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how to add PREMIUM ADVERTISEMENT slide on every pages or selected pages?

We have premium Slides on HomePage, And Category page, For Other pages you can use Our Premium Widget. Please contact on support , we will help you to place that.

Hola! Puedo usar otra pasarela de pago? paypay no es común en argentina

o poder incluir un link en el boton de compra para dirigir a un pago como mercadopago?


Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
We have only PayPal option for payment, But as you said you want to replace link, Then sure we will help you to modify template, After to purchase just contact on support.

demo demo does not seem to work, please get the demo going so I can review.

Please try again, I have update password. Thanks

Thank you

hey plz can you tell how can make money with this theme and give me some live urls where this theme is installed and running

Please contact at

  • Can I make a normal ad to premium ads?
  • What difference between premium & featured ads?

I meant, how to change a normal ads into premium ads. Is there any way?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
1.Yes you can make normal ads to premium.
2. Please visit this url and you will get your all answer.

hello author

i have purchased Classify – Classified Ads WordPress Theme Item Purchase Code: 7eaf961b-6cca-43fc-bac3-25bb7a01d0e0

while activation on wordpress we got a message “Are you sure sure you want to do this? Please try again”

we talked with item support team they suggested to contact with author to know the solution

please reply me asap


Thanks for purchase our theme. Please upload theme file via ftp or contact us on support.
Or contact on hosting support and ask to increase (max upload file size) then you can upload this from WordPress dashboard. But its problem with hosting upload file size limit. Thanks

Can you response me ? i have sent may mail to you

For Quick response please contact at
Or Wait team will reply you in email.

I already sent mail to many times

I just told you if you need urgent then contact via support system or email for email reply.

Demo not working

Try again i just update user.
User: demo
Pass: demo

hey, in classify theme how i check messages, which send to ads authors??

Please contact at support.

hey , please help me how to fix problem of paypal setting at the step of choosing the payment tab,when customer want make a payment against the selected plan or a product. it was showing following error: 1.when the payment tab pressed the next is shows Array() not the payment page at the timing of pricing plan. 2.this error come when the customer click on checkout for payment following error comes: “Payment error: An error (2) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance.”

I already told you please contact on support, Here we can’t solve this problem. We need your website info and you must need to submit ticket on support for this.
For support please visit :
Suggestion: Please check you have put correct API info in paypal settings, Also make sure you have put a price for all plans.
But best way is this contact on support.

Hi We want a classified theme that only allows the user to view the core details of the job add by paying for a subscription to view jobs that are posted does this theme do that

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
Please contact at
For details help.

hello when I try to install thame at word press then I see the communicat : are you sure you want to do this? I changed the max filesize in my hosting but this still not hepl. Please help me or give money back thx

Have you changed that from php.ini file? Please try to contact at hosting support or upload theme folder via ftp or hosting file manager. Or contact us on our support.
Just one question your profile shown you have not purchased our theme then how you are using our theme?

Thank you, I change php ini file and everything working. Thx

Under My pricing Plans Page – When you click on Purchas now – It goes to an error page – with a bunch of gibberish. How can this be fixed? Also is there a way for a contributor to edit there pictures they upload? All pictures upload as a horizontal and some need to be vertical. I can edit as an admin but don’t want to do this all the time. Thank you in advance

Thanks , Please follow up on ticket.

I just did the latest update for Classify and now my header and footer are white. White background All my social media icons are white and the writing on the header and footer are white. Please help – how do I fix?

Please download latest version now. Today we have update our theme.

Pre-sales questions:

1. I need to be able to have two types of ads – a) pay a fee for each ad entered, b) free ads for dealers. I want the dealers to pay a monthly fee and then be able to post ads with no additional fee. Can I control who pays the fee based on the user account type? For example, create a user account “dealer” that allows for free ads and a user account “standard” that charges a fee for each ad? Dealers would start as a “standard” user and then once the dealer fee is paid, I change their account to a “dealer”.

2. For ads that require a fee, is the fee paid at the time the ad is submitted through WooCommerce?

3. Do ads require review and approval before being visible on the site or are they be added immediately once the fee is paid?

4. Can I choose which fields are searchable? For example, if my site sells cars, I want the search feature to include Make, Model, Year, Price, Location. I would like these fields available in the search bar.

5. Does your theme allow for pre-populated search fields? For example, if I have 1 Honda Civic, 2 Toyota Corollas, and 3 Chevy Camaros in the ad inventory, I’d like the search field for Make to only show Honda, Toyota, and Chevy as a drop-down list. Or is manual entry of the Make required?

6. Does your theme support taxonomy? So if someone searches for “Toyota” the search results will return “Corolla” and will not return “Camaro” or “Civic” ads.

Please let me know if these are standard features and if any of them require custom coding. Thanks.

1- For Ads Type please visit this url.
2- Payment will be via only PayPal.
3- Yes We have option to review ads before to go live.
4- Yes We have Advanced search widget with custom fields.
5- Read point 4.
6- If user will search “Toyota” then it will return all ads which have Toyota word.
Note: We also offer customization services.
  • hello again,

1) why isn’t geolocation supported in some demos, like in the demo with slider, and it seems that the locations have to be pre-filled in by the site admin – is this correct?

2) is it possible to have the selling price symbol filled in by the site member, for example, a site member in the USA will post an ad with a price of USD$AMOUNT, and a site member in Hong Kong will post an ad with a price of HK$AMOUNT, and a site member in Australia will post a price of AUD$AMOUNT, etc. etc., because if the currency is changed for the entire site, what happens if the site members are from different countries?

3) this one may be a stupid question – what is the purpose of the shop if it is only for use by the site admin, when the site admin can simply post an ad just like any other site member and get paid via paypal, correct?

4) is the difference between Classify and ClassiEra only the WooCommerce shopping cart feature and nothing else?

  • hello again, any response to these questions please?
1- Geolocation work with MAP only.
2- Yes user can put his own currency. Visit this link for help.
3- Shop is only for admin. Admin can sell anything via Woo Commerce.
If you don’t want then don’t install this plugin.
4- In Classiera we don’t have Woo Commerce. But also there are many other features different. Visit demo for details.
  • hello again, perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I have browsed all your demos, and I can’t seem to find any demo that shows geolocation support. Can you direct me to a link that will show geolocation support, please. thanks.

Please visit our HomePage with MAP then you will see.
For contact at
For details discussion.

  • I checked your demo homepage with MAP 3 times, and I have to tell you that geolocation is not supported, unless you and I have different understanding of geolocation. In your demo, as soon as I type the location BF Homes, for example, it immediately says there are no ads, even if I have not yet completed my search term, and it does not show all the locations that start with BF Homes. But when I try geolocation with other themes, when I type BF Homes, their demo immediately shows ALL the locations with the phrase BF Homes.

hello sir, i want to purchase this theme. one thing i want to know that any user who is registered on this classify site can a post on website for selling his mobile or any other thing. can a registered person update his location on this site? please reply me.

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes registered user can post ads or anything. And yes user can use his locations

Is there a possibility for an app-integration?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
Which app you want to integrate?
Please come to email at

Hello. I have a question: When a client make’s a add, can he post news on that add page? Can i integrate something like newsarea from blog articles?

Thank you!

Please contact at, we will disscuss in details.


clab69 Purchased


After many message I send you, I always this problem with Classify … After add a new ad t, admin is not notify with an email ! Of course on classify Options Post moderation is on … Its not a problem with my smtp like you says … with contact form 7 I receive my message ! I paid this template and its normal I want everywork and now my licence is expired of course ! Can you reply and solve my issue please !

Best Regard

Please make sure you are using latest version. If yes then please send me email at


This theme looks really nice but I have a couple of questions:

1. I notice the theme has membership plans. In addition to premium ads, what I would really like is to be able to set “premium sellers”, who would have their own page with all their adds listed (basically, a page that filters the ads by seller). Would that be possible with this theme? (even if the pages has to be created manually)

2. What’s the difference between this theme and your other classifed theme, “Classiera”? Is it just that one uses Bootstrap and one uses Foundation?