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Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you..

Nice work! Good luck, dude ! :)

Thank you..

Good work :) Welcome to the forest. Happy to see some good designs from India.

Thank you..

Plans for a Wordpress version?

will be our next step forward.. thanks..

Awosome.good luck with sales;)

Thanks a lot..

I am so impressed by this great work. It’s lively.

And, what about single post in BLOG section?!

Thanks a lot.. will be a part of our next update..

Very nice theme and good luck with sales…

Thanks a lot..

The parallax image repeats itself vertically at the dimensions specified. Is there a fix?

Haha, it is Envato post that gives an incorrect copy; I replaced them in my editor and it worked. Wierd

Did anyone see this on iso? Yuck

ios I mean

In the Works section, is there a way that once the image is selected, the page will scroll up so the image detail section is centered vertically on the page? I worry that with the detail section opening below the thumb images, visitors may miss seeing the expanded image details.

After reading goodrock’s post above, I corrected the code and added it. However, now the page scrolls up toward the top of the section while the full size image stays below out of sight in the browser window. Why does the sample here work with this fix but mine doesn’t?

I also figured out that you have to click the image again to close it and I wonder how many of my visitors will know to do that? I still think we need a box with an X to show people where to close the full size image.

Any word yet on the file to make the contact form work?

Hi Leyte.. I have emailed you all the details. Thank you..

Did you get my follow up emails?

Good luck. I wish you a lot of sales :)

Thanks a lot..

Nice Work.. Good luck..

Thanks Naiknikunj

Crashes browser on ios

Please check on ios7.1 update.. works fine.. thank you..


In recent posts section Internet Explorer:

Cut off image in center section top post. Form: the send button aligns left instead of center

I am disappointed with this and many of the untested works that come from Envato; it is a shame because there is a great deal of talent here but the EXPENSE is in the detail.

Good luck.

Please check on ios7.1 update.. works fine.. thank you..

Thank you so much. Great theme. Very easy to use and manipulate.

Thank you…

Is there a more expensive option for this template that allows us to style the template with our own colors and fonts rather than those that are predefined?

You can easily change color styles and font from css file.. thank you..

In the “Our Work” section, when you click on an item like “BIOGENE”, the description section of that item slides down. I’m trying to figure out what part in the code keeps that description item hidden until you click the item and what makes it slide down?

I have brought in the “SOME OF MY WORKS” section from your blue BIRVA – Responsive Portfolio Theme, that I purchased, but I am trying to use the description section slide down from this theme’s original work section.

Any help is appreciated

portfolio custom script contains in script.js file.

.$(".portfolio-item-block").click(function() { [...] }

Hello good day I wanted to ask you a help with a problem with the theme BIRVA. In the section of Parallax with twitter says “Sorry, twitter is currently unavailable for this user.” http://clicmedia.co So how I can activate this section? Thanks for the attention

Hi.. twitter api has changed now and will update the new settings for it in theme update within couple of days.. thank you..

Hi, I realise this is an older theme, but as it is still amazing I was wondering if you were going to do any development to make it work under iOS (top image and menu missing when viewed on iPad).

Many thanks :-)

Hi thank you very much for template template is very successfull and liked

i need your support

in menu bar simple basic can you make dropdown menu because in work part i must set dropdown menu like this example first barpart and second bar part http://www.logo.com.tr/

Thank you very much … ?smail DAL

But the theme have no multi-level menu. Pl mail at abmathasuriya@gmail.com for custom support.

Hi there,

I have bought a regular license of your beautiful theme from Envato called:BIRVA :: Responsive Multipurpose One Page HTML Theme But unfortunately it won’t upload and wordpress [via Hostpapa] Keeps telling me it has no style sheet css and won’t upload onto wordpress. I have also tried installing it following this procedure : https://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes#Adding_New_Themes_by_using_cPanel but Filezilla I am having problems with and I just can’t upload it to wordpress via public_html/wp-content/themes or by simply uploading in the themes section in wordpress. I am at a loss what to do next. It is a paid version I got from Envato last night too. I also tried installing with and without your documentation folder as well.

Kind regards,

Sorry i am a newbie at this….so if it is html, how do I do that? I tried uploading and it won’t upload the zip file. So, is there a way I am not aware of? Thanks for your quick reply..

You can not install it in wordpress. Its HTML theme.

Ok, thank you, now I feel foolish, of course :)