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Congrats very nice theme! Very clean and cool visuals.

Any images/review of the back-end manager?

Thanks! I will upload a couple of screenshots of the theme settings and TVs tomorrow – need to spend some time with the family after those hard long last few days of work :)

I have now added 2 screenshots of the back end: theme options and template variables. You can see them in the item description.

Hope it helps!

Hi, thanks! :)

Hi, very nice theme! I’ve got a couple of questions:

Is the newsletter field setup with any of the MODX plugins, we use VirtuNewsletter and would be great if this theme works with the plugin http://modx.com/extras/package/virtunewsletter

Which gallery plugin have you used for the gallery images?


Thanks! Does the gallery use anything like MODX’s Gallery plugin on the back-end? http://modx.com/extras/package/gallery

The theme is actually using MIGX to set up image sliders (multiple image upload), and the gallery itself is pulled via getResources.

I didn’t use the gallery plugin because it didn’t really fit the needs of this theme.

I will add a list of the plugins used in the item description (under credits section), should be there in 5 minutes! :-)

Technically speaking – if you look at a gallery project like this one, the 3 images are entered via a template variable that uses MIGX to allow multiple file uploads in one TV.

Then each of these images is wrapped in bootstrap’s carousel slider markup so that no matter how many images you add, they will all fit in the slider and the navigation bullets are automatically generated below.

At this point, this is the only gallery layout (no grid gallery available) but this could be an option to add in the future. If sales go well, i am willing to listen to customer demand and add popular feature requests!

Great work :) GLWS simon.

Thanks mate :)

Nice one Simon. It’s great to see you working with ModX and adding Boom! was a great idea.

Thanks. It’s actually pretty exciting to turn a static template into a smart, customizable CMS theme.

Not just a pretty face anymore! :-)


nice template and a great way for me to learn more about Modx, thank you for that!

2 questions: is it possible that the gallery has navigation arrows? Also is it possible that the hero part becomes a slider?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, is it possible that I create 2 split folders under resources. I’m having trouble with that. I have tried but the second one shows the same information as the first one.

Thanks in advance for your support.


no worry, I have fixed it :)

Glad you got it sorted :-)

Hello Simon!

Very nice theme! I’m thinking of buying it but want to point out two bugs and ask one or two questions!


  1. The iframe video-wrapper shows a grey border on Safari (OSX) – I think it needs border: none; on .fluid-width-video-wrapper iframe?!
  2. The bullet nav-list (.carousel-indicators) in the single portfolio item needs a margin-fix for the mobile view


  • the hover state of the isotope gallery items is unfortunately very inconvenient, when viewed on a mobile device (sometimes one launches the lightbox on tap, sometimes the “Show Details” link). Personally I would love, if single images and videos would be loaded in the light-box and projects would (on click/tap) always load the single portfolio page (without the hover-state) – what do you think? (If you don’t want to change that, maybe you could give a hint, where I could fix that in ModX.)
  • can the bootstrap goodies be used on the ajax loaded pages as well (like accordion and tabs?)?
  • would it be possible for me to make child resources and call them with a button – i.e. could your first “Learn more” button call a resource with Ajax like the gallery items do?

Thanks in advance!

another quick note on the single portfolio item with the slider:

  • the image has a border-radius on the two upper corners
  • there is title=”[+title]” in the code, is that not parsed because it’s left blank in the backend?

Should be about 2 -3 weeks before completion. Will check the mentioned points.


I have just downloaded this but i’m using MODX 2.3, is this theme compatible?

Did you extend the upload memory in the MODX settings like described in the documentation?

If you give me your admin login via contact form I can have a look for you.

FYI I just tried to download my theme from TF and import it on a new 2.3 Revo install. Everything went smoothly except i had to manually download the ‘ClientConfig’ component. Let me know how you go on your end!

Hi again,

I have replied to your e-mail. It appears you are trying to import the main download zip file into MODX. You need to extract that zip and upload the theme file zip (booom-x.x.transport.zip) instead of the main file.

I can provide help with the installation if you get stuck.

Have a great weekend!

Hello there, I really like the template, but I would ask questions before you can buy it, is there any possibility to add comments to each gallery images, I mean when you press on “View Details”, comes the image and text , well i want to change it to a video posted on vimeo and down can leave comments. I await your response. Thank you very much.

Obviously I think it would have to hire a programmer.

Thank you very much! It was perfect. But believe me it will :(, was modified and deleted a folder by mistake, I sent a message, sorry to bother you. Thanks.

hmmm i am afraid you’ll need to re-install the theme and start over again, some key files were deleted in there.. I can re-install a clean version of the theme for you if you want, but you will lose all the work you have done up to now..

I think it’s your lucky day! I was able to “recover the situation” without erasing any of your current work, so the site should now be working properly again in the back-end.


Dear Simon, do you have any news regarding the update mentioned above? Kind regards!

Hi – it’s still under development – you can take a look at the blog functionality here: http://demo.simonswiss.com/boomblog

I’d be glad to have your feedback on the implementation via e-mail -simon@simonswiss.com

I will polish it off by the end of this week and add as an update!

Thanks Simon, looking forward!
Will write you some lines later!

Great – thanks! I’m happy to send you an early version if you want to test it out before i push the update on ThemeForest.

HI Simon

I cant seem to find the screenshot (configuration) that you have here where I can amended footer, colours. I am using MODX Rev 2.3.1. Also will this show me how to change the Hero background photo?

Thanks James

Hi James,

A few users have reported the “ClientConfig” package doesn’t get installed with the theme import. Luckily, you can do this manually by going to the Package Manager page and search for ‘ClientConfig’, download it and install it (more on this in the theme documentation provided with the download).

Once installed, you will have access to the Theme Options – and yes you can set the hero background image in there too.

This issue is fixed in the new updated version of the theme – i have also included a blog in the theme. However if you got this theme via the birthday bundle, you won’t be able to download updates as bundle only includes one-off, as is version of the theme at the time of the bundle.

Thanks very much simon. I got there in the end as I am very new to this. One other thing that is probably really simple is how do I change the menu at the top. (ie features, split etc?

The menu at the top automatically shows the title of the sub-pages of the “Home” page, in the order they appear in the “resources tab”.


You can rename the page title of these sub-resources to your convenience – but make sure you don’t change their ‘alias’ which is used to trigger the correct layout chunks.

If you want to hide a menu item from that navigation (example: newsletter), you need to ad its’ ID (the number in parenthesis in the resource list) to the wayfinder call, in the &excludeDocs parameter. You will find this in “elements -> chunks -> Navigation -> navigation”


I have added a checkbox to show / hide menu items in navigation in a later update of the theme – but you cannot upgrade with the Birthday Bundle purchase – you will need an individual licence to get access to new releases.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I try to install with a cPanel add-on and manually the ModX and impossible to do it, have you anoter solution ?


Not sure what you mean by the cpanel add-on. You mean one of these CMS one-click install scripts?

If you have trouble installing MODX, please have a look at the MODX documentation here: http://rtfm.modx.com/revolution/2.x/getting-started/installation


There is some error about these Theme.

I am using using modx 2.3.1

in /home/sswiss/public_html/demo/booomodx/core/cache/includes/elements/modsnippet/33.include.cache.php on line 7 [13-May-2014 05:46:20 America/Detroit] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '', expecting ']' in /home/sswiss/public_html/demo/booomodx/core/cache/includes/elements/modsnippet/33.include.cache.php on line 7 [13-May-2014 05:46:30 America/Detroit] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '', expecting ']' in /home/sswiss/public_html/demo/booomodx/core/cache/includes/elements/modsnippet/33.include.cache.php on line 7 [13-May-2014 05:52:57 America/Detroit] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'die' (T_EXIT) in /home/sswiss/public_html/demo/booomodx/core/cache/includes/elements/modsnippet/33.include.cache.php on line 7


actually the bundle you purchased clearly mentioned that you would not get access to support / updates to the themes / templates included.

That said, if you look at the comments a bit higher in this page, you will see that i happily helped out a few users even if they are not supposed to get support. I like to help whenever i can.

The theme update i released has nothing to do with the error you mention. Again, i cannot reproduce the error.

Would you mind giving some clarifications about the issue via e-mail (contact form on my profile) and maybe send me access to your login / FTP so i can have a look at what’s going on for you?



You are right, thank you very much, i will update asap.

Thanks for your gently help

Thanks for contacting me by e-mail – it’s a bit easier to discuss and troubleshoot outside of the comments page here. Glad i could help.

If you have any other question, you know where to find me :)


how to install the demo content ?

When you import the MODX theme (as per the instructions in documentation), you have an option to “import demo content”. Make sure this box is checked when you proceed!

Will woocommerce work on this


This is a MODX theme and WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, so they will definitely not work together, sorry.

Awesome work brother :-)

Thanks for the kind words, and for your rating too :)

Hi, I want to update a iframe video in a split but I receive an error. I found the problem, the “Video Embed Code” not supports HTML tag for the Iframe. Can you help me ?

Hi, Have you a answer for me

Hi leadlike,

I tested your site and i can see the issue – however the same setup works out of the box on my demo and the v1 of the theme – so i am afraid this would be an issue on the server side (mod_security setting).

This post may help you: http://wiki.modxcms.com/index.php/What_is_mod_security_and_how_does_it_affect_me

You can try add this to your .htaccess file:

SecFilterScanPOST Off

and see if it helps with the saving.

Hi, I have installed the theme in a fresh new install of modx and after I installed the admin stopped working, and the site do not load the css.

You can see the site here:


I select override theme, is that the problem?

Modx version: 2.3.5

You get this error probably because the csssweet extension is not installed.

You don’t really need it actually, so the best thing would be to go in the `chunks` and find the html_head chunk – and then delete / comment out the line that loads that file:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/modx-2.3.5-pl/assets/components/csssweet/csss-custom.css">

This will make the `fail to load resource` go away. Changing the version of MODx won’t change much, and the theme is perfectly compatible with version 2.3.5


Thanks for the answer. Can you update the tutorial for the latest version of the modx? the included tutorial is for an old version. I am going to try to install it again but having an update tutorial will help a lot.


If i make another MODx theme in the future, i will create new screenshots for the installation process.

Only the visual interface has changed, but the process remains identical to install a new theme.

Hello, each time I installed the theme I have the following error on admin:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < ext-base.js:21 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘prototype’ of undefinedExt.apply.extend ext-base.js:21(anonymous function) index.php:12 domain.com/:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < ext-base.js:21 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘prototype’ of undefinedExt.apply.extend ext-base.js:21(anonymous function) index.php:1 ext-all.js:21 Uncaught TypeError: b[(d.xtype || e)] is not a functionExt.ComponentMgr.create ext-all.js:21Ext.extend.load modx.js:75(anonymous function) domain.com/:20(anonymous function) ext-all.js:21b @ ext-all.js:21 domain.com/:26 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘register’ of undefined(anonymous function) domain.com/:26(anonymous function) ext-all.js:21b @ ext-all.js:21


As you see, I have tried with the same version of the installation AFTER tried with the latest version of MODX Revolution and I get the same error all the time.

I need a fix for that asap since I have purchased the item more than 2 weeks I think and I can’t install it yet…

Also, when I install the theme it doesn’t install all dependencies:

ajaxform – NO boom (the theme itself) – YES clientconfig (theme options!) – YES codemirror – NO format – NO formsave – NO getResourceField – NO getresources – NO MIGX – YES TwitterX – YES wayfinder – NO

I have installed all of them but formsave IS NOT AVAILABLE , the search do not return anything.

Please review the theme and fix the problem, otherwise I would like to get the money back or something similar because I can’t use the theme.


Thank you, I already sent you the credentials, I will wait for your answer.

Have a nice day too.

Thanks – received your e-mail and will have a look.

Ok, I can confirm the errors are NOT due to the theme, but to the flash index HTML file you have on your server.

I have replied to your e-mail with a screenshot showing what the console error you mention is referring to.

I have downloaded a copy of the theme from my account and could install the theme without a problem on MODx 2.3.5.

Please get in touch with your hosting provider and see if you can remove the index file that is messing with the admin area. This should make the server issue go away.

Hi, i have downloaded this theme and having a few issues i was hoping you could help me with:

1. I cannot seem to install an ecommerce from Ecwid into the theme. 2. I have updated the pricing page, and it worked fine, then when i revisited the site 20 minutes later the pricing was gone and i cannot seem to get it to re publish. The price page appears, however none of the categories below do.

Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.


Not sure i can help with #1 as i never worked with Ecwid and this is outside the scope of the theme.

For #2, I am happy to have a look for you. Could you share a link to your MODx admin via my contact form on profile page? I will have a look tomorow (it’s 10pm already here in Australia).



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