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Hi! 1. I understand that in php I can write anything for the subject, but this subject line is not for MY use but SENDER! My question is how to make subject line in your form, so SENDER, not ME, puts something in subject line and then I see it in the message received.

2. There are 2 history.go(-1) codes in script: echo "<script>alert('Success, mail sent!');history.go(-1);</script>"; } else { echo "<script>alert('Mail failed');history.go(-1)</script>"; } I’ve changed them: echo "<script>alert('Success, mail sent!');window.navigate(“index.html”);</script>"; } else { echo "<script>alert('Mail failed');window.navigate(“index.html”)</script>"; } } but now script is not working at all….


You can write

echo ”<script>alert(‘Success, mail sent!’);window.location=’http://naiknikunj.me/theme/3/index.html';</script>";

where http://naiknikunj.me/theme/3/index.html replace with your domain name with index file name. pl. keep in single quotation not double quotation. i.e. window.location=’ ‘

and for adding subject textbox below are the code write below textarea. i.e.

<textarea class=”_message” id=”comments” placeholder=”Have a project? Drop us a line.” name=”comments”></textarea>

After that

<label> <input class=”form-control” type=”text” required=”required” placeholder=”Subject” name=”cm-subject” id=”cm-subject” > <label class=”_line”></label> </label>

That its..

and at last in get-mail.php file

replace subject line with below code.

$subject = $_REQUEST[“cm-subject”];

let me know if there is any issue…


Now subject line goes below all text lines, which is illogical and also has no underline as text and email and name fields…. please assist. thanks.

i think you did something wrong pl compare again with above code. pl. let me know if not fix..

I like your theme and very happy with the purchase but when I open it on my iPad (IOS 7.0.4) in Safari or Chrome it keeps crashing the browser before loading the complete page.

Thanks we will check out and update soon..

Please check on ios7.1 update.. works fine.. thank you..

Hi, When in Works click on ‘Visit Project’ button it goes up to home section but view is shadowed. Can it be done in such way that there is no shadow or opacity? Thanks.

are u talking about that background shadow when project detail open in popup?

Yes, this shadow background

magnific-popup.css contain style .mfp-bg where you have to remove background property from style.

And by the way that problem with iPad (IOS 7.0.4) in Safari or Chrome crushing has been solved or not?

Please check on ios7.1 update.. works fine.. thank you..

That is how code with subject line looks in html:

                <!-- Contact form -->
                <form method="post" action="get_mail.php">
                    <div class="_lines">
                        <div class="_line" />
                        <div class="_line" />
                        <div class="_line" />
                        <div class="_line" />
                        <div class="_line" />
                    <textarea class="_message" id="comments" placeholder="Type your message here" name="comments"></textarea>
                    <label> <input class="form-control" type="text" required="required" placeholder="Subject" name="cm-subject" id="cm-subject">             
                    <label class=”_line”></label> </label> 

and that how it looks on web: http://www.lawandsea.net/img_lawandsea/st1.jpg

I have the same issue with the iPad. Can you please let us know when it will be fixed?

Please check on ios7.1 update.. works fine.. thank you..

Great theme, wanna buy it, but i have a littel doubt:

Can i edit portfolio project details in my local machine?? or only online?? AJAX?? if yes how??


Thanks nolla, Yes you can edit portfolio project detail in local machine. its not ajax.


Hi Wonderful theme i must say But, can you guide me how to do something that i wanna do, just paste the code here if you know how to do that!

Actually i want the BIRVA CREATIVE STUDIO ext in the header to change colors not just transition into a single color.

Is it possible?

Yes one trick is there. Instead of applying text effect into full name, we have to break those word and apply effect for individual block and set different transition color for all those word.

Hi, Great theme!

I have one problem with it though, I’m trying to embed videos from youtube, but it’s not working. Tried using iframe, also old way with object script, but it didn’t work, only way I am able to get one video playing is by using background video script, but that allows me to insert only one video.

Where you have to embed video? in any section background or in portfolio detail?

would like to embed video in blogpost section and portfolio

<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/zXdCF7QsW7A” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

download jquery.fitvids.js from http://fitvidsjs.com/ and embed js in script tag at bottom of page.

<script src=”js/jquery.fitvids.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function() { $(”.project-video”).fitVids(); }); </script> above script for initialize fitvids by specifying video container class name.

I purchased Birva – Bootstrap Parallax One Page Template (the one with creative studio on it) Im trying to replace the banner background image at the top with the video script. Im having problems executing this. I can make the video appear where the background image used to be but once I check its response it does not show full width for tablet or mobile. I have started over and looking for some direction on this. Thanks!

...basc I want the video to become the background image of the banner

also video script isnt playing the video. I placed the youtube link and it does not work.

I got the video to start working and banner to appear where the background is of the banner. Only issue im running into is the responsive part. Once I shrink the window down past 1700px the banner background starts to show at the bottom and top of the video. I want the video to be 100% width/height of where the banner is for all devices. Please help.


I’d like to be your 100th buyer :)

I need to know if there is a way I can insert a sub filter (a filter within a filter), I would like to showcase products without a cart, without online payments.

Also, if I want a CMS so that people can log in to their account and check their account, would it be possible to link a database of clients to this code? (Maybe window to a joomla website within the one page structure? Or is that the purpose of the Wordpress theme?

Thanks for the AWESOME HTML Work!

Hi.. it is possible to add sub filter and also yes you can develop custom CMS.. thanks

The parallax images do not seem to be working on mobile/tablet. However it works fine when you adjust the width/height of the window on desktop. Does there need to be a jquery update or specific code added to make this work?

Also the video background does not play on mobile/tablets. Any code or update that can address this issue?

Im waiting to get a single reply on this page after 6 comments so far

hi.. sorry for delay.. i am looking into it and will come back to you soon.. thanks

Hello. On home screen if you don’t use all social icons is there a way to center those that you do? For example I only use Twitter and Facebook.

In css class “social” you can specify text-align:center to center all icon

Thanks. Having fun with this. One thing I can’t find in documentation. How do you categorize the work photos? I see where to change the categories but not how to actually indicate this photo is this category so they sort correctly. Sorry if I’m being daft.

Please send site link

Question before buying, I see the menu item “Blog” but there is no blog page?

i have it. i will send you.

Purchased, i will wait the page, thanks

pl send your email id. or mail me at abmathasuriya@gmail.com

My background images are not visible on mobile devices (Nexus 7 tablet, Iphone 5, Ipad Air). When I shrink my browser window to emulate these devices, the images are visible, but not on the actual devices.


Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Its a HTML theme not a wordpress. You do not have to install it. Just place folder on server and run it.

I want to setup the site like the preview where are the FAQ’s?

You have to just put folder files in server. No extra setup have to perform bcos its pure HTML theme no need to setup it.

Could you tell me where to change the background image 34_parallax-image?

The twitter api doesn’t seem to be working, I changed my name in the scripts.js and I even tested the link in my browser and it didn’t work, still fails to load.

Due to new twitter API its not working pl mail me at abmathasuriya@gmail.com for more info