Discussion on Blueprint - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on Blueprint - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

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Your theme is excellent! Thank you. One of my customers bought it, and it is very nice to develop in.

I started using the function “nestable” today and ran into a little trouble. With static HTML it works fine, but I’m loading some content through ajax into a popup, and I can’t get nestable to work in here. Normally I just need to call the function, after the ajax content has been loaded (like $(’.selectpicker’).selectpicker(); with selectpicker).

I’ve searched the web and the plugins.js file, and it seems like $(”.nestable”).nestable(); should do the trick, but I can’t get it to work. Any suggestions?

And besides that: is it possible to only allow “one-level drag’n’drop’”, meaning you can’t drop an element as an child of another element?

I look forward to your answer.

Best regards, Christian

Thank you! it works like a dream. Is it possible to deactivate the possibility to drag an element under another element? So it is just one-level.


I haven’t tested .. but there is an option to disable dragging within the child by adding the class “dd-nodrag” or setting the default maxDepth from 5 to 1 in "src/app/js/nestable.js".

See the available options from nestable.


Thanks. maxDepth worked.

I just bought it, but I dont find if the package has a popup style. I like this, http://prntscr.com/8ire01

Do you have anything similar popup style ?

I picked this popup style from here, http://moltran.coderthemes.com/dark/


That alert type is http://t4t5.github.io/sweetalert/

The package doesn’t have it included but it’s not that hard to add it.

Our alternative are http://blueprint.aws.ipv4.ro/html/default/notifications.html

However you can use the default bootstrap modal component:


Thanks, mosaicpro

Can it directly integrate to Lavarel PHP framework ? Im buying this then.


Just create your main layout in blade with the built html / css / js as per the demo files found in the HTML folder.

Send us an email if you need further help to contact@mosaicpro.biz

Thanks, mosaicpro

demo is not working


Thanks, mosaicpro.

I want to remove the fullcalendar plugin from the plugin.js file. Is there an easy way to do that? How can I tell where it ends?

Hi samuelr7,

We’re sorry for the delay. To achieve that you need to remove from src/grunt/concat.js the full calendar reference and run “grunt build” also keep in mind to remove the styles for it as well from src/app/less/components.less

Thanks, mosaicpro.

are you making additional updates to this?

Hi livetalent,

Sorry for the delay. We are preparing an update this month but it will mainly include fixes and updates for vendor packages.

If you have any suggestions feel free to send us an email to contact@mosaicpro.biz

Thanks, mosaicpro


In documentation you do not have any details about how to install that theme via FTP client or Cpanel.

I could not upload the site.


Hi konukberna,

This is not an installable theme like wordpress.



I would like to know if it’s possible to have the .psd file of this html template ? Of course we’ll buy you these html files.

Best regards, Mike

Hi miketouz,

There are some psd files included in the package.

Thanks, mosaicpro.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme. How does the Charts work? I need to dynamically fill them based on Mysql data.

Hi miguel45g,

At the moment an example of charts data are being fired from src/app/js/morrisjs.js and depending on your chart style you can load the data: [] on page load or via ajax up to you.

If you need more help with that send us your details on contact@mosaicpro.biz and will gladly assist.

Thanks, mosaicpro.

Hello! I bought this template and I am having a problem. I can’t translate datepicker. I have tried to pass the locale parameters as I always did, but nothing seems to work. How can I do this? I need to translate to portuguese and the date format to day/month/year. Thank you


This needs to be added After loading plugins(.min).js and Before scripts.js:


You can add the $.fn.datepicker.dates[‘en’] = { } directly onto src/app/js/datepicker.js right before $.fn.blueDatePicker and grunt build it to include it in the scripts.js


Hello Author, Please I need your urgent reply on this… the client i used this templated for wants me to make it compactible with IE 8, am kindof tired with the situation. Please how can you help me on this

Hi 3lineSoftwareteam1,

Sorry but we don’t provide IE8 support.


Hi, I’m having trouble with hidden columns in DataTables. They are always visible. Drives me nuts. Any Ideas?


Hi eric0043,

Unfortunately we have just touched the surface sort of speak with “datatables” by styling it to match our item’s design and haven’t gone through in deep with the “datatables” options.

Thanks, mosaicpro.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this but reading the comments it sounds like an update has been promised but not yet released. Are you going to support this theme. It’s a great one!

Are you going to support this or not? I’d like to purchase.

Hi jbwatts,

Sorry for the delay … we’re preparing the update today.

Thanks, mosaicpro.

Please how do I install this template am kinodf confused… Pls asap


Sorry for the delay… This is not an installable theme like Wordpress. If you are referring to the dev please let me know and I will gladly assist you.

Thanks, mosaicpro

Hi, Great theme.

Looking forward to the update. Is it still end of month?

hi, can you please advise on the update

Was something pushed?

Hi livetalent,

Sorry for the delay… Will push the update today.

Thanks, mosaicpro.

I really like your theme. I could not find an example of a modal window / dialog box. Does your theme support this?

Hi jzcoder,

Bootstrap modal works just fine… will create some examples with the next update.

Thanks, mosaicpro.

Do you plan on adding Google’s Material Design?

Hi yousuc,

No plans for Material Design yet.

P.S. Don’t forget to review/rate ;)

Thanks, mosaicpro.


Great work. Can you tell me which psd files this includes?


Hi candidhams,

At the moment we’ve included these:


more pages will come soon.

Any updates planned in the near future? I’m about to start a project with this template… :)

What’s happening with the update?

Mosaicpro – can you please tell us what is happening with the update? You said you were going to push it nearly 3 weeks ago. Thanks.

Hi psi73,

Sorry for the delay. Will push the update today.

Thanks, mosaicpro.


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