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Can you tell me logo font name?



Please use our support center getting support, comments only for pre-sale questions.

Thank you for co-operation! Regards

are we still supporting this template.. i notice you direct everyone to your ticket system for questions.

even simple questions as to what font was used for logo?

hi. how can i change the text on the navigation menu? (about us, services…)

Does this template support multi language?

Hello, i would like to know if the form is multilanguage for the field control ? thx for your answer

Hi. I purchased this theme but it gives a server error when I try go to your support page so I hope you can help me here. Under “recent works” on the home page, I’m trying to take away the scroll functionality so that it just has static images. I want to add in approx 10 images but need them all to be visible at the same time. Thanks in advance.

Hello Team, seems its 1 week your support is not active, I have a problem with the theme, when i share my website link in facebook, then i see this text in the facebook description. “MetCreative’s new theme Cacoon is better than any other previous theme!” even if i share any of my page, then its showing the same text apart from the description from my website. Whats wrong with this ?

I have purchased the theme. Won’t upload. It says missing style sheet however that was just in the wrong folder and has since been moved. I was informed there is an “index.php” file missing completely and that’s why I can’t upload. I’ve spent hours working on this. Please help with finding out where this index.php file is!

Hello Team, we have a problem, our contact site with google maps gives an error – Oops! Something went wrong. – Where can we paste our google maps api key??? THANKS

Hello there, i would like to add percent sign % with values in the middle of the “circle chart skill”, Please do you have some suggestion about this problem ? i have searched in .js files but noway. Thx regards phil