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nice work…

Thanks AliA, glad you like it :)

Just purchased it . Awesome work ….. 5 star for it….

Hi tasmania_088,

That’s for the purchase, glad you like it.

Your comment made my day :)

Quick question about your templates: Are they easy to translate into other languages? (Such as buttons and design elements)

Template looks very nice!



Hi Naits,

Yes it easy to translate it into another language, all buttons are text not images so you can easily change their text, and you can update banner’s text in the elements Photoshop file.


Great work, very happy with the template. We had a small problem and recieved awesome support from Gifky who sorted it out in no time for us. Highly recommended

Thanks bluesecurity, appreciate your feedback, Enjoy the template :)

Love the templates you’ve chosen – makes it really easy to craft the newsletter of the month we need.

Any chance of getting a Pinterest button for the social media icons on the bottom? :-)

Hi andrewghayes,

Thanks for purchasing Catch, please contact me from my profile contact form so I can send you the requested button.


It is a very nice template, I bought it but, I must admit that I was a little frustrated not to have an HTML 5 template ! Thanks however for your work !

Hi dpoulin,

Thanks for purchasing Catch email template, this is email template so the layout has to be tables based not divs, in email there is no sense if the template HTML5 or XHTML or HTML 4 because the doctype mostly stripped out, and the rendering done by the email clients which their majority don’t support HTML5 such as all Microsoft Outlook programs. Email clients are way behind web standers, to have more idea please check out : http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/

We are currently working on Catch Landing page that’s HTML5 template, you may like it :)


Hi, I am using Mailchimp and am trying to understand where I do the following:

2.Change the links : View online from href=”#” to href=”|ARCHIVE|” do the same with forward to a friend and change the link to |FORWARD| and unsubscribe link to |UNSUB|



Thanks for purchasing Catch email template, you can skip that step and upload the template and in Mailchimp’s visual editor right click on the “View online version” link and choose “Edit link” and update the link to be

Do the same with “Forward to a friend” and change the link to be
and “unsubscribe” link to

If you need any other help feel free to contact me via my profile contact form.



Is this mobile ready?


Is this mobile ready?

Hi Lizzy79,

The template isn’t responsive but well formatted to work over all screen types, it has perfect dimensions for desktop and tablet devices and it should adjust it’s dimensions once viewed in iPhone and other phone devices.



Beautiful template.

Can you explain what you mean by, “it should adjust it’s dimensions once viewed in iPhone and other phone devices”?

Will this work with Aweber?


Hi KimDushinski,

Thanks for your interest in Catch Email Template, I meant that the template will work in mobile devices without problems and in most phones will have the width of the device screen.

And yes it works in Aweber.


One last question…is it designed with fluid layout so it will adjust to different devices or is it just that the size it is will likely fit on most devices?

Hi KimDushinski,

It doesn’t have fluid layout but has a safe width which will fit on most devices.


Hi, I really love your work, so Bought some of your files: Delicious mail 2, Catch Mail and Landing and in the close future Delicious Kanding. One of the thinks I like are your simple and elegant forms. In the case of Catch landing you set the forms but in a response way. I like to implement the form in the Delicious 2 mail and in the future in Deliciuos Landing, but this two Designs are not responsive how can I insert the form with the control of positions and eight and with. Thank you! Miguel

Hi magm,

I think you didn’t copy the CSS classes, send me copy of the files you edited to gifkynet {@} gmail.com


Hi Gifky, Not only your files are amazing. Your support is INCREDIBLE (also in week ends). Five stars!!! Thanks you!!! Miguel

Thanks Miguel, appreciate your awesome feedback :)


Hi, Do you have any plans to update this or any other of your templates to responsive / fluid layout?

i.e. where a two column layout changes to single column if viewed on a smaller device like mobile.


Hi Nick,

Hopefully templates released in January will have the responsive feature.

The mentioned article covers display:block technique, it’s working but once I tested it before it was buggy on PC Webkit browsers due to the nature of td tags to be displayed by default as table-cell so once you change it to display:block if you reserve back to table-cell chances it will remain rendered with display:block, which the case if you want to display 2 columns once viewed in device’s landscape mode but 1 column once viewed in portrait mode it may not work as intended when you switch from portrait to landscape then portrait again.

Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor responsive templates use the display:block technique so they won’t work responsively on Gmail because Gmail strips out the style block.


Thanks for your in depth reply … that really help me understand what’s going on.

Really like this template … so much so .. I’ve just bought your Magic Mail template to!

Looking forward to your next (hopefully responsive) creations … keep up the great work!

Thanks Nick, appreciate your feedback, will do my best to make the next templates responsive.


Hi, I am new to using a newsletter template and using Constant Contact but that is what the client uses. When I open up the elements.psd file it only lets me edit certain things, how does this apply to the specific html file I am using in Constant Contact? Also for instance if I am using layout 4 and I want to change: Latest News, Featured Pictures, etc…to custom images how do I do that in photoshop and have it show up in the html? I thought I would be able to customize those headlines/banners. I need help. Thanks!

Hi tanderson7399,

Thanks for purchasing Catch Email Template, the Photoshop file “elements.psd” contains all layouts elements (icons, borders, banner, etc..) which are used in the template.

To change any text such as “Latest News, Featured Pictures” titles you have to do it directly in the text/html editor you are using to edit the template (you can do it in Constant Contact).

To create custom icons next to those titles just open elements.psd & locate the layer of that icon you want to change (in the layers panel) & hide it (Click on the eye symbol next to layer’s name), create new layer & place your icon instead of the old icon in the same location (icons and slices dimensions are 30px width by 24px height), do the same for other icons and save the slices with the new icons (File > Save to Web & Devices > All User Slices).

Make sure to place the new icons instead of the old one in the correct images folder & it will appear in the layout html file without any additional modifications.

Feel free to contact me via my profile contact form if you have any other questions.



Just bought this template but i think i made a small mistake.

I hoped that i got a mailchimp template too, like a predesigned template so that for every newsletter i send out i just have to put in my images and text.

It seems that i have to hardcode the template which is too much time consuming considering the fact i send out like 24000 emails /month.

Any thoughts on this?

Reason i bought it coz you are one of the few who has a three column layout in template Layout2.html and i am desperate looking for something like this.

Just an image left aligned, text in the middle and on the right a small side for ads.

In table form something like 1/4 image 2/4 text and 1/4 image



Hi Roger,

Thanks for purchasing Catch Email Template, actually you can just edit the template as you wish in Mailchimp’s visual editor (change text, pictures, etc…), you just need to follow the documentation under the title “Using the template in Mailchimp” then in Mailchimp you can edit the template in the visual editor and place you company information, logo, etc… then save the template and use it for future campaigns.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via my profile contact form so I can assist you.



I just bought this template for use in aweber and was really excited about it. I don’t seem to be able to make it functional in the aweber visual editor. If I don’t know code, am I hooped?

Thanks, Claudia.

Hi Claudia,

Thanks for purchasing Catch Email Template.

You can edit the template without code skills in one of the WYSIWYG editors like for example Microsoft Expression Web (it is free software), and once you are done editing just import ready template to Aweber. Here are the steps of using the template in Aweber:

1- After you edit the layout you want to use upload its “images” folder to your hosting server/website.

2- Change images location in the layout to read from the new location where you uploaded the images folder, here is how to do it: open the layout you want to use in Notepad (or any text/WYSIWYG editor) and (Ctrl + H) for the “search and replace” function, write images/ and replace each of the results with the URL of the images folder you uploaded to your hosting server/website and then save the layout and copy all of html text (Ctrl + S then Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C). For example if you uploaded the images folder to: http ://website.com/newsletter/images/ then you have to replace:

images/ with http ://website.com/newsletter/images/

3- go to Aweber and compose a new message, scroll to the bottom of the message screen and select “Source” and paste the HTML code ( Ctrl + V), switch back to the design by clicking “Design”.

If you have any other questions contact me via my profile contact form.

Hope that helps. Regards.

I just imported the template to mailchimp but does not look like I can edit the template, no options to change text or images directly on template. Please help. Thanks Simone

Hi Simone,

Thanks for purchasing Catch Email Template, please make sure to follow the help documentation to make the template editable in Mailchimp’s visual editor, if you still have any issue with editing the template in Mailchimp feel free to contact me via my profile’s contact form.


I purchased the Catch Landing page thinking it would be easy like drag and drop. Is it possible to change the html with the Mailchimp visual editor?

Hi Arjanweijer,

Thanks for purchasing Catch Email Template, following the help documentation to upload any layout to Mailchimp you should be able to edit the text and images in Mailchimp’s visual editor, to delete/duplicate any module/row you need to switch to the HTML tab and copy/paste the desired module, the template has code comments at the starting and end of each module to make it easy to delete/duplicate any module.

If you have any problem uploading the template to Mailchimp feel free to create a support ticket.