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Hi, I have an app integrated with your template. When I click on the left side pane, it refreshes itself and returns back to his default condition. So, you don’t know where you are. Can you guide me how to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Can you please give us you link.


Hello, Please clarify what type of license (regular or extended) I need to purchase. I am building an application that I will host on the web, but for which I will charge customers for access. Thanks,


Hi, In that cases you need an extended license as you used in commercial purpose.



Curious, how do I ensure that the DC Accordion menu doesn’t “bounce around” during loading—meaning the menu is fully expanded until the page is loaded. Right now, it expands and shows all sub items in the menu. Granted I have a large list, but I am hoping there is a way to load the menu and keep it closed the entire time.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, As its happen only when loading so you can use any preloader.


Thanks for getting back to me! I think I may not have conveyed this properly. What I mean is, the menu during initial load (while Chrome is still fully loading the page) shows the full expanded menu instead of keeping the contents hidden and only showing the outter main menu links. Do you know how I can avoid that? Thanks!

Hi, I’m afraid it couldn’t be possible. As when loading page all html data are shown until the dependent js load. After loading all js, content goes back to it own nature. Thats why when page loading menu items are expanded until its relevant js load.

Hope you understand.



I am planning to use this theme in my project but I want to make sure I buy the right license.

The services of the application will be offered to paying customers which will benefit of the services. If a customer stops paying for the service, his/her access to the service will stop.

We are expecting couple of thousands of customer.

What license is the most appropriate.

Thanks, Frank

Can you please explain what type of service you are providing? Then we can give you a solution.

Just downloaded because i fell in love with the dashboard, but its cheating me in alot of aspects. I can’t implement and edit features. I’m not able to implement the radar map of chartjs. Throws weird bugs. Please reply asap, i can provide with details.

Hi, chatjs is third party plugins. Its not a part of our template. However if you’re not able to implements this plugins its not a fault of this template. May be you’ve missed something. We would request you to check chartjs doc.


Hi, I need help using the sidebar with Laravel. How to assign active links to the side bar?

Hi, We are really sorry that we don’t have any Laravel knowledge.