Discussion on Blobie - Multiconcept Creative WordPress Theme

Discussion on Blobie - Multiconcept Creative WordPress Theme

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Is this compatible with elementor, or exclusive to WP Bakery builder?

Theme is generally dedicated for WPBakery page builder.

Theme is compatible with https://theeventscalendar.com/products/wordpress-events-calendar/

We have test theme with https://webnus.net/dox/modern-events-calendar/ only briefly. Seems that all works fine however we don’t add any custom styling for this plugin.

demo got php error

Thanks, I contact hosting provider already. Issue should be fixed ASAP.

Hi. Awesome theme!

Does your theme include a smart sticky header? A header that is hidden when scrolling down, but appears when scrolling up? In mobile and desktop modes?


Thanks :).

Unfortunatelly no. Desktop menu is sticky but not in the way you described. It just becomes visible by scrolling down, and hides when you scroll up to the top of the page. Mobile menu is not sticky. I assume that you mean menu as in this example: https://www.jqueryscript.net/menu/Sticky-Header-Navigation-Plugin-jQuery-mhead.html

Maybe it is good idea and I send your request to our developers :).


DynamicPress Support Team

Headroom.js is great and adds even more features: https://wicky.nillia.ms/headroom.js/

Thank you :), I personally don’t know this script :(. Seems to be very interesting.

I send your suggestion to our developer and hope that will be implemented in next upgrade.

Presales Question here, i have tried on demo and its impossible to create sidebar on pages, how can one achieve that pls…

Thanks for interest in our theme :).

Sidebar is not displayed on “For Page Builder (full width template)”. If you select “Default page template” sidebar is displayed according Theme Options -> General -> General Settings

Hello, how can I use the background graphic on my website (http://www.dynamicpress.eu/envato/blobie_main/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/home-4-rev-bg.jpg?id=8138) Remove Slider Revolution? Greeting Roman

I’m not sure if I right understand :). This image is not used in Revslider. This is simply WpBakery row background image. You can change this image in page editor.

Kris DynamicPress Support Team

Thanks. Is fixed.

Wasted half a day trying to get this Theme to work Wste of mony and time GRRR do better.

Sorry to hear this but from the description in the support forum ticket it appears that this is a server and SSL configuration problem rather than our theme. Please send us URL and WP dashboard access so we can check this more detailed.

Not an issue the server is my Dev platform and I’m running in excess of 20 other WordPress sites and templates with no issues so pretty puzzling when the site front end runs, all the rest of the backend runs but the control panel for the theme does not it just times out ??? It does not even show so any idea where the issue is? any pointer to help resolve this instead of blaming server configuration?

Is hard to answer without looking on your Wordpress setting. But the issue is obviously related to some URL/ domain configuration error. You access to your site with: https://brettest.dyndns.biz/ but from unknown at the moment for me reasons in some cases your Wordpress return URL https://53245633.dyndns.biz/ Please check if in all places in your WP config is used the same URL but generally to check it more detailed I must look in your WP dashboard as I wrote in answer on support forum.


DynamicPress Support Team

Hi i just bought your theme. I want to know why there is only one demo (01_MAIN_DEMO) from the Demo Importer. Where is the other demos?

Hi, In imported sample data you have imported all homepages (Home 1 , Home 2, ... Home 14). Home 1 is set as Hompege in Wordpress -> Settings -> Reading but you can easy change it .


DynamicPress Support Team

Any plans for a sticky sidebar?

In theme options you can set each sidebar as sticky ( we integrates in theme magnificent Theia Sticky Sidebar v1.7.0 javascript code https://github.com/WeCodePixels/theia-sticky-sidebar ). But I still have the impression that this is not exactly what you mean :) . If you send us example URL it will be easier for us to understand your request :) .

Nope, you have it. I was expecting to find it on the Blog settings. Works like a charm.

I’m having trouble with installation. Your instructions seem out of date. There is no “dpr_blobie.zip” installation folder anywhere that I can find. I just imported the full installation zip, which seemed to install ok. And there is no “blobie_demo.xml” that I can find anywhere for importing the data. What is the name of the file I should use and where is it located?

Hi, Thanks. We answerr ASAP.

I just sent another message on my ticket #2253011 Please check. It is from my hosting company regarding the .svg file problem. Maybe that is the solution.

Thanks, I answer on support forum.

Template seems to be excellent, it just seems it’s not mobile friendly enough, could anything be done about that?

All comments below are reffered to Mobile view http://www.dynamicpress.eu/envato/blobie_main/ some fields in these main pages don’t show at all, some also show being cutt of from the page, the portfolio detail page also show portfolio details in a strange way aligning it on very little part of the page creating reading difficulty(http://www.dynamicpress.eu/envato/blobie_main/portfolio/burano-island/) (http://www.dynamicpress.eu/envato/blobie_main/portfolio/lady-in-red/). You can take a look at various pages also, options like testimonials on web agency page show real bad on mobile, Please take a look, can get many sales for this (not a joke)

Thanks :-) .We check responsivity of mentiioned pages and fix it ASAP

Great will await the change. Thanks soo much

Nice looking theme with great functions.

I have some questions which I hope will help me to buy the theme :)

1. Its asked and answered already which is about the RTL. My question is what is the best FREE way to run an English & Arabic website together using this theme? (other than WPML)

2. You mentioned that you scored high on GTMATRIX & PINGDOM but when I tested the demo pages there, it shows lower ranking with C Grade and more than 3 seconds of loading time. How to solve that.

Please answer those two questions asap to help me decide quickly.


Thanks for interest in our theme and nice words :). RE 1 We prefer WPML as we think the best multilingual plugin. But we also have tested briefly our theme with Polylang (https://wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/), GTranslate (https://wordpress.org/plugins/gtranslate/) and Weglot (https://wordpress.org/plugins/weglot/). Seems that all works again.

RE 2 Actually on our demo is disabled all caching But with enable cache result was as we described: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.dynamicpress.eu/VIiDSGFu


DynamicPress Support Team

Just bought. tnx :)

Thank you very much :)

Awesome looking theme and demos! Curious, is it possible for some of your interactive link/sliders like .http://www.dynamicpress.eu/envato/blobie_main/home-5/ http://www.dynamicpress.eu/envato/blobie_main/home-11/can they be set to auto rotate so they were moving/dynamic on mobile view? Can the mobile menu have a few diff styles (how do we build these)?Do images come with demo imports? Hope to buy asap!

YES that would be amazing to have mobile friendly auto scroll on mouse link page openers like http://www.dynamicpress.eu/envato/blobie_main/home-6/ so all the previews could be seen automatically (right now only one image can be seen because when you touch the other text links it goes right to the related page)!

Pls let me know if the auto scroll on mobile options are added and I will buy ASAP (I have a client right now who wants me to buy Blobie after I showed him yesterday but he wants the mobile friendly animations also for the interactive link sliders) and am sure rate a quick 5 stars after!

Hi, In new upgrade Blobie 1.1 autoscroll options for Interactive showcase is adde. Happy New Year :).


DynamicPress Support Team

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale, Follow me too :)

Thank you :)

Great theme, thanks for that. But it isn`t possible to use the child theme. It says: Blobie Extensions is enabled but not effective. It requires Blobie theme in order to work. Can you help? Thanks

Thanks for nice words :) and sorry for inconvenience :(.

By last review we are forced by reviewer to change theme name from “DPR Blobie” to “Blobie”. And in one place we make small typo which caused this issue. This will be fixed in next upgrade 1.0.2 which will be published ASAP. You can wait half hour for upgrade (please upgrade not only theme but DPR Blobie Extensions plugin too).

For now you can easy fix this issue by change in file /wp-content/plugins/dpr-blobie-extensions/dpr-blobie-extensions.php about line 101.

if ( 'Blobie' == $theme->name || 'dpr-blobie' == $theme->template ) {
should be
if ( 'Blobie' == $theme->name || 'blobie' == $theme->template ) {

Once more sorry.


DynamicPress Support Team

Hi Kris, thanks a lot for your fast reply and for your solution.

Feel free ask us any time in case problems with our theme :).

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you very much :)

Adorable job, done by you …. Congratulations! Good Luck with Sale :)

Many thanks :).

Hi, Are the images and the sliders include?

Hi, Yes. Images and vector illustration are included in demo content.


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