Discussion on Blockbox Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Discussion on Blockbox Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Template

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I want custom design from Bracket 2.0 theme, please let me know if you are available for freelancer work.

hi , i cannot find component page like http://www.themetrace.com/templates/blockbox/templates/components.html in my theme

how can I update bootstrap, what line or what file

Hi, what’s the live preview link already off ? This Account has been suspended ?


do you have the rtl support feature? and do you have SASS files with the project?

I do have sass files for this but no plans for rtl support yet

Hi, i buy your themme blockbox, is verry nice, i wanted for an dating site, is any chance to pay you to make around 10 pages for my site with components from your themme? I’ll give you sketches made be my and if you can ansamblate. Do you have an rate per hour, or are you available for this project? Can you give me an email adress? Thank you!

Hi please email me at themepixels@gmail.com


I have another small problem. The size of my website logo in firefox is good but when I view my site on chrome/ie etc. its not how I want it.

I never had this problem before. Is this theme related?

You can view my site on :


Hi, please include bootstrap js script in the footer of your page.

Hi, the bootstrap js script is included :(

I don’t see bootstrap js included in your page


I am using the agency-2 demo as starter for my website. I have a portfolio page where I can see all of the items just like in the demo but when I scroll on this page the active class gets removed from the menu.

How can I prevent this?


Hi, please remove the attribute in the body element of the page
data-spy="scroll" data-target="#navbarMain"

Works like a charm. Thx!

Hi, i have a question .. can I change the size of the layout to be larger than the standard size that has been applied (blockbox default layout) ?

I will make the size become wider as the following website :

what class (css class) or settings should I change in the css settings ?

thanks ..

hi replace “container” class to “container-fluid” in a page. Thanks

Hi, i have a question .. can I change the size of the layout to be larger than the standard size that has been applied (blockbox default layout) ?

I will make the size become wider as the following website :

what class (css class) or settings should I change in the css settings ?

thanks ..

replace the class “container” to “container-fluid” in a page.

When is the new update expected. Hoping some elements will be there that are of interest to me

Thank you.

If possible, not the ecommerce section add support for a full shop Modules like wishlist, account, checkout etc.

you never responded

There is no plan on adding more shop pages. Thank you

Hi, I don’t see how can i make an submeniu on left sidebar (open/close like acordeon), you have some demo where i can copy the code? Thank you.

Hi, there is no demo for sub-menu in left sidebar like accordion.

Any chance to add this feature in next update? And an notification list in menu header?

We will add that in our suggestoin list for the next update. It will let you know once update has been released. Thanks


i have a question. i’m modifying the width of right sidebar. but i have a problem with class=”wd-240 r-neg-240”. if i want to make this sidebar full width, what can i do ? do i have to modify or create a new class ?

this image link : (1). http://prntscr.com/hyupp7 (2). http://prntscr.com/hyuq3w [in this image, left sidebar is appear]

thanks ..

Hi, can you try using wd-100p instead of wd-240? see if that what you want.

thanks for your help, nice !!


I’m interested in buying this template, however, I have few questions.

1) do I receive sass particles for all elements? I want to use mainly a few blog-related and using whole CSS (around 700 kb) is definitely overkill

2) would it be hard to implement “image top blog” with 2 columns and sidebar or 2 column masonry with sidebar?

3) where can I find documentation?

Thank you :)


1. After you purchase, you will get sass all particles of all elements. You can only use some particles that you only need to make css file smaller.

2. In this template demo, you will find blog for image top and masonry implementation you can make it as your starting point.

3. Documentation will be available after purchase. It’s included in the download package.

Thanks for your interest. :)

I have some problems with the image, where the image becomes heightened in size. when i use mozilla firefox, image carousel loos a normal. but .. when i use browser like safari, chrome, opera, etc. some images like in trouble

Hi i’m gandhi ..

I have some problems with the image carousel, where the image becomes heightened in size. when i use mozilla firefox browser the image look like a normal, but .. if i use other browser like google chrome, safari, opera, and mobile browser. i looks some image carousel its bad.

i have tested using this link : http://www.themepixels.me/blockbox/pages/shop-product-two.html and i opened in chrome, opera, safari. yeaah its work, there in no problem with carousel. why this problem happen in a downloaded file ?? where is the problem

In Bootstrap .carousel-item is styled as display: flex. Chrome doesn’t scale images with the correct aspect ratio within a flexbox. Instead it stretches them vertically. I think this is also the case for other browsers, but I only tested this issue with Chrome and Firefox, of which the latter scales the images correctly.

To fix this issue for Bootstrap Carousels, you can add class “align-items-start” to every “carousel-item” class. We’ll see if it fix the issue

okay thanks for your help, it works !! :)

Glad to hear it. Thanks


First of all thank you for a great template.

I have run into some issues when using the demo/ecommerce-1.html page. I would like to add both a megamenu and submenu to the nav, but then it looks strange, when showing the page in a mobile version.

Can you help me with this?

Hi, this is to let you know that we will only entertain support to those who have a purchased badge only and it seems you don’t have a purchase badge or if someone bought it for you then we need the purchase code. Thanks

Hi I am waiting for Bootstrap 4 beta

Hi, Bootstrap 4 beta will be available by early next week

Great I will buy as soon as

Hi, Bootstrap 4 Beta is now available for purchase

Great theme. Good work! Any plans on adding sticky sidebars and Call To Action sections?

Hi, that’s a good suggestion. We already have demo for the sticky sidebar but only on one variant. We will add more sticky sidebars and call to actions on our to do list. Right now we are focusing more on the improvements on the template then after that we’ll be doing additional sections

Any timeline on support for Bootstrap 4.0.0-beta? There’s some variable differences between the two such as $font-size-xs, $input-padding-x

Hi, estimated time would be in two weeks including with other improvements.

Great thanks!

Hi, Bootstrap 4 Beta is now available to download.


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