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Thats something new. I like it. Do you plan to code it?

Hi Massix. In fact is already coded and ready to buy. You will find it here: http://activeden.net/item/broadside-xml-template-deeplinking/123652

what about coding it in XHTML … but hey nice concept…

Hi. Yes, could be, depending on the success of the flash tmeplate and this psd. Let’s see! Thanks for your suggestion.

I’m waiting for the xhtml/css version too…

Hey Pezflash, beautiful site template. Any chance of a wordpress version?? Ive not messed around with XML yet. whats the difficulty level? Thanks, Jason

Hi jp. i’m not a WP coder, so i guess will be difficult, at least in the next months. About the flash+xml version, it’s quite easy to manage, anyway you can check the documentation PDF in the AD item page, so you can get an idea of it. The file is pretty well documentated, in case you’re finally interested in it. Kind regards.

Great design, nice job pezflash.

A XHTML version’d be a best seller item for sure.

Perhap’s i’ll code it and use it for a future project.

Kind regards

Hi. Thanks for kind words. The problem is that i’m a flash guy, but i’ll think about to hire a programmer to code this. If you’re interested let me know! Regards.

Why not!

In fact, most often my clients doesn’t want XML editing, they prefer the XHTML /javascript websites with a classic backoffice (champagne, my flash knowledge is very poor… ;)).

Your design is perfect, it’s “exactly” what i’ve in mind for this project (a “showroom website” for a modern fireplaces shop).

I’ll send you a email when it’ll be finished (but at this time i’ve still two projects on the go so perhaps someone will do it faster than me..!)

Kind regards

Yeap, keep in touch with this. And think twice about the flash version already coded, it’s quite smooth!! your client will love it… :D

FABULOUS !!! Really hoping for a WordPress Version. Unfortunately Flash is not very ‘cross device’ friendly such as the quickly growing iPad and iPhone devices.

I’m waiting for the xhtml/css version too

I would love a xhtml/css version as well…any development on this?

Hi leelu. It’s already done. ;)

nice theme :) congrats

Thanks! I appreciate your kind words. ;)