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To add text and image in the header, where the theme? What part of the settings?

Please go to WordPress Dashboard -> LayerSlider WP-> From here you can edit Slides.
Or Contact at support for help.

In “LayerSlider WP”, the image and text appears centered, all right, but when accessing the site on different computers, appears misaligned, is different on each machine that you look, why? How to fix it, so that always appears aligned ?

Please contact on support and send us some screenshot team will help you.


does the theme require wp job manager plugin ?


Thanks for ahowing interest in our theme no theme does not require wp job manager plugin

Does the blog section allow videos as well as images?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme Yes our blog page support videos and images Thanks

Hello! It has Spanish language?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme You can translate whole theme with any language u want

Hi I am pretty much excited to launch my very first classified website, but i need theme similar to can you please create theme like that.

Thank You in advanced

Please contact us at and we will help u regarding ur requirements

I have added some welcome text in the wysiwyg on the homepage using the Homepage V1 template but it does not show? How do you make the content show above the Premium Advertisement Section???

Thanks for purchase our theme. Have you seen this on our demo? Because we don’t have any description for Premium Ads on our demo.
For solution please contact at support and team will provide you solution.

This page you have a section called Premium Advertisement underneath the search field. The page that has this template is called Home Layer Slider. I have added text on that page, yet it wont show.

We don’t have this , But please contact at support and team will help you.

Hello, can you tell me what the arrow in the square on the search bar actually does? It doesn’t seem to do anything at all on my site or on your demo site? Thanks

Are you talking about range slider? Range Slider only work on Google MAP. Can you please come to support and describe your point in details.
Please visit :

Hello. Is it possible to update ads in account how often it will be possible to do? Would it be possible to make this a paid service? Would it be possible to add additional fields to the form for adding ads? The phone number is taken from your personal account if to do so would be the phone number you specified when filling out the ad and not tied to the office?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- Yes we have option in user account page to update or delete ads.
2- Which one is paid service? We have Paid Ads Plan then what is your question please elaborate .
3- Yes we have custom fields for each category, you can set different fields for each category.
4- Yes you can add phone option by custom fields.
For more details and help please contact at

So where do we actually make our categories for our classifieds? I see like 5 places that could be categories

Also how do we get the categories onthe front page like the demo?

Nevermind I figured it out.

Do you have a demo lodin so we can see how ads are placed?

Yes sure our demo user & password is : demo

Is there a way to completely remove the price from “post your ad” section. Also, if we had custom field of zip-code for location, can this be searched in the map?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1- If you don’t want to use price then you can replace with any word like “Free” from theme options. But if you want to remove completely then you need to contact at support.
Yes if you will put zip code other then location then sure you can search.
For more details please contact at

I get this error Array ( [TIMESTAMP] => 2016-07-30T04:58:56Z [CORRELATIONID] => 491f13a8f3c91 [ACK] => Failure [VERSION] => 72.0 [BUILD] => 000000 [L_ERRORCODE0] => 10525 [L_SHORTMESSAGE0] => Invalid Data [L_LONGMESSAGE0] => This transaction cannot be processed. The amount to be charged is zero. [L_SEVERITYCODE0] => Error ).

Also, my Caterory Custom Fields do not show, Also, when selecting an Ad type on new-ad it shows only Regular Ads or Unlimited Ads, these are not the Pricing Plans I created?

Send you details response in ticket. For other user’s information: Please don’t put ZERO in featured ads options. Thanks

Hello, How can i disable this in add new ads page?

I am sorry to say we have no option to remove this, But contact on support for help.

Is it possible to charge different rates for an add depending on the price of the item being sold – eg $100-200 items costing rate A, $200-500 items rate B etc. Also is it possible to have an permanent ( or until item is marked sold / taken down ) add – ie not just pay for 30 days, 60 days etc but “until the item is sold”

Thanks for showing interest in our theme , i am sorry we have plans for ads posting . Its not possible to charge on product sale base. Please contact at for more details.

unable to import Dummy complete.xml using wordpress import

Please use single file to import. Or submit ticket on support

complete.xml is a Single file. Also submitted a ticket.

Ok i will see ticket. But have you seen folder by name of Single you can try that files.

Hello i have this error in the console and the map doesn’t show because of that:

Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

I created a API and i added the script with my API CODE in the footer and it doesn’t work, can you please help me?

Please dont add in footer , please go to classify options ->general settings-> here you will see option to put api key. Please put here and it will work fine.

The only text i have is: “Google Analytics Domain ID” nothing more, please i need to show the map is urgent.

After “Google Analytics Domain ID” You will see option for Google API Key. Or just contact at support we will help you. Thanks


pixelbird Purchased

I have created products but on the shop page it says No products were found matching your selection?

Can you please submit a ticket with your website url so we will see what’s problem theme.

any chance the ads could be sort by price? i think there have plugin for it

No we don’t have sort by price , but thanks for suggestion we will consider this in update.