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How would you disable the responsive option for the template? Thanks?

Hi, it is possible after some fix. Thanks

On the top navigation multi-column sub-menus there is a bug, it keeps pushing the menu down after you hover over an item… Can you provide a fix?

Hi, please send me email & send me your Live site URL so I will check. Thanks

Hi Harnish, i have a blanc Twitter widget area when i replace my ID and twice my username. Yours works fine. :) I have downloaded the latest version from 22 June 2013. Any idea what can be wrong? Thanks.

Hi, Go to your twitter account > create widget & then copy widget code & send me. & send me email. so I will check. Thanks.

Hi, another question: I can’t get the search button to submit the search keyword(s). I know i have to program it myself, but how does the magnify button send the form? When I press enter it submits, but not when I click the search magnify button.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, this is HTML template. Sorry, I have not any idea this topics. Thanks.

I figured it out. Replacing <div class="button-search" /> by <div class="button-search" onclick="document.formname.submit()" /> did it. :)

Hi, I think, You need find it solution in google otherwise www.stackoverflow.com Thanks.

Hi, any chance to change the colors easily? Does it have any color schemes? Thnx.

Hi, You can change colors from css. Here I have Use Orange color. so Open stylesheet.css & than Find code #F15A23 & Replace your theme color code. if you any more query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hi, i faced with a bug in product detail page, the plus and minus button doesn’t change the input element value, can you help me with that? Thanks.

Hi, please send me email & Send me your site URL & Site FTP Details so I will check. Thanks.

I cannot find “colorbox.css”..................

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.

Hi, firstly thanks for this good theme.

I have i one problem. When i increase tabs in product.html responsivity on tabs breaked down.

Could you help me about this issue.

Best Regards

Hi, Please send me email via themeforest profile. http://themeforest.net/user/harnishdesign#contact & Send me your site FTP details. so I will check. what is possibility there. Thanks.

I solve this by add ”.htabs a{font-size:10px; padding:7px 4px 6px 4px;}” to @media screen and (max-width:1024px) {

Thanks for quick reply. At a same time you can see problem by adding 3-4 mor tabs and minimazing screen.

Hi, Good, if you will any other query. So, please send me email. Thanks.

Is this still being supported and is it compatible with OpenCart

Hi, This is Bigshop HTML Template. You can see Bigshop OpenCart Theme Here – http://themeforest.net/item/bigshop-multipurpose-responsive-opencart-theme/3255847

and it is compatible OpenCart v1.5.6.4. if, You will any other query. So, Please send me email. Thanks.


I just started customizing this template I like so much. For now, I’m facing two problems:

- On mobile view, I want the menu to behave like the footer, I menu top items (Electronics, Accessories…) are closed at first stage, then expand/close on user click. How can I do that?

- Also on mobile view, the left sidebar is not visible. How to make it visible?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, 1. Here, some customize after it is possible. So Please send me Email. & also, Please send me below details so I will check & try.

2. Here, According to mobile width(small device) not possible left sidebar in mobile view. because.

Site URL = ? Site FTP Host Name = ? Site FTP Username = ? Site FTP Password = ?

Site admin Username = ? Site admin password = ?

if you will any other query. So, Please send me Email. Thanks.

Hi Is possible disable responsive? If not, where can I customize the responsive menu? because from the index file I dont see the changes. thanks Max

Hi, Some changes after possible remove(disable) responsive. So, Please send me Email. So, I will send source file after remove responsive. & also, if, You want to do any customize. so there, You will need to knowledge of HTML & CSS. Thanks.

HarnishDesign, is it possible to use Instagram instead of Twitter? If so, can you please let me know the syntax, thnx.

Hello, Please read & follow this tutorial. (Hope, helpfully for you.) http://www.websitesforquilters.com/blog/2013/08/26/how-add-instagram-feed-your-website/

& after, it code replace in your site instead of twitter code. if, you will any query/question. So, Please send me Email. Thanks.

Hi there,

I have been trying to change the speed of the slider using the method you specified in a previous comment:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $('#slideshow').nivoSlider(); pauseTime: 3000 animSpeed: 500 }); </script>

When I make this change the slider does not load at all.

Have you any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


Hello, Here, You have removed , from this code.

Replace this
pauseTime: 3000,
Instead of
pauseTime: 3000

& then remove your browser cache & then check it. if, You will any other query. So, Please send me Email. Thanks.

Hi, I have a small issue with the ‘featured’ extension module. I want to expand the size of the pictures (which can be done through the ‘featured’ settings) but unfortunately the product text displayed underneath is still aligned left or is inheriting the old width. Can you recommend a way to nicely align the text to the new width?

I have been looking at modifying the stylesheet’s ‘.box-product .name a’ line but this is a little laborious (FTPing and things) if I wanted to keep modifying the image sizes and checking how they look.

Any advice is appreciated :) , Thanks.

Hello, Sorry for late reply. Please send me Email. & let me know your question with screenshot. So, I can proper judge. & also, send me your site URL & FTP details. Thanks.

Hi, is this template for a specific shopping cart script or is it open for me to insert my own? Thanks!

Hello, Thank you for your interest in our template. Please understand that this is a simple HTML template and it does not connect to any backend coding. Normally, this html template is for custom project of developer.

If, You want to create eCommerce website with shopping cart script. So, You can create you eCommerce website with OpenCart platform. also,

You can see our following OpenCart theme :–
1) https://themeforest.net/item/marketshop-multipurpose-opencart-theme/6913803?ref=HarnishDesign
2) https://themeforest.net/item/bigshop-multipurpose-responsive-opencart-theme/3255847?ref=HarnishDesign
3) https://themeforest.net/item/moderns-fullscreen-background-opencart-theme/5216584/?ref=HarnishDesign

Feel free get back if you have more questions.

Harnish Design.

Thanks. That’s just what I need.

Does the template supports RTL?

Hello, Bigshop html template is not RTL support currently. We are working on bigshop template for improve(add RTL & bootstrap support). We will update bigshop html template update with RTL support and other some improvement. but, Unfortunately we do not have any dates yet.

You can check our new Marketshop html template now. Marketshop is support RTL and also, compatible with bootstrap. https://themeforest.net/item/marketshop-ecommerce-html-template/16039081

Feel free get back if you have more questions.

Best Regards,
Harnish Design