Discussion on Classify - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Discussion on Classify - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

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pre-sale questions:

1. is multi location selection in the filter (search) available? something like this :


2. is multi selection by categories/by custom fields available in the link above?

3. is it possible to make easier for visitors to use filters when using custom fields. example when selecting a car brands ‘toyota’, in the custom field ‘Model’ will appear a list like this “RAV 4, PRIUS, AVENSIS, AURIS…”

4. is there options to hide and delete ads after an elapsed time. If the ads expires, the registred user can renew the ads otherwise it will be deleted.

5. can non registred users post ads?

6. is it possible to make possible to select the currency when posting an ads.

7. is there options to verify new registred users example : sms verification…

8. is it possible to use multi language. I need to have the ability to translate menus, categories, custom fields…

9. is your theme comply with GDPR

thank you

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
- You can search by location by selection Country or States or Cities/Area.
- You can select one category and then you can select multiple custom fields.
- Yes When user will select any category then custom fields for that category will be display and user can select from that fields, For Details please visit our demo search page.
- After to expire you have two options, Move to trash or just expire status, IF you will set expire then user can renew that that again.
- User must need to register for ads posting, If you want ads posting without register then we can develop this function for you with paid modification.
- We have email verification for user’s , but you can use any plugin from WordPress.org for SMS verification.
- Yes you can use in multi language for that you need to use WPML or Polylang or any other plugin.
- Yes its comply with GDPR.
For more help and support please contact at support@joinwebs.com

Hello Team

I am interested in this theme.

I need to know some certain things like We have classified categories like Restaurant, Automobile, Real Estate, Heavy Machinery etc.

I want one category to be paid and rest all will free.

Like I want to charge user to submit ads for Automobile categories. User can add ads for free in other categories.

Is that possible in this theme.


Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
We have Pay per post option, with that option you can charge different amount for different categories.
We have free and paid ads, You can allow free ads for all categories or you can turn of free ads for all categories.

hello is it possible to charge for text and photo ad modification?

Your question is not clear, please contact at support@joinwebs.com

Hi! I’m interested to buy the theme but I am trying to access with demo/demo and i cannot access to the back-end to study all the option.

Other question: Can I translate the theme to spanish language? Usually I use Loco Translate, shoud be compatible?

Many thanks

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
- We have only user demo , sorry for admin demo.
- Yes you can translate theme in any language by using Loco Translate plugin.

Hi, is it possible to turn on search results notificatiation as user? When user will turn it on (add search results to favorites) system will send e-mail with new ads to user. Is it possible?

Sorry for search email notification.
But possible with customization.

Good afternoon, I want to know more information about this Theme.

I want to create a website that meets the following: 1) Create a community of Premium Users, these users can receive rewards through their sales achievements. 2-) I want each user to be able to upload or create their ads and to be contacted, as a classified ad. 3-) The user will have the privilege of having their ads appear on the main page (HOME) 4-) The user can send referral invitations to others to register through their affiliation code. This can do this THEME?

Thanks in advance.

Exactly I want the user to be in a private community and to be able to sell their products through classifieds.

I also wish that the user when making the membership payment to be able to publish her advertisements on our advertisement pages.

Something like https://www.olx.com but the difference is that it has to be in a community. and the first who are going to see this publicity are the members. and then the user decides if he wants to post on the main page or not.

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- With our theme you can offer Pricing Plans for Featured ads posting or You can offer Pay per post.
2- All registered user’s can post classifieds ads.
3- User will have access to user Dashboard, from there user can manage their ads.
3- For referral you can use any plugin, because we have not any option for referral program.
For Membership/Pricing Plans we are using WooCommerce for checkout. You can use any plugin compatible with WooCommerce.

  • The user can register and enter a private community, where they will have (forum, private messengers, groups) to enter this community the user must make a payment for the membership.
  • the user will be able to post his ad and this can be shown in a session of the platform
  • I want to make user ads can be displayed on the main home page.
  • The user can pay for their ads to appear in the first position.

Summary: I want a website, where people can have a community and forum, but with the option that they can make announcements and help each other.

so they can sell another member’s ads.

This is the first phase I am looking for, could the THEME do this?

- For membership you need to use any plugin like PaidMembership or any other, By default we have Pricing plans only for posting ads.
- Yes registered user can post premium & free ads.
- Yes all ads will be display on homepage sort by date.
- Yes you can charge for Premium Ads, Bump UP ads.
For more details you can contact at support@joinwebs.com

i cant login to check user demo account using ” demo” for user name and password ? also cant register !

Can you please try again, Because i have test login info is working fine.

Does it work with multisite?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme, Yes it will work for multi-site.

Will it work all over the world or in any one country or city? Does it have money compare service ?

Its will work all over the World. Thanks


please i need ask you ,does your theme support this feature we need it :

we have physical auction that there are some people coming to our site and we start auction on some item , we need make this real auction online also, to enable users see the auction live through camera and enable them join to make bid online on the auction

Please contact at support@joinwebs.com
We will discuss in details.

Hello. I have a ticket and you don’t answer it

There is no ticket from your side.
Please visit this link : https://joinwebs.com/support/
And submit ticket.
Note: Your profile shown you have not purchased our theme.

I have a pre-purchase questions: 1. User submits ad as regular ad, later can he promote featured ad or not? 2. If yes, then features ad price can be category wise or not? 3. Bump aup ad – can we configure price category wise?

1. Can user mark item as sold? 2. Can user mark item as reserved?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
User can submit regular ads, after that user can upgrade to featured ads, and you can use Pay per post option, and you can setup price on category base.
Bump up ad have fixed price for all categories.
You can mark item as sold. Thanks

Dear Team,

I am planning to make a Pet Classified with regards to which I’ve some queries. Appreciate if you could spare some time and answer the followings briefly.

1) Can we add more custom fields based on category? For example, for pets, if I want to add color (X number of colors), Breed (X number of breeds) Gender etc.

2) Will custom fields be validate based on their type For example mobile number (0123 1234567) instead of (+00123 1234567)

3) On Ad Detailed Page can we add a section of relevant Ads or Most Viewed Ads?

4) Can I change the term Ad to any desired term – that’s because I want to use it for pets and want to say Sell your Pets rather than Submit your ad.

5) Can I prompt users to login first to view the contact number ?

6) Can I make 10 Rows of Latest Ads on home page and then a button underneath saying load more?

7) Can I make more tags like “Sold” to put on the pets which are sold?

8) Will the listing be removed? like I put a pet for sale will it remain there even after 1 year or will it be deleted automatically?

9) How does featured ad work? will featured add go on top in respective category or at top in all ads?

10) Can we add more custom fields on signup page? such as Type “Individual” or “Broker” ?

11) Can we remove email address and instead ask for mobile number to send OTP to verify the user?

12) Can we add new currency and remove all other currencies?

13) is there any more different layout of Ad Detailed Page?

14) Is it possible to display category wise ads like Category A then two rows then Underneath Category B and its ads and underneath category C and so on?

15) Is there any option for Ad going live after approval or direct without approval set by admin?

16) Is there any admin panel for this?

17) Is it possible to add new categories such as Pets (Cats, Dogs, Birds, Reptiles etc) and then set their attributes

Looking forward to hear from you .

Thank you!

Thanks for showing interest our theme.
1- Yes you can add more custom fields (Input text, drop-down, checkbox) based on category.
2- You can add Input text, drop-down and checkbox, what you mean by validate?
3- We already have a related ads section on a single ad page, We also have Most Viewed Widget, That you can use on a single ad details page.
4- Yes you can change any word/term/text from theme, All text comes from language file.
5- You can hide contact number for all or you can shown contact number for all, IF you want to show number only for registered user then its possible with customization.
6- On homepage you can manage ads count, You can increase/decrease ads count on homepage.
7- We have option to mark any ad as sold, But if user will mark any ad as SOLD then that ads will be removed from search and all other pages, SOLD ads will be show only on Author page.
8- You can set ads expiry for one month or 2 month or 1 year, And after that time ads will be removed.
9- Featured ads will be shown at top of all pages.
10- If you want to add more fields in register form then you need to use any plugin or you can get paid customization from us.
11- Email is required for sign-up.
12- We have the option to use multi currency or single currency, You can simply switch Multi currency to single currency and you can use your currency tag (PKR).
13- Sorry we have only one design for single ad page.
14- We have a category page for each category.
15- As an admin you can Turn ON/OFF post moderation. 16- Yes we have User Dashboard at front-end and admin dashboard at backend.
17- We have added dummy categories, locations, posts etc, You can delete/edit or add new as per your requirement.
For more help and info please contact at support@joinwebs.com

Hello, 1. where I can see the administrative facilities (editing, adding, deleting users, ads, packages, ad banners, etc.) 2. what are the forms of promoting a single advertisement 3. what is the possibility of adding advertising banners best regards

Please visit any demo and login with demo account.
User: demo
Password: demo
From user dashboard you can manage Edit/Delete/Post ads & packages.
As a Admin you can manage all things from WordPress Dashboard.
For Advertising banners you can use Image banner/Google Ads or any HTML/JS ads.

Is there a possibility to select “buy now” on the listing?

Please send your question with details at support@joinwebs.com

hello, is it possible to import classifieds ads by a user and / or administrator? greetings

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
Are you looking to import ads from any file? If yes then sure you can import ads by using WP ALL IMPORT plugin.

no android version for this ? any suggestion? for android version before I purchase

Please ry any plugin for this.
Like these plugins.
Or any other.

Hello, on the subject of payments when a person selects a plan that the ad is 30 days old and buys it, the system automatically removes the ad in those 30 days or is it manual that one has to be looking to remove it?

Ads will be removed after 30 days automatically.

Hello, I am looking to make a classifieds site, and I want to know if with this topic I can make a client select a plan to choose for his classified, for example, to select the text that his ad will have, photographs, etc etc and depending on which ones I select get the cost of your ad and you can pay with stripe or some other method of payment.

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1. You can choose Stripe or any other payment method, which is supported by WooCommerce.
2. You can charge for ads posting by plans or by pay per post based on categories.

Hello, I bought the theme a long time ago and was only able to use it now. Unfortunately, the “Fashion Classify” banner, which I can set in “Advertainment”, is not displayed on any page or ad. I need Help please

Please send email at support@joinwebs.com
Our team will help you. Thanks


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