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Hi. We have visited the support site, but never got a reply. (2 weeks ago)

Is there a solution for dropdown menu in the contact form? We added one, but the dropdown’s design is stripped down, and I can’t seem to give the dropdown its own css… Any solution?

Thanks in advance.

Our contact form does not come with a dropdown included.

Hey Enabled, i realize the iphone vector is not included, but if i purchase an iPhone vector, will you be able to help me make the setup you use in the preview?

You mean a preview screen? Like, include the “page” within the iPhone, correct? If so, yes, I can, but for a freelance fee! :)

How much are we talking? :)

Tops 100$ depending on how complex is your vector! :)

IS there any way to have a 4th element added without it automatically moving to the next line. I’d like to add a LinkedIn icon to the bottom row of social icons, but no matter what I try, I cannot add a 4th item without it either going to the next line or misaligning.

i would like to know if there is a way to add a search box because i did not find an option in demo

Hey there. There is no search box by default.

Is not by default but if i purchase is it possible to add by me or is necessary to make an additional payment for it?

Custom / extra features will be charged at freelance rates!

Am I correct in assuming this theme does NOT use the Epsilon mobile framework? I am looking for a theme WITHOUT said framework.

Thank You.

This template, does use the Epsilon Mobile framework, but you are understanding the framework wrongly! The framework si just plain old HTML and CSS code that allows us to create a more relaible platform that runs on all devices. It does not affect you in anyway when coding, and if it does, it will make your coding easier because you don’t have to use complicated attributes and elements that you’ve never heard before in your life. The framework basically makes the item work on classic HTML and CSS on all mobile devices! :)

My apologies, I’m used to working in Wordpress with themes that require some sort of fancy page builder.

So this template is raw CSS and HTML that I can edit freely as needed?

No need to apologize, I correct comments just to make sure everyone knows what the product is. Yes, you are correct. It is a raw HTML & CSS Site Template! And Epsilon is basically the name we gave our framework, our style of CSS, our style of HTML and our structure, which currently we haven’t seen anywhere in the world! We use jQuery, the full jQuery, not the mobile version, and it still runs like fire on mobile devices!

On the intro page below the main slider, you have a sliding group (Retina Graphics, UX First, ...). The left and right black arrows in the demo pages: 1. Don’t respond to clicks 2. For Tablet width they appear below the group on top of the circle images of ‘Responsive Item’ and ‘CSS3 Designed’

I am getting the same with the downloaded version. All of the above is for IE10 and IE11 (did not check others).

Thank you for your help, Budha

Hey there! Send me a message through my profile, I’ll send you the fix in a giffy! Thanks for your purchase!

I am looking to create a select box with a look and feel similar to the other form elements. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

Hey there! I believe ciuter already has select boxes in the jQuery page! You can use them from there! :)

I added my email in php/contact.php is this right? because I am not getting the email to my inbox when I test it.


That’s correct. After you do that, in case you don’t get emails, you’ll have to contact your hosting provider and ask them to enable full PHP support for your server. Our contact script has been in place for the past 20.000 sales and the only time it has failed has been when the host didn’t enable all required features. Send them the PHP file and ask them to enable the required functions. Cheers! :)