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And also i want to change the icons from where will i get the values of font awesome. on their site they have written names but in ur coding there are values for icons.

Great template! Can I use a youtube video as background?


You can now download and version with YouTube video background.



Hi IG,

How/where are the social media icons? I’ve searched the images folder and did not find them. In the html script it only has “?”. I guess that’s the short code for the icon. I wanted to know where is this located. I want to add a LinkedIn and perhaps other social media icons.


Oh Wow! Thanks! This is an AWESOME design! One last question: If I want the page animations to reverse when scrolling back to top, what must I do?

Thank you for your time.

For scroll animations template use scrollReveal plugin, all options for that plugin you can see here: https://github.com/julianlloyd/scrollReveal.js


Okay. Thanks a lot.

Couldn’t resist, had to get this :-) Such a great template.

One question : how to get the audio for the video slider background ?

Thanks! :)

For self-hosted video background just edit index.html and on line 120 delete this: muted=”muted” and set volume from 1 to 100.

thanks a lot… worked :-)

You are welcome! :)

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Is there a way to solve the scrolling issues that arise in firefox?

I am also having trouble with the firefox video not appearing. I have an mp4 video file, which I have converted to a .oggtheora.ogv file through MIro Video Converter. Shall I just manually change the extension to .ogg and upload it?

And I do experience scrolling issues on the firefox demo you provide, as well as my own site. It is not fluid and often non-responsive.

Can you please send me your website url, here or on my e-mail: ivang.design@yahoo.com

Hey there, I sent you some questions about internet explorer compatibility and video issues. Any chance you could help out with some pointers?

Hello, i am trying to put two galleries at the same page but i have a problem at the filters. The filters of the second gallery do not work. Except from placing the galleries in different divs, is there anything else i should do? Thanks in advance. PS the template rocks!


Send me files on mail i will do that for you.


Great theme, great job! I would like two forms, one would be name/email/message and the other one would be a form to be filled out by potential customers, not sure how to do this since only the first form will work on the same page?


(one is under “contacto” the other one under más info “presupuestos”) thanks, Kai

sent it :)

Hi again, not heard from you about the above?

Another question, how can I make a 6 column grid for fotos http://www.decocemento.com/new/index.php#colors

thanks for your time

Love the template. I’m having trouble finding where I update the map so I can change it from your location to mine. Thanks!


Thanks! Edit template.js, find google map code and change coordinates.


cao gospodine ivane, Imam puno pitanja u vezi ovoga template.

I would like to know how to make the logo bigger in size expand without, miss aligning the page, also i need to know how to change the google map to my location, also id like to add more pictures to the portfolio section, and is it possible to change the color of the pre loading page CHRONOS to like green instead of black or white only? also how do i speed up my revolution slider slides to pre load faster so there is no delay when you open up the page? Molim vas pomozite mi ako nije problem ako mozete objasniti malo u detalju to bi bilo extra HVALA od srca.


Logo: edit layout.css and find .logo, change there height and width.

Google map: edit template.js find google map code and you will see coordinates, just change to yours.

Portfolio: just copy and paste li with portfolio-box class, and change image…

Preloader: edit index.html and on the bottom you will see code:

                mode:           'text', // 'number', "text" or "logo" 
                text:           'CHRONOS',
                timeout:        0,
                showInfo:       true,
                opacity:        1,
                background:     ['#FFFFFF']
just change background. For font color edit layout.css and find #royal_preloader.text .loader and change color.

Rev. Slider: edit index.html and on the bottom find code:

               revapi = jQuery('.tp-banner').revolution(
change delay. It’s in milliseconds.

Pozdrav! Ivan

In home page with Video Background, how to show the Sound control (On and off) like the one you’ve created for DELTA?

Last version, redownload: http://ivang-design.com/chronos/videoyt/ youtube video background

Video background doesn’t work in Safari. How to make it work?

Great template. Gonna use it for my design portfolio. 5 stars

Hi there, when I click on the gallery a loader comes up with the text chronos on it, can you please point me where I can change this?

I already changed it for the site intro  <!-Royal_Preloader.config->

Is it the same kind of thing? Other than that everything seems to be working out fine.



Edit project.html, project1.html or project2.html… and on the bottom of that file you will see js code:
                mode:           'text', // 'number', "text" or "logo" 
                text:           'CHRONOS',
                timeout:        0,
                showInfo:       true,
                opacity:        1,
                background:     ['#000000']
just change text ‘CHRONOS’


I tell you what mate you are awesome! You deserve to do well. I love the quick response very professional.

Nice 1.

Dear Creative,

This is an awesome template. I downloaded this theme last night and want to use the “Light” version of it. I realized the slider is not working on Internet Explorer. Would you send me the fix for it.


Just to add this: In your theme forest portfolio page where it says “Live Demo”, when i choose Light to view the demo it is just fine in all browser (but different motion effects). In downloaded package the slider not working on Internet Explorer. the first image loads in half and the next image is showing after but from then the sliders stop working even the buttons.

problem solved, but I am having another issue now which next post is indicating that. Thanks

When Next and Previous button clicks on slideshow to see the next slide stops the auto slide.

It is very strange because when the page loads the auto slideshow works just fine but after clicking the Next and Previous button it just stops all the sudden and no more auto slide is working.

Would you please fix this problem.

If you can also tell me how may i change the effect on slides that would be great too.

Thank you.


Edit template.js and find code for home background slider. After clicking button slider autoplay stops, thats not bug, no need for fix, just settings. All options for slider: https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.bgndGallery/wiki

I need this slider to be able to auto play again. is there any way doing it?

I have played around with it and create Play and it returns inline style=”display:none;” . I have added style=”display:block;” and some more properties to inline style, finally it shows “Play” over the slideshow but it is not clickable and not functional.

I was thinking maybe I should create an function for this specific BTN but i went over your codes and did not see if you write separate function for :Next” & “Prev” BTNs. seems like it is by default.

Please send me treat for this and I really appreciate it.

My preferred choice is:

if {A. I can be able to set this work auto play again even after someone pushes “Next” || “Prev” BTNs } else {B. then that not possible, add a play BTN to push to play the slides again and disappear “Play” BTN till someone clicked on “Next” || “Prev” BTNs } :)))

Thank you.

Really like the template, however is there a way to get vimeo playing in the gallery section nicely. I have it playing but it always sizes odd so there is black borders left and right of the video. how can i force the to a specific height

I’m using <iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/90979871” width=”500” height=”281” frameborder=”0” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe><!-\\ ->

hi i upload all the theme contained in chronos – template via ftp to wp-content/themes with the other wordpresse default theme, but no ones work it tell me that some file missing. (see the screenshot : http://hpics.li/97ee1ad )

it the first time that i install theme without the zip file and the installation method zip of wordpresse.

how must i do ? thx


Chronos is html/css template, not WP theme.

Hi, awesome theme. Question: My mp4 homepage video doesn’t seem to play on mobile. Is there a solution to make it fullscreen autoplay the way it does on desktop?


Hi, nice theme but is there any option to make it work on IE Windows Phone 8. There is no reaction for menu or moving with a finger.

Thanks for help.

Hey there, I am having some trouble with the video template not working on Firefox and Internet Explorer. While most of the formatting works on Firefox (just the video won’t show even though I uploaded the ogg file), internet explorer seems to have a lot of issues. Is it just not compatible with IE or can I make some fixes? Thanks!


Works fine in IE. Send me mail please, and we will see what is problem with video.