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Lovely design. Was this origionally a PSD template? Looks familair.

Nice work!

Yeap, this template was a very popular PSD : http://themeforest.net/item/business-template/50386. Thanks for your feedback!

gray and blue never looked so good

link not working [removed] for psd

Thanks! Sorry about broken link, my mistake. http://themeforest.net/item/business-template/50386

I have someone in mind for this but they hate rotators of any kind—can the image rotator be left out completely

Sure! You can remove rotator easily in HTML , but after that you must to put something in right header area in order to have a good graphical balance http://www.kaisersosa.com.ar/envato/demos/businesstemplatev1/images/header.jpg maybe a slogan text?

Hello Kaisersosa, I hope you can help me, even if Germany wins the Match tomorrow :shocked:

I bought this really cool Template and everything works fine, but there is one Problem which I can´t fix: when I send mails with the included “sendmail.php” -the Mail don´t shows the German special characters (called “umlaut” like: öäüßÖÄÜ).

Where should I use the “charset utf-8” in the PHP ? I have tried many things – still getting something like this: ÀöÌÌöÀÀÃ?Ã?

Hope you can help me – Thanks and greetings.:grin:

First of all, congratulations for your victory!

I’m using this form http://midmodesign.com/news/coding/jquery-ajax-contact-form-with-honeypot/ but we don’t have support there for your issue.

I found this forum discussion about german characters: http://www.activecollab.com/forums/topic/666/

Good luck! K.

Thanks x2!

I found indeed the Answer with your second Link, there is just one Line of Code in the PHP which have to be added. It works fine! Greetings

hi very good work is it possible to install a forum

Thanks for your purchase! This is a corporate website with basic structure, it’s not ready to be used in a Forum platform. But you can use the PSD file inside the pack and make the needed graphics for your Forum theme. Cheers! K.

Helo, i have a slight problem with the template, none of the content is showing in internet explorer 9. But on other browser (chrome, mozilla, opera) everything is ok. What is the problem? something in the cufon font?

thank you for you’re help


I guess. Take a look to this blog post: http://www.cake.ie/mix/108 Good luck with that, and thanks for your purchase!

Acabo de comprar este template, y solo me vino el archivo .PSD, por qué?

Hola, no compraste este template sino su versión PSD . Si hubieses comprado éste tu comentario debería tener una banda cruzada en el extremo superior derecho, que dice “Purchased”. Igual que el comentario debajo del usuario terricoreia. Saludos!