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Hi, I have some questions about this theme? Please help. Thank you!

1) Once logged in can a user sell products via woo-commerce as well as list businesses such a restaurants and other businesses? 2) Does this theme conform to Wordpress code standards? I ask because I had purchased a directory theme that did not and some of my plugins do not work with it. 3) Can you list real estate with this theme? 4) Can you list events with this theme? 5) Can users submit listings on the front end? 6) Can you show an agent with their listings under their profile?

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- No User’s can’t use wo commerce , User can only post ads.
2- Yes its confirmed with WordPress Standard, But when we use custom post method then some plugin may not work. Can you please come to email and send me links which plugins you want to use
3- Sure you can list.
4- Sure you can list events.
5- Yes We have front-end posting.
6- What you mean by agent? Are you asking about user channel or profile? If yes then sure we have.
Please come to email at

1) Can a user add real estate as a directory ad in this theme with price and mls fields? 2) Can the admin add and remove custom fields for each directory category? Like for real estate, if the necessary fields are missing, is there a way I can add them? 3) Will visual composer work with this theme? or do you have a page builder plugin similar to vc? 4) Is there a way I can check out this theme on the back end?

thank you!

1- Admin need to add custom files for each categories, Then user can fill that fields.
2- Yes admin can add or remove custom fields.
3- Sorry for Visual Composer.
4- Please visit our YouTube Channel and you can watch video of backend.
Please contact at for more help.

PrePurchased question.

does your theme support custom fields, for each categories. each category will have different field

And will users will be able to compare the products similar like what functionalities we see in

Did you suggest any plugin for compare functionality or do you have any plans to implement this

Example : for cars categories

Location- USA Company- Nissan Brand- Altima Year- 2007 Mileage- 10000 Price- 1000 Mobile - Email- Images Description

Example : for Job categories

Location- USA Company- Nissan Experience Salary- 1000 Mobile - Email- Images Description

Example : for Job categories

Location- USA Company- HTC Brand- M8 Year- 2013 Price- 1000 Mobile - Email- Images Description

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- Yes you can can add different fields for each category.
2- No we don’t have compare option.

PrePur question

Can i create some static pages and put with a shortcode or module or something like that ads by category on those pages?

Example i create a page Cars. First i do some text and images and so one… and then i list all ads with the category cars ?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme .
I am sorry to say but we have not code shortcode for our template sections.

link where we can see the demo of video ads

hi i will buy this theme,i want know payment plan for ads compatible with woocommerce???

I am sorry to say but we have only PayPal option.

Hi, will this theme support South Africa Rands (ZAR), bought another theme and doesn’t support it so need to check before buying

I am sorry to say but for Ads we have only PayPal.
woocommerce is for shop page.

Thanks for your speedy feedback

You are welcome.

Hi JoinWebs Support. I have a question regarding the header. By default at the top right corner I have 2 links (‘Register’ and ‘Login’ // after login = ‘Post Your Ad’ and ‘My Account’ and ‘Log out’). Any way to remove one or all of these links from top right header? Thanks for your assistance

Please contact at support. We will help you regarding this.

Does each member have their own page they can set up when they register. Can payments be integrated into the theme. Thanks

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes Each user will have there own page.
For Ads plan we have PayPal.
For Shop we are using Woo Commerce.

Hi, is there any feature to Charge for featured ads or display adsense/banner ads?

We have have option for google adsense and banner ads. For more help please contact at

Hi there,

I am creating a listings directory for people to donate items to others for free and am not interested in generating revenue from the directory (we are a non-profit organization).

Can site visitors posts listings without needing to create an account? Can new listings be held for moderation before being published?


Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- User must need to register for ads posting, But if you need posting without registration then sure its possible with customization, Please contact at support for this.
2- Yes all new listing will be held for moderation and admin can publish or reject that post.
For more help and info please contact at

Paypal is not working, I have to talked to support as well as paypal also, All the details are correct . Only issue is in theme files. Please fix, i ave already emailed you too. My site is

Please visit this link and watched video.
Its your website and PayPal is working fine.
If here its working fine then why its not working on your other website?? What you think its theme problem?? If its theme problem then why its working on your one website??
Please come to support for details discussion.
For support visit this link:

Hello! I’m interested in this theme. I’m wondering if or how I can have the User Link to a hosted video – such as on Youtube or Vimeo?

Please come to support and we will discuss in details.

Thank you. I bought the theme! I have asked some questions about it on your Ticksy!

Thanks. Then just follow up on ticksy.

Hi! PrePurchased questions:

1) Are you able, instead of having the value of the product, to be able to offer something in return? Example: I change my PS4 for an Xbox … Can you personalize it? Or does this theme only work with money values?

2) Do you have, for example, a person who pays a monthly fee, pays for an ad, can have this ad with a special highlight? For example, appear in front of searches or something like?


Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- Yes it will work without price.
2- Yes we have featured ads (Premium Ads) feature.
For more help please contact at

Good afternoon, I have a problem in my website… When contract a plan show this error: PHP Fatal error: Payment error code: #00001 in /home/arvcompraevendac/public_html/wp-content/themes/classify/paypal/form-handler.php on line 126

I await a solution.

Sorry my english…

Thanks for purchase our theme. Please do thesr things.
1. Make sure you have put price value for all plans.
2. Come to classify options -> PayPal settings -> Make sure you have fill all things including sucess and thank you page url.
Or submit ticket on support team will help you. Thanks

Can be used for the Arabic? Are there any premium plugins provided with the product? Thank you