezel/home-architecture.html pop up images not showing up on this page In FF and Chrome
Please add a pop up call to action – i like this template and i want to buy it but my skills is weak to make beautiful pop up form

It is useless to continue counting the days when I do not reply.

If you buy the template and something does not work, I will fix it.

You have been commenting for six months without buying anything. So, if you want to buy it, you are welcome, but please don’t continue to stress with the count of the days. I have a lot of work to do.

i remember! Last time when i check this template i didn’t buy it because i found error in inspector – when browser cache and cookies disabled

Hi! I submit a refund request for this one
because it’s not working on my webserver.
i plan to buy your template after my money is back – i want to download fully functional template so please fix everything that i report not working

Why you responce so slow?

As I said, you have been commenting for months. I can’t keep replying for nothing.

There is not a planned update for the moment.

I don’t like your responces! You threat me bad as future customer. I’m not recommend to buy this item to anyone.

Hi agaiin! I’m gonna buy this item because didn’t found nothing better. U promise fix all bugs that i reported.

fix it ASAP please!

how to clear form after message sent?


Please don’t ask for help in comments. Submit a ticket in the support system here: https://hody.ticksy.com/

u promise to me fix everything after purchase, but now you ask me to open ticket?

i’m gona report about bus here in comments because it’s faster for me. also i double everything in your ticket sys. Public Ticket #1533554
Today is April 8 2018

Please stop all these comments, the support system is the only way to receive support, don’t complain even about that. This is becoming stressful.

​The validation process on the contact form doesn’t work properly. A user is able to submit a form without an email address, which it shouldn’t be able to do. It shows there’s an error by making the email input box red, but it gives a success message. The user thinks that the message has been sent, but in fact, it hasn’t.

If you use the HTML “required” attribute, it will work without issues.

Before I purchase, do you have a workaround for Google AMP Html or can you provide the theme with this included? Just seeing if I need to add additional cost to my client proposal.


Unfortunately you need to implement AMP by your own, it is not included. I’m sorry.

Hi, HobyLab

I want to buy your theme.

But I’m wondering how to use your theme.

We need an information page, visit page, what ever. So this should be static html, without backend.

Question: where is documentation, how to you use your theme, what structure is there? is there html templates? is this only css, less files? How to populate content? Is there any configuration file , example json where I can customize data, and then generate some static html? Or should I develop with my own layout html ?

Right now it’s like a black box. And documentation is only for wordpress, which is redundancy for me. Want to know what scope of work I need to do before I buy it.



Here’s the link to the documentation: http://themes.hody.co/html/comet/docs/

You can find the answers to your questions!

Hello. Please: can you tell me how to make work autoplay video in Windows? It work good on Mac but not on Windows. Thanks in advance.


To receive support, please submit a ticket with a link to your website here: https://hody.ticksy.com/ Comments are used only for pre-sale questions.


Hello good afternoon. I’m working with your template and I’m having a problem when I want to use more than one video on the slider (I’m using YouTube videos). Could you please give me a solution to this error? Thank you


To receive support, please submit a ticket here: https://hody.ticksy.com/ Comments are used only for pre-sale questions.


I want information, I can not install the Bezel Addons plugin, does it have a problem?


To receive support, please submit a ticket here: https://hody.ticksy.com/

Hi, I am going to buy this theme right now but I would like to know if there any plans to support upgrade it to Bootstrap 4?