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neat and clean template.. good job

Thanks for the kind words!

How do I preview the other colors?

I don’t have them available for preview at the moment, but you can check out the live demo of the caulk Wordpress template to see the exact same colors in action.

No PSD ’s??? :(

I design in Fireworks, not Photoshop, so there never were any PSDs. Instead, I use layered PNG files for all the images, which are completely customizable and layered for you to be able to customize the theme to whatever you like. PNGs work in Fireworks and Photoshop. You can use them to create any color scheme or adapt any of the images that you wish. Let me know if you have any questions regarding PNGs.



Joomla Theme Plase

I would love to at some point, once I learn Joomla.

I tried this theme for my first WP installation. I have been developing sites from templates with Joomla for about 4 years. I must say, WP is a pain in the * compared to joomla. It just seems so restricted and I can’t get things setup how I want them.

Brian, this would be a great Joomla template! Not sure what I’m going to do now.

Is there any way I can get an .sql dump and the images to start out this as a demo complete site? Havin a hard time setting this up initially. I know it’s not your problem I’m not a WP expert, but I would appreciate it. Thanks.

brian. i downloaded the theme again and installed it using the wordpress installer.

the results are the same.

what is your recommended installation process. you don’t specify this in the support docs.

am i supposed to move the files out of the “includes” folder into another folder?

I guess I forgot to ask… are you referring to the Caulk Wordpress template or the Caulk HTML template?

Is there away for this HTML Theme to be updated for IE 6 ? Love the theme but I can just imagine my users still having IE 6 stragglers out there…...........

I did an IE6 compatibility overhaul for someone on the Wordpress version, so I can do one for the HTML version as well. I can do these customizations for you at our regular hourly rates if you like. Let me know and I can get you a quote.

Thanks, Brian

I bought this once… i will leave it at that… lesson learned… no IE6 … No Buy!!! Whats the easiest way to manipulate ones logo image in this theme.. because the size is very restricting?

I did not list IE6 in the list of compatible browsers since it was not compatible because I didn’t want anyone to get confused. I’m sorry it doesn’t work in IE6 , and like I said I can custom port it to be compatible if you’d like to hire me.

Do you want to increase the size of the area that holds the logo?

Do you want to increase the size of the area that holds the logo?

Yes I would like to … giving me more options for a logo… kind of boxed in now!!!!!

By the way I love your site and design for this template :-)


To increase the area for the logo, you will need to edit the style.css file. If you feel comfortable doing this, find line #115 and increase that to whatever height you want. Then find line #65 and increase that to a height that is 15 pixels shorter than the first line. So, if you set the #header to 100px in height, you will need to set the #logo to 85px in height.

Let me know if you have any trouble.


awesome stuff.. i edited the the css.. and everything looks good….so as to bea able to adjust the log for whatever… but now the menu is off.. how do i fix that…. my site so you can see the menu sizing issue:

header {

height:115px; < – edited background:#FFF url(‘images/headerbackground.jpg’) repeat-x center bottom; overflow:visible; } #featured { height:330px; background:url(‘images/featuredbackground-blue.jpg’) repeat-x center top; } #logo { float:left; margin:0px 0px 0px 0px; width:278px; height:100px; < -Edited overflow:hidden;

You are so helpful … thanks in advance…

I’m not sure I see how the menu is off. Where is the problem exactly?

It seems that my “Quick Contact” form isn’t working. The standard contact form on the “Contact” page is working fine. Any ideas?

Sorry, didn’t get a chance to look at this today, I’ll take a peek tomorrow.

Thanks, Brian


I would like to test your version of the files to see first-hand what’s happening behind the scenes. I need you to zip your current website folder and send it to me via email: If you need help doing this let me know. Thanks!

Hi. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong but when I open index.php (after I’ve made the changes to 3 files to customize) all I get is like a list with menu options on the website. Seems like there is no proper layout. Here is the link


Has this theme been updated? I would like a copy.

This theme has not been updated in a while. It is compatible with Wordpress 3.0, but it doesn’t take advantage of the new features such as custom menu types. It will work as originally designed, however.

Not only a great theme, but also great and fast service by Brian at the moment I needed it. Super!

Thanks for the kind words!