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woocomerce product

What you mean by woo commerce products? Yes we have shop option. Thanks


is it possible to charge a fee for ’’upgrade’’ of a standard item to a featured item (for example to be shown on the top or in the home page)? If yes, is it payable via Paypal?

And the second question, is it possible to use multiple currencies (by the items for sale, not for charging customers) or custom currencies, like for example cryptocurrencies?


Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- Yes you can charge for Premium/Featured Ads. And yes you can use PayPal or any other payment method.
We are using Woo commerce for checkout so you can use any payment method.
2- For Submit Ads posting you can use multi currency.

does Classify theme suport ads bump up feature or no ? if no do you have a plan to add this feature in the near future or not ? thanks

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Right now we have featured ads and pay per post. But sure we have plan to ad bump ad option in coming update. Thanks

Hi, I bought theme from another author he was not responsive, I just wanted to know is it possible to do myself categories like this screenshot???

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes our theme is responsive, and you can add your own categories, we just added dummy categories, you can add your own categories. Thanks

i like your theme and want to purchase it. but i want to find out if i can integrate monthly plans were it says the number of Ads use can upload in each plan. i look forward to hearing from you soon. thank you

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. In plans you can set number of ads and days limit. Like for 30 days or 15 days. Thanks

Hey man, I bought this item but after I install, its not showing the same thing as the demo but just a blank page with the menu bar. or do i have to do something? Thanks~

Thanks for purchase our theme. Please submit ticket on support, our team will see what’s problem there.

hey man another one is that the LayerSliderWP Slider is not on my sidebar, any help? Thanks~

Please follow up on your support ticket. Thanks

hi, deciding what theme to get but i read a previous comment asking that can we make our own currency and you guys said yes. just following this up, can I make up a currency for reward points, like daily log in points then the users can us that points to feature their points instead of paying real life currency. thanks

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. I am sorry to say, but we don’t have point system.

i want to ask one more question. can you advise me on how i will put a referrer system so that when a user is registering for a plan. he can input the referrer because i want to keep record of referrer and pay them commission. i look forward to hearing from you soon. thank you

We are using WooCommerce for checkout, And there are many plugins in market for Refer a friend.

hi, this theme support in wordpress multsite?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes you can use this for multisite. Thanks

If seller and buyer access this website at a same time,So can Buyer LIVECHAT with Seller without using email like a facebook messenger or whatsapp???

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. For live chat you can use any free plugin. Thanks