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Oh man you are so fast ,another awesome onepage work ! Good luck :)

Thanks! :)

Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks, appreciated! :)

Beautiful design! :)

Thanks! :)

Nice looking parallax!:)

Thanks! :)

Once again Awesome! Work!

Thanks Shak! :)

Hey friend, nice design! ;)

Thanks! :)

Does your column/grid system allow for a 4 column pricing table instead of the three column that the demo version shows?


Yes, just change from one-third column class to four columns class.


Hi, I want to buy this theme. I wanna ask one thing don’t you have option of animated iMac in light version?

Yes, it is animated. Try again: http://ivang-design.com/chronos/light/ :)

Also in download files are included iMac layered PSD.

And also I want more images in portfolio there are only two rows.. Can i increase the rows? will that effect the jquery used in it?

That will not effect the jQuery, you can increase the rows.

Ok thanks.. one more thing is it possible if u give store option also in this theme like they have http://clean1.elasticbuilder.com/

Store option will be in WordPress version…

Wow, absolutely Beautiful design! Of course it is, it’s IG_Design!$

Thanks William! :)

purchased :)

How will I activate the yellow color?

Hi thanks! :)

Edit layout.css and on first lines you will see:

@import url(“colors/color-orange.css”);

change to color-yellow.css

Hi, one question: Can I customize the line drawing illustration? For example a Macbook instead of the iMac.


It can be iMac, iPad or iPhone.

awesome work! Glws


Great work, congrats!


How will I change the loader logo which comes in the starting?

Edit index.html and on bottom you will see:

                mode:           'text', // 'number', "text" or "logo" 
                text:           'CHRONOS',
                timeout:        0,
                showInfo:       true,
                opacity:        1,
                background:     ['#FFFFFF']

change text.

It is said psd files are included and there is only one psd with a Mac computer….fail!

PSD, not layered PSD files!

beautiful template(s). awesome work.

what’s the dimension size of the video? who is hosting it?

Thanks! Self-hosted video, this one is 720p…

Hi, I need to bold all the headings. How can I do that? (work, services, etc)


< /strong >

to all headings

Or edit base.css file and change font weight for h1 text.