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Can add other location and language?

Sure you can all other locations. Also you can delete old locations. Sure you can use classify in any language. Thanks

Can we restrict the ads by member’s phone numbers? Can we make a monthly weekly plan for members?

User can edit post from frontend user Dashboard (Profile).


eurobit Purchased

When i want to edit an Ad like Or redirects to the frontend.

I want that my clients edit their ads from frontend which seems should working. From Dashboard (Profile). – i can’t edit all of my attributes. example Location… So please reply why redirects the edit?

And i have problem to set the paypal too. The documentation is very few. I become a blank page with no error message.


1- For Edit Ads, You can only edit your own ads, not Admin user Ads.
2- Can you please submit ticket on support so i will see what problem there.
This comment section is not a support forum.
I hope you will understand.

Hi, 1 – I checked both demos, Classfy and Classiera and I couldn’t find the difference. Can you please tell me if there are any differences or if there is a page that compares both themes? 2 – I read that Classify comes with different languages, including Spanish which is the one I’m looking for. Does Classiera also include Spanish language? Thanks!

Thanks guys… now it’s very clear….... ?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
Both theme are fine , Its customer choice which custom like.
Yes you can use classiera in any language.
for more help and info please come to email.

Hi ! How can I find demo content please ?

Thanks for purchase our theme .
Have you download all files and documentation?
If yes then extract that file file which you have download from themeforest and you will see dummy content folder.
Or Contact at support, Team will setup demo for you .
And Demo Installation is free of cost.

Couple Pre-Sales questions: Can the search not have the distance slider? My situation would just need the category & location dropdowns, & keyword. Is there a “Claim Listing” option? Is there a way to sell “Featured Ads”? I’m looking to use this as a Business Directory more than classifieds. So want owners to place, or claim Ads/Listings I create for free. Then have a pay option to turn that ( 1 ) Ad into a Featured Ad. Thanks Frank

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
Please come to email and we will discuss in details all points.

I plan to buy this theme for a high traffic website. Do you have any feedback about performance ? Maybe a demo with performance plugins (minify etc) activated ? Right now the Pagespeed index is 33/100 :/

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
There will be no problem for high traffic.
Its depends on your server.
For more info please contact at

hide tell me please , the regular licence was with limited user ?

What you mean by limited user? If you are asking for your website users, then there is no limit. Thanks.

i ask fo number of ads dear it’s limited or no ?

No. You can post unlimited ads.

help !! Congratulations!! Your ad has been submitted and is pending review. I can not approve the ad, I could help please, the publication was made by social network thanks

Please watch this video, I hope this will help you.
Or Come to support team will help you.

Hi Does the theme supports RTL Style?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes Its fully RTL supported.

Can your theme handle these features

1) can users easily upgrade from free to premium during the ad creation process?

2) can users upgrade en existing add from free to premium?

3) Is there a location search function where the user can search for items ” within the number km’s from my location (or postcode). Like gumtree

4) Is there website locations for banner advertising or adsense ads?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1. User need to purchase a plan for Premium ads posting.
2. Yes user can upgrade free ads to paid ads any time.
3. For location user can search with country, state, city.
4. Yes we have option for Image banner, HTML ads or Google adsense.

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I have few pre-sales question.
I am building a site where users can add listing with a file attachment.
1. Can users add new categories if there is no category they are looking for? (listing type, field etc.. will be the same, just different category)
2. Can you attach files (not image, video or document files) when adding a listing?
3. I don’t need map or geolocation, can I take it out?
4. Can you display view count on each single listing page?
5. can you display a badge for paid member?
6. Is there user directory page?
7. Is there user profile page that visitors can view that users profile
8. user follow?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- No, Only admin can add categories.
2- We have only image option,and video link option. If you need more then you need to contact at support for customization.
3- Yes you can remove MAP from theme options.
4- Yes we have Views count on all single Ad page.
5- Right now we don’t have badge for paid member, But sure its possible with customization.
6- Sorry we don’t have user directory page, but thanks for suggestion we will add this in update.
7- Yes we have user profile page.
8- Yes user can follow other user.
For more info please contact at

hello, please, I have some questions
    1) I want this theme for a business listing so I don;t want to mention prices. I that possible?
    • 2) what payment gates are available? since my country doesn’t support PayPal.if not can i add other payments or plugins?
      • 3) can I add more details about the ad? for example I want to mention if there is free shipping or to which country they can ship?
        • 4) can I mention whatever category I want? add or remove categories?
          • 5) I don’t want the (shop) in the menu. instead, I want to mention (Add list) to let the client add their company.
            • 6) In the listing page. can I view them alphabetically?
            • thank you.

Please come to email. I will give you complete details.

ok right now.



jaredd303 Purchased

So when I post an ad it takes me to “pricing plans” I want users to be able to post without this option…how do I do this ?

Please go to classify options and Turn ON regular ads posting. Or contact at support.

hello, please is woocommerce available right now? so can i accept payments by skrill ?

how much time it will take for the next update?

At the end of this month.

okay waiting it. thank you.

No está en Español?

Sure you can use in your language.

y por que no está disponible en la DEMO ?

On demo we can’t create all languages demo. But we have included .po and .mo files , so user can use this theme in any language. Thanks