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The Bucket Theme comes with sass files to generate assets?


Is there an angularjs version?

Hi, Unfortunately we don’t have angular js version.


This theme uses resources such as sass, less, node and bower?

Hi, This theme is made only HTML CSS & JS. No pre processor are used.



lajosm Purchased


I’m using your excellent dashboard, but have a question about hiding the left sidebar. On any of the demo pages it works great. However, if I want to have an empty right sidebar, then the button to hide the left sidebar ( ) doesn’t work. That doesn’t make sense to me. One some pages, the right sidebar make no sense.

I’ve tried making the content under completely empty, and this is where the problem occurs. Interestingly, even if I keep some of your sample menu items, it still doesn’t work. I have to have more or less the same menu you have. It is rather bizarre.


Hi, As you remove right side bar contents so please make sure you remove relevant js files which is mentioned in the footer. Maybe it was happen for conflicting scripts.


i have a question i implemented this theme in MVC but one thing i want to know how i can add js file as the conflicts with on an other i f i add in bundle.config is there any valid answer so please share

Hi, i want buy your template (bucket admin), but i have a lot of questions about it.. So i will need a lot of support from you. If you are active (you will be able to answer my questions in around 3 days), please answer this message. Thanks

Dear friend, Nice job. I’m editing your html code for my own purposes. However I’d like you suggest me a HTML Editor. I’m currently using the old FP 2003. Thanks for advance Francisco CHILE

For how many websites can I use our template? Can you check on which i used it usign some way? I think of hosting provider downloaded my files but i’m not sure and i don’t want have troubles from that.



treloso Purchased

Is there any way of making the leftside menu closed by default? And only open if clicked in the button?


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I would like to know how can I put some panel or column in position fixed inside the wrapper. The idea is to have a breadcrumb inside the wrapper fixed. I’ve been trying but always took the container width.



I am utilizing the “horizontal_menu.html” but the toggles for the expand/collapse on the panels do not work.

I checked the demo theme and it appears this carries over to the demo provided as well:

Is there a line of code missing that I can simply add back to this page for it to work?

I would not recommend on buying this admin theme. They provide you with a set of UI components that looks like reusable ones but in fact they are not. So a lot of code you still will have to write.

hellou when i am looking on dynamic table in phone, it doesnt look very well. Do you plan any modification for corectly showing?