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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to post an ad without being connected (as guest, like in for example) ?

Thank you for your answer !

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Right now we don’t have this feature، but its possible with customization۔ if you are interested then please contact at

Hi! I’m thinking about buying your awesome looking theme for my next project. I just have few pre-sales questions:

1. What kind of page builder does this theme use?

2. I want to offer the possibility to submit listings for free. Is that possible?

3. Can I remove fields and add fields in the “Submit Ad” easily via WP back end?

4. Do you have a demo account so that I could take a look at the WP back end of your theme?

5. Do you have .po file included in the theme so I can translate the theme easily?

Thanks in advance!

Yes sure.
User: demo
Pass: demo

Thanks for the login details. Two more questions :)

5. Are all the fields in the “Submit ad” form compulsory to fill? Because not every customer wants to give their phone number to be seen public in the front end.

6. I ask again just to be sure. I would like to remove some fields in the “Submit ad” form and possibly add some new ones. This can be done in the WP back end without having to change anything from the .php files?

1- No all fields are not required.
2- This question have 2 part. a) You can add new custom fields from WordPress Dashboard for each categories in submit ad page.
b) You can turn off these fields from theme options.
1- Latitude and Longitude
2- Google MAP
3- Ads Type
4- Phone Number
5- Locations
6- Video Box
7- Item Condition
If you want to hide more then we need to edit php file.
For more info please contact at

Hello, I am looking at setting up a classified site just for auto vehicle sales and I have a few questions. 1) Does the type a few words box in search on home page actually search the ads for keywords or does it look at categories only? 2) The site will operate in just one area of the UK so no real need for location search in the search bar can this be disabled easily from admin? 3) I want one off sellers to be able to pay a fixed price for a 7 day ad is this possible? 4) I want dealers to be able to pay a monthly fee for either unlimited ads or a set number of ads is this possible? 5) Is there anyway that the premium ads can show in their relevant categories only? Example if someone places a premium ad for a van then it will only show the premium ad in the van category?



Thanks for showing interest in our theme.

1- Search Bar: Category and locations are optional, when you will type some word then press search button , it will show result related to that word.

2- Yes you can disable location box. But you need to contact at support for this.

3- Yes its possible to charge for ad posting. You can set pricing plan or you can also set price on categories base for a single featured ads posting.

4- From dealers you can create plans, and payment will be via Woo Commerce.

5- Yes You can show premium ads related to category on category page and remove other featured ads from category page.
For more info and help come to

Help! I want to remove your categories and replace with my own. Example: I want to REMOVE AUTOMOTIVE, and replace with “Japanese/Tuner” I cannot find where to edit the category names.

Thanks for purchase our theme.
Please go to WordPress Dashboard -> All Posts --> Categories—> From here you can edit or delete or add new categories.
For more info you can contact at support.

hello dear. please how to upload .xml file. i can’t find it.

i was following your video on YouTube Classify – Classified Ads WordPress Theme Installation.

there is no guide to follow it step by step to install it properly ?

Please contact at support for details.

does this theme support LTR

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes its rtl supported. You can use this theme in any language.

and another Q: is it Frame work /child theme

Yes we have included child theme in our theme package.

Hi, awesome theme, may I ask some presale questions;

1. Can I change the currency symbol to Naira symbol? 2. Can whatsapp share icon be included as part of the social share? 3. Can I have a rstricted/private/closed classified ads i.e those I invited to participate and NOT for the public? 4. Possible to have a manual bank payment option like that of Woocommerce instead of paypal? 5. Possible to have a premium option for high paying advertisers to be on the home page ads? 6. Do you have a mobile app for this theme sold separately?

The solution we are looking to get with WordPress classified or listing theme is to have a close/private/restricted shopping complex classified site for shop owners in our complex. How possible can we use this theme to create this?

Thank you for prompt reply.

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1. We have added all currency code, you can choose your code.
2. Right now we have not whatsup icon, but if you need then sure we can add that for you.
3. Private ads. Tou can use all WordPress post status, if you need more then you need to contact at support.
4. Yes you can use bank as a payment method. Even you can use any payment method with woo commerce.
5. Yes we have premium ads option with payment.
6. Sorry for mobile app.
For more information please contact at

Thanks for the response. Possible to add a membership option to your theme?

We have Pricing Plans for ads posting, But sorry for membership, But sure you can use any plugin , Thanks


i’d like to know if it’s possible to drag the marker to the exact spot on the map or add a pluning for that.

Yes On Submit Ad page user can drag marker to exact spot. Thanks

nice theme and excellent support. thank you :)

Good evening! Does this theme / plugin have the option of ad sales and its management? I would like to create a classified portal, but selling ads. I’m brazilian. Thank you

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
What you mean by selling ad?? Are you mean you want to charge for ads posting?? If yes then sure we have ads plans and you can charge for ads posting.
For payment method we are using Woo commerce.
For more details please contact via email.

Can i create custom field for some category, for exaple: house category – number of rooms, area, year of construction, type (comercial, garage..). For telephone – type of model an bran, RAM, CPU… ?

I need conditial logic custom fields like ACF. For example: sedan car – option 1,option 2 truck – option1, option 3,option 4

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- Yes you can add custom fields for each category.
2- We have Text input & Dropdown & checkbox input fields.
3- You can also search by these custom fields.
4- Each category will have different custom fields.
If you need more info please contact at

hello, would you provide support for an adult based site such as an escort directory?

Sorry for adults.

hi, i want to know that your theme classified ad system is plugin base? or it’s theme base which means you guys define a classified ad system on your theme only?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Its Classified theme and we are using WordPress default post method for Ads Design.

Pre-Purchase question:

Is it possible to charge from the vendor for each ad created?


Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes you can charge for single ad posting , And you can set price per category base.

I was completing only a few fields and did not know that the address field was required There is a way to display a mandatory field alert or message ? ... it does not appear in the address

Thank you

Thanks for this, we will try our best in coming update.

The adjustment is simple, in the fields just add a class, form-group, exemple:

before: div class=”col-sm-6” <input type=”text” class=”form-control” name=”post_price” required> div

after: div class=”col-sm-6 form-group” <input type=”text” class=”form-control” name=”post_price” required>div

As it is with bootstrap, this worked



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This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Thanks for using our theme, Please follow up on support ticket. Thanks


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My Publish post button is not working

Make sure you have fill complete form or contact at support.