Discussion on Candy | One & Multi Page HTML

Discussion on Candy | One & Multi Page HTML

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Hello Agni, It is about the logo in the class :

<div class="header-icon"> <a href="#" class="logo-icon logo-dark"><img src="img/logo.png" alt="CANDY" /></a> <!-- Logo to change --> <a href="#" class="logo-icon logo-lite"><img src="img/logo_lite.png" alt="CANDY" /></a> <!-- Logo to change --> </div>

I would like the logo to be bigger – thank you to explain me how to do this.


Hey AgniHD,

I am facing below issues with the theme (index3.html):

1. The first banner screen does not scroll on a touch screen laptop/desktop on chrome browser. 2. I have only changed the images and content, yet the responsiveness seems to be disturbed. 3. I have updated the work section and added more images to it, but the design seems disturbed on smaller screen sizes like 14 inch etc.

Would appreciate response on the above queries.

Thanks, Himanshu

Hello, I’m really sorry! We do not provide support for HTML versions.

Thank you

Hi nice template

If you like partnership in Joomla version then please contact me via contact.bluetheme@gmail.com

Hi, can you tell me how to add a checkbox to the forms? Ive attempted to modify the contact.php and script.js, But no luck. Thanks http://www.iinobe.com/quotes.html

Much thanks for the response. For some reason, CONTACT.PHP will not display the checkbox values in email. Ive attempted numerous edits to the lines you suggested:

Checkbox code: <input type=”checkbox” name=”vehicle[]” value=”Bike”>I pedal <input type=”checkbox” name=”vehicle[]” value=”Car”>I drive <input type=”checkbox” name=”vehicle[]” value=”Foot”>I walk

Added to contact.php: line 5: isset($_POST[‘vehicle’]) || line 14: $type = implode(’, ’, $_POST[‘vehicle’] ); line 20: \n\nType: $type

I still only get name/email/website/message. I thought adding a simple form element would be easy. Other than the form issue, the template is perfect. Am I missing something?

Give unique ids to the input fields and use those ids on global variable (for ex. $_POST[‘your_id’]).

Thank you

Thank for response. For some reason, unique ids did not work. http://iinobe.com/formTest/contact.html

<input type=”checkbox” id=”b1” name=”vehicle[]” value=”Bike”>I have a bike <input type=”checkbox” id=”b1” name=”vehicle[]” value=”Car”>I have a car <input type=”checkbox” id=”b1” name=”vehicle[]” value=”Walk”>I walk

IVE TRIED BOTH OPTIONS IN contact.php: $b1 = $_POST[‘b1’]; AND $b1 = implode(’, ’, $_POST[‘b1’] );

\n\nType: $b1

If there is no solution, then Ill have to choose another template option, that better handles forms.

Thanks for the help

For starters, I LOVE this template. It’s super great and the design is so nice! The problem I am having is that I am not able to get the white space at the top to go away once I start scrolling. It happens on all platforms and I’m not sure how to fix it. I am fixing the code via Dreamweaver.


I’m really sorry, Your support seems expired. And i’m not providing support for HTML product.

btw: it may be a spacer element’s( ) issue.

Thank you

Referencing the below comments.

Hello! How could I make clickable the whole thumbnails on portfolio, instead just to have a link on them? Thank you.


just place the tag before thumbnail’s tag.

Thank you :-)

I am still having trouble with this. Can you show an example of how to make the entire project image clickable and not just the text for each project? Thanks!

Hi, can you also change the triangle cursor to a custom image?

Hello, its very simple, add cursor css to ”.custom-image” by referring style.css

Hope it helps :)

Hi! First of all congratulations for this theme, it’s amazing, but i need to discuss with you about some bugs that i’ve found installing it in my website. The first problem is in the homepage: when you scroll down, a big white bar appears over the background image, and only half background image is visible on the screen. I haven’t noticed this bug in other devices, it’s just a computer screen problem. I think it depends on an error in line 86 of header.php, but i am not sure of what i have to change. I’ve seen that another user had this problem, but ’ haven’t understood how he resolved it. Can you help me out? Going on, after the last update of the theme, i can’t see the google fonts that i’ve chosen for my website in the mobile devices. How is it possible? I clearly see it on the computer screen, but not on a smartphone or a tablet. Thanks for all, i’m waiting for your answer!

Great to hear! :) you’re welcome.

Sorry guys, but after 2 or 3 scrollings on google chrome the white bar is still there! ): The bug remains only in this browser, mozilla and safari work perfectly. I’m sure that the update is the last one, i’ve checked it again. How can i resolve?

Hello, Can you contact me via support tab?

Hi. A little issue on the index.html file (the 3 files). The navigation is buged (in chrome and only on desktop, no problem on mobile device – If you scroll and then scroll back, you will see the issue), as it can be seen here : http://rogierclement.fr/Test/index.html Is it possible to have an answer on this issue ? Thanks a lot !

yes! working on this issue, it will be fixed soon!

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback. Any idea when the fix will be released ?

We found the bug. you have to replace the line 86 with following

    Thank you

Hello! How could I make clickable the whole thumbnails on portfolio, instead just to have a link on them? Thank you.

just place the tag before thumbnail’s tag.

Thank you :-)

Hello I want to open a new window in nav-menu-content a tag using target=”_blank” How can I do this? I think your JS block this.

Hey AgniHD,

how can i edit a portfolio content page? If i would like to edit the “portfolio-single-1.html” I see no changes. The content remains the same ..


Best regards.


it may because of cache!. Check with chrome in inspect element enabled

Hope it helps!.. for further queries! kindly contact me via themeforest.net/item/candy-one-multi-page-html/11030586/support this

Hi AgniHD, top work, very fast and competently support.

Thanks and best regards.

You’re welcome!!.

It has a bug when I scroll down, white empty space appear from top position (something like occur offset), so slide image appear below this space and cropped.

I have downloaded new version you commented bug fix something. But this problem is continues.

I think this is occur in crome, I could not watch in MS yet!!

When will you fix this problem?

hope you receive the reply via mail!!.. :-)

As “aevpixels” mentioned above there are still issues with the navigation + scrolling on iphone/android and desktop.

I have upload a video here to show you the issue. You can see as I try to scroll down it will not let me :


Great ! Will send over a response now.

Many thanks and great support !

I just replied.. thank you!!..

Just wanted to let everyone know Agni fixed all of my issues in the latest update.

If you are thinking about purchasing the theme you will not be disappointed. Agni does great work.

Thank you =)

Love the template, but have a couple bugs to report:

1. video backgrounds don’t play on mobile

2. when the portfolio modal is open using an iPhone w/ iOS 8.1.2, you can swipe up from the bottom and the main page will clip through and scroll instead.

3. when you’ve selected a filter for the portfolio, then click in the whitespace near the filter, the bottom border for the filter will jump up a few pixels.


Menu does not close until the right hand corner x is clicked on, unlike in the demo, where the menu closes when a link is clicked.

hello, this error has been fixed.. can you contact me via http://themeforest.net/item/candy-one-multi-page-html/11030586/support

Hi, I would love to purchase this today. Just had a few questions.

01. On mobile chrome across all 3 layouts I am unable to scroll down from the header. It’s very difficult to do so requiring touching a particular area. Can you fix this ?

02. On mobile the menu’s are a bit broken. On layout 3 the menu will not disappear after touched. On layout 2 half the menu shows and it’s difficult to notice that you have to scroll down on the menu to see more links.

Love the design / layout.

Looking forward to purchasing.

01. i will fix the issue!..

Now, i just fixed the menu disappearing issue.. i am going to update it on demo!!.. I will release the official update via themeforest soon!!.. Thank you!!..

Awesome !

Purchased the files and looking forward to the official update =)

Will message you if there’s any small issue I can’t figure out myself.

Happy to support your work.

Thank you Agni.

Sure!!.. Thank you so much… Thanks for purchasing!!.. Keep supporting..

Love the layout can you implement Instagram feed??

Oops!!.. if i received the same request from few other, I will do. Now i can give you the instruction to implement!!..

Impressive Design Great Work, I like your :) OUR BLOG Design Good Luck ;)

Thank you so much.. :-)


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